Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Jack Red reviews The House of the Dead 2 & 3 Return Part 2

Hi everyone this is Jack Red, I just reviewed The House of the Dead 2 for my blog though I noticed that I missed just one point. Considering that this is 2 in 1 game that I believe I have the right to bring it up here. You can rescue civilians that can give you more health at times though if you shoot them you will lose it.

That's right shoot any of the civilians and you will lose health yet nothing really happens if the zombies do it. There is a trick that can be tricky to pull off but if you are able to then right at the end you should see Goldman as an zombie. This is my favorite Sega light gun that originated in the arcades though I did say The House of the Dead: Overkill does top it.

I do plan to review that in the near future but right now it's time to review The House of the Dead 3. I believe this currently at the end of the time line like Street Fighter 3. Unlike the first two you get shotguns this time around that works good. You can play three variation of the same game with slight differences.

Arcade Mode like the one in The House of the Dead 2 was the game right out of the arcades. Extreme Mode takes a lot to unlock but you will get something worth wild from trying your best. You will have a smaller aim symbol while the games doesn't let you know how many continues you have.

Time Attack like many games is beating the game while being timed. Try beating the game many times with a couple adding credits which is the game's continues. If you played just enough of Extreme Mode you can unlock Free Play. I am glad they actually put that in there because you can run out of lifes fast.

Similar to The House of the Dead 2 you can go multiple paths but it will tell you when you can. That's one good thing that should've been in the second one though I still prefer it over this. As I said in my previous blog entry there isn't as many bosses as The House of the Dead 2. I think it's easier to pick up on these bosses weakness with only Death fights two whole times.

Sometimes selecting the second game you should see a quick mini game that counts down the years back to the release of it. That originated in The House of the Dead 3 Xbox port which I used to own for a while. You can skip that mini game if you choose to though you can get stuff in for The House of the Dead 2.

If you fought The Emperor then you should know that The Wheel of Fate is really hard. I barely beat him on limited credits since he keeps changing his attacks. He has the same weakness as The Emperor just harder to learn his attack patterns. He even looks like him though they were made by different people.

Goldman made The Emperor while Curien made The Magician and The Wheel of Fate. Here's a shocker to those who love the games still learning the stories Curien is The Wheel of Fate. Holy shit right how can anyone be that mad to turn themselves into that kind of an being. Oh by the way player 1 plays as Lisa while player is G who gets replaced by Daniel Curien.

That's right briefly at the end of this game you can play as the first main villain of the games son. I am glad Sega brought this to the Wii because I love light gun games. I also enjoy playing good Sega games that most of them I won't forget in years to come. I got to say I had a change of heart with this one after unlocking infinite lifes.

That makes it more like the arcade light gun games which I really like. You can get that two ways in The House of the Dead 2 if you really want it. I believe one way to get it is master the boss fights mode. The other way I know of to getting infinite lifes is keep replaying Original Mode until you find it.

I have gotten it before in Original Mode though if you use it then the next time you play it won't be available. In conclusion another master piece from Sega that deserves to be played. I hope you all enjoy my review and come back some time.

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