Sunday, July 3, 2011

Jack Red reviews Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection

Hi everyone this is Jack Red, today I am going to review Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection on Xbox 360. Not a lot of people actually know it was a follow up of Sega Genesis Collection that truly nail it. I played Sonic Mega Collection on Game Cube which before I played this I thought that was the best Sega collection. I was blown away by share awesomeness as I get to play many games from my child hood. To be honest with you about half of these games I owned on my Genesis since it was my first console.

I really like the cover of the actual game because Sega took time making it even better than their last one. Basically you see many Genesis games on multiple screens that kinda direct you toward Sonic. I also like the look of the disc having almost the same design with some notable changes. They knew this collection had to be good especially those who remember playing the fuck out of the Genesis like myself. I do mine only one thing about the case well if you look closely on the back you will see they incorrectly name an Sonic game.

The case says Sonic 2 though it's clearly Sonic 3 now how can you honestly confuse the two is beyond me. Once the game starts up get ready to watch one of the most awesome opening videos you ever seen. I did look up Sega Genesis Collection to found out it has a similar opening though it wasn't as good. After that it's time to start going wild with these classics by searching through this list of games. You will notice that it has only Genesis games with limited information as well as an screen showing off the games.

I was surprise to found out that trivia originally from the last one with some humor this time around. You can look at the manuals as well as their cartridges which is a nice touch to hardcore Sega fans like me. You do get options though I barely use it since most of these games have their own. You can unlock seven Arcade games with two Sega Master System games in no time. They brought back interviews which I thought a lot of them were interesting like they want more people playing Phantasy Star.

One of the best features is being able to save in game with also acts as an alternate pause. None of the Arcade games have a pause feature so I am glad they brought back such an a nice feature. Another good thing about it is if you often use it to beat hard games like Comix Zone then it will be a lot of help. I also like having achievements though I wish there was more of them since most of them are easy. If you own any old cheat books with Genesis codes then make sure you can just in case you need it.

In conclusion it's a really good Sega collection that most Genesis fans need to get while if you are new please give this a try.

I am not quite done yet because I want to get a few things off my chest so this won't happen again. I once went to Gamestop looking for Sega Genesis Collection then left with Sega Classics Collection. Thank god I eventually got this game since it became one of those games I treasure so much in recent years. I believe there is a follow up already not even a year later for exclusively to the PC. Sega Genesis Classics Collection Gold Edition is one of the most awesome titles though I prefer the one before it.

I might get it to review the game if enough of you want me to in the near future. Anyway the last thing I wanted to say is I am getting ready for my girl friend to come over in a few weeks. I will be getting more stuff off Xbox Live soon which most of it goes toward the new Mortal Kombat game. I am a big fan of Mortal Kombat that I personally want to get every single downloadable content. I will be reviewing the game as best as I can as soon as I get the last one they release for it.

Sorry about that I figured to do all that here after my current review just in case any of you were interested. Also I could be reviewing another game I did that deserves a better one for your entertainment. So I am Jack Red I thank you for reading this entry and have a good night.

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