Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Jack Red reviews Golden Axe (Arcade)

Hi everyone this is Jack Red, today I will be reviewing Golden Axe on Xbox 360 now what a great game. Despite the cover of it showing the Genesis version it's actually the original Arcade version. Surprisingly they also did that to Altered Beast though I don't know the reason behind them. That seems like a dirty trick to do to your customers especially the loyal ones like myself.

It has great graphics that are similar to Altered Beast with limited continues. You play as Ax Battler, Gilius or Tyris on their journey to hunt down the man who cause all of them pain. The story of this reminds me of an anime called Inuyasha though that's long as hell with a sequel coming here soon. You attack thieves to get potions which you can use them at any time.

You get a couple of bonus stages to collect potions as well as some food. This might be hard to believe but outside those bonus stage there aren't any health. Altered Beast doesn't even have that yet it's a shorter game made by the same man who made Golden Axe. You heard me right the same guy made both these Sega classics that I love.

I can play Golden Axe quite good that if you can find me I can guarantee most of your achievements will be unlock. You get a good variety of enemies with the cheapiest being the knights and skeletons. I used to lose most of my continues playing the game by now I will only lose at least two of them. I love the music of this game it truly one of the best I ever heard for beat em up games.

You can ride on creatures though my personal favorite only appears once in the entire game. The red dragon that shoots fire balls that kills more enemies in few hits. You do see the other kind of dragons a lot though nothing can top that red one. That one creature you can ride also appears in Altered Beast as an enemy I'm not kidding.

You can save your game at any given time while if you want to reload it then you must go back to the main menu. The final boss Death Adder has a couple of enemies that makes it the hardest of the game. You fight one giant with a few regular enemies followed by skeletons that are stronger than the boss.

I recommend trying to save as much potions as you can as Tyris since her magic is the highest. It should kill the first couple of enemies just using it. I also recommend patiently wait for Death Adder to appear then once he starts moving use that spell. Sometimes getting hit by him he will use a spell to get extra damage on you.

After beating him enjoy the ending where kids are playing Great Axe at the arcades. Then you will see a lot of characters come out of it with a song you won't hear any where else. I got to say Sega knows how to make great arcade classics such as this. In conclusion I love playing this game from time to time well I will see all of you later.

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