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Jack Red reviews Resident Evil 4

Hi everyone this is Jack Red, now I have fully mastered two versions of Resident Evil 4 that I'm going to review it. I got to say I love it on the Game Cube but I really like how it was done on it's Wii port. This is one of my favorite games in the series for numerous reasons. Most verisons of this game plays on one disc while the original Game Cube version has two discs. They kept porting this game all over the place in fact you can say this is an entry point for newer fans. I will try my very best to deliver one of the absolute worth reading reviews ever.

Let's talk about it's history, the team behind it wanted to do something different to keep people playing the game. It's hard to believe that one of the canceled versions of the game eventually became Devil May Cry. Wow right so they did some great changes that made the game a breath of fresh air to veterans like myself. For example some complaint about the camera angle that we got one over the shoulder view. That really works with the action of the game despite losing a lot of it's horror elements. This is also one of the longest games they ever made in the entire franchise.

Let's talk about the main game you play as Leon S. Kennedy from Resident Evil 2 to rescue the President's Daughter. I got to say this really brought his character out most than anything else. Not even Resident Evil 2 with four slightly different scenarios. Usually you fight zombies infected with T-Virus or an variation of that virus instead you face many enemies with Las Plagas. It's an parasite that can be controlled by Osmund Saddler the leader behind this event. Believe it or not this wasn't the first game to have parasite in place of an virus.

Most fans won't know of the horrible Resident Evil Gaiden on Game Boy which also has Leon and Barry from Resident Evil 1. Many elements were taken out of this awtiful like the ship being the main place of the story. That eventually got reused in a good spin off called Resident Evil: Dead Aim on PlayStation 2. Some say Resident Evil Survivor sucks while I kinda like the game enough to play it over this garbage. I am sorry for getting off track but I thought some of you guys might be interested.

Anyway back to Resident Evil 4 you also at some points in the game must keep Ashley save from your enemies. You also get my favorite inventory of the entire series since you can put so much stuff in there. You can buy weapons with scopes as well as upgrades to help you play through the game. I almost forgot you get those from an merchant who is more of a side character with rememberable lines. Why didn't he somehow come back in Resident Evil 5 is beyond me. You can save either beating an level or through a type writer that doesn't need Ink Ribbon like other games.

If you played the first couple of games then you might remember those classic door loading screens. They are not in this game though some briefly show the doors open leading to new areas. You also got through other doors within several areas that don't require loading which is awesome. The Merchant has a couple of secret rooms with a fun shooting gallery. Unlike the other games you really feel like fighting the bosses like Verdugo. You get a ton of cut scenes like Metal Gear series that make you feel like watching an good movie.

After beating the game on Normal you unlock a couple of things that do keep you coming back to this master piece. You get an fully automatic handgun called Matilda with Infinite Launcher that never runs out of rockets. You also get the first set of hidden outfits for the main game that effects three main characters. Leon wears his Resident Evil 2 uniform with Ashley looking like an teenager wearing white. Ada wears her outfit from The Mercenaries and Assignment: Ada though I like her red dress more. Another cool thing about wearing these outfits is they do appear in place of their other ones in cut scenes.

You also unlock Professional Mode which makes the game even harder for veterans of the series. Originally you would just get everything you get in Normal Mode but thanks to it's PS2 port we get even more. If you can beat the game on Professional Mode you can unlock Plagas Removal Laser that turns out to be the ultimate weapon. Believe it or not I heard this port was the best version to have this weapon. You can aim just a bit off yet it still hits all of your enemies in it's range with one hit. Like the remake you get a new look for the main screen that actually looks fucking awesome.

You also unlock The Mercenaries and Separate Ways which are two of my favorite mini games of the series. Movie Browser also gets unlock by beating the game so if you really like watching the cut scenes then enjoy the movie. I never played a game that gives you so much after just simply beating the game. Before I go further by talking about those mini games I would like to say I like the cover of the game. I think some of you guys might agree that Wii port got the better controls that similar to Dead Rising: Chop Till Drop.

The same team behind this awesome port made the Wii version of Dead Rising which didn't get the same following. What a shame because I fucking love this game though I do mine losing some freedom. I am glad I don't have to rush playing the game in real time so I can play at my pace which may never happen again. Anyway all the monsters from previous games won't appear any where in the game. You would think some would mine something like this but to my surprise that no one actually care.

Back to Resident Evil 4 I believe all I got left to talk about are three mini games with two of them being non canonical. I want to start with Assignment: Ada since that's my least favorite out of the three. This is one of two Ada's mini games you get in the game yet it sucks for many reasons. First off you don't get a knife like Leon does because you sometimes need to break stuff open for ammo. In other words you got to waste ammo to get ammo makes absolutely no fucking sense at all.

The objective of this mini game is find five Las Plagas samples with one of them you need to fight an boss to get it. You do fight a lot of Gatling Gun guys that take a lot of shots to kill while avoiding their bullets. Thank god Vulcan Raven from Metal Gear Solid isn't in this game or I would be fucked lol. You do get your own inventory though it gets limited with each sample you collect as you play. Like some mini games if you die then it's all over so you better try really hard to beat it.

The boss is Krauser from the main game as he was fighting Leon just without the timer. It may take you a while to figure out how to fight him because it just isn't the same as fighting him as Leon. You actually get the option of watching the ending video again though you do get the Chicago Typewriter. This is an Tommy Gun with infinite bullets though they did change where it gets unlock in the game. Originally after beating Assignment: Ada it gets unlock in the main game but now it's for Separate Ways.

Alright it's time to talk about the so called second scenario of Resident Evil 4 that most fans enjoy playing. Separate Ways is clearly the better out of the two Ada mini games that I really like playing from time to time. You can find The Merchant just like the main game to buy weapons though you can't upgrade them. You can also save it both ways like the main game to help cut some stress out. You even get a knife which was briefly seen in an cut scene with Leon being controlled by Saddler.

You also get three bosses with two of them fought in the main game though you actually don't have to fight the El Gigante. If you remember the first Yawn boss fight you can simply grab what you need then get out. You can avoid all of Verdugo's attacks until the elevator is ready though that takes time. The final boss was originally PS2 exclusive that eventually made it's way to other releases of the game. You fight him in his human form which turns out to be harder than his other form. Surprisingly the game doesn't end beating Saddler it has one more thing for you to do.

After you get Leon the rocket launcher to destroy Saddler it finally ends. You can keep stocking up on stuff just like the main game despite how many times you beaten it. You now unlock the Chicago Typewriter for the main game that costs just about as much as Infinite Launcher. Before I reveal the other thing you unlock by beating Seperate Ways I need to get something off my chest. I forgot to tell you that two more weapons only found in this mini game are some of the best.

You get an pump action shotgun which is the fourth type of shotguns that works pretty good. I think it's even better than the Riot Gun in close encounters. You also get an Bow Gun with explosive arrows that can help clear the way when you need to. The last time I saw an Bow Gun was in Resident Evil 2 though I prefer this one since you can control where they go. Now I got that out of the way it's time to reveal the last thing another set of special costumes.

Like Saddler's human form boss these were once PS2 exclusive that eventually made it's way on other consoles. Leon dresses up like an classic gangster that really suits him especially holding the Chicago Typewriter. Wearing this outfit your clip should look like a Drum clip with a new reload animation. There's a new pose for it in your inventory as well with the best part cutting a lot more stress out. Ashley wears a suit of armor that makes her too heavy to be carry as well as invincible.

That's right wearing this actually makes her invincible in fact even firing your hidden weapons won't hurt her. The last thing I want to say about Separate Ways upon beating it you can watch all the cut scenes in Movie Browser. I got to say this is one of the most well thought out games I ever played now that's a big statement. You also get a new animation for caughting Ashley as she jumps down which is funny.

Finally we come to my favorite part of the entire game The Mercenaries with this being my favorite version of the bunch. The first mini game debut in Resident Evil 3: Nemesis under the name The Mercenaries Operation: Mad Jackal. You start out with Leon working your way on unlocking everything. This can be time consuming yet worth doing if you are looking for a challenge like me. You need a score of over 60,000 points on every level to unlock the rest of the characters.

Leon is one of the best characters of this mini game due to his inventory being good enough to start fighting. I actually have no problems playing as him at all so I recommend playing as him for a while. You got Ada with armor on that doesn't have a knife seriously what's with the knife guys. She has a good inventory as well with that minor sit back. Next up is Hunk god he was fun to play as in Resident Evil 2.

I got to say Hunk is my least favorite character of the mini game because he has his own Custom TMP with a couple of grenades. He is one of the few characters to have exclusive stuff to play around with. I do recommend racking up points with shooting your enemies in the legs until they look like they're in pain. The reason for that would be you get one of the most awesome special moves in the series. You can actually snap their necks at fast rate if you got the move down  I have seen it done.

Krauser is my favorite character because his bow and arrow works really good especially with the Wii remote. You also get his claw move that can kill even bosses in a single hit that I do a lot. Once you do that move kill a couple more enemies then you should see your ready for another go. I can play as if I was Rambo in Resident Evil I am dead fucking serious. Like Leon you also get a knife to save ammo though I don't use it much with him. If I could upload videos of those game play videos I would just to prove my point.

Wesker surprisingly is the last character we are going to talk about that's in the middle of the pack. Now I am not saying he sucks or anything just wanting to talk about why that is. He doesn't have a knife but has one of the best inventories of this mini game. He too has something exclusive a silencer to his Killer 7 that you can take off. The last thing I need to talk about this mini game is how hard the last level boss is.

Most bosses can be killed pretty easily but this one without Krauser will require many practices to kill him. He's a giant chainsaw guy that goes pretty fast that takes the most hits of any boss in the mini game. Like the Bella Sisters boss he can kill you in one hit if you aren't careful. He looks like Jason combine with Leatherface with two chainsaws chained together. Oh wait I forgot to explain the rules of this game I'm sorry guys.

Unlike the original mini game your goal isn't to get from point a to point b it's to kill as many as you can before time runs out. When you start getting up there in scores you will see bosses coming after you. If you don't kill them then you could be face more of that boss depending on your levels. It's like playing the first couple of levels in Streets of Rage with a second person you get a second of those bosses. Anyway in conclusion this is one of the best games I ever played and I thank everyone for reading.

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