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The Beginning of My Celebration of 25th Anniversary of Sonic the Hedgehog series.

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, I recently bought Sonic Games Collection on Steam. This not only reminded me of what I loved so much about the series. It got me to become an Sonic fan once again seriously it's that good. I figured I should do something for the upcoming 25th anniversary of Sonic series. After much needed thought I decided to do several top 5 lists. Majority of these will be main console games theme. I will cover other Sonic related lists in this lengthy yet fun felt blog.

Rules for every list featured in this blog are as followed below...

1. Must have played that game to count stuff from it
2. This blog only has my opinion and no one else
3. Only levels so bad as an whole can overwrite my rule on excluding final levels

Now we got that out of the way I just wanted to throw one more thing in before I get started. As an kid Sonic had such an strong impression on my life. I played over fifty Sonic games with an great mix of both good & bad games. I am honored to make this blog for Sega as well as this was meant for the fan base as an whole. I will be going all out simply because this is Sonic we're talking about. It's time to start speeding through several lists for one special day in this franchise's history.

Part 1 Worst Sonic Levels

Top 5 Worst Zones/Levels (Overall, Excluding Final Levels)
5. Sky Fortress Zone (Sonic 4 Episode 2)
This was inspired by Sky Chase, Fortress & Flying Battery Zone. Which are all great air theme zones in their respective games. I got to be honest Sky Fortress Zone has major issues. Partly for some reason you are more likely to die on Tails' Tornado. The game doesn't keep up with your speed & attacks. Which means you are more likely to fall to your death then back safety on the plane. Some areas require you to quickly learn how to get from one end to another in such an short amount of time. Majority of it's level design is largely ripped of those zones I named. Honestly this zone doesn't add anything we haven't seen before. Two times during this zone you face Metal Sonic. Instead of fighting on top of Tornado against him, you have to painfully learn his attack patterns. He goes through several of them especially in the later one that can hours to learn. Plus at the end of it, you really got to be on top of where you're going. Why is all of this an major problem? First you have no choice but defeat him otherwise the levels keep going. Finally you need to be patient with every possible chance of hitting him. Especially for the last hit because you got really fast. Missiles constantly in your path while you're team attack. You need to take your time with so little room to move. If you don't you have to keep going or likely die right afterwards. They made hitting it for the win so frustrating. Also I'm positive most of you know how bad this game's coop is. Just imagine attempting do this on coop it's not possible.

4. Security Hall (Sonic Adventure 2)
I always hated this level from Sonic Adventure 2. Most Knuckles & Rouge's levels in both Sonic Adventure games have the same concept. Regardless you need three of whatever item to beat the levels. But this particular level of Rouge always pisses me off. You have five minutes to collect three Chaos Emeralds. Which is easier than being done for many reasons. This level requires you to alter which section is unlocked for you to search. The area itself is one of the tightest, smallest levels. Unlike most of their levels, it isn't obvious where to search. Very likely the entire process will require many hours of playing it. You don't have to worry about the enemies. They don't do much except trying to stop you. But in comparison to Rouge's levels, they felt not used right. You could go the entire level without killing any of them which isn't fun. It's frustrating even if you know all the possible places to search. It still eats up time to search as many of them as possible. You need to find switches clearly hidden to open some areas. Keep in mind every time you hit the same switch or an different one. This constantly alters where you can search which is very annoying. I am not an fan of the song playing in this level either. The only reason Sky Fortress Zone didn't get any higher was because parts of it are more fun.

3. Metropolis Zone & Labyrinth Zone (Sonic 1 & 2)
An tie because two of the most hated classic zones from the first two Sonic games. Both sharing most of the same problems that I couldn't decide which was worse over the other. So I figured to put both of them in one spot together. Both zones are long, difficult, confusing, filled with traps, annoying enemy placements & horrible bosses. You can't rush an single act of both these zones or you'll end up getting an continue screen or game over. You can barely speed through without something that stops not only the flow but also alters what you're used to. These levels take time, patience & great memory to survive. Yes Labyrinth Zone is filled mostly of water. Metropolis Zone is filled with over sized nuts & enemies. I felt those in both zones had the same affect on me. Both constantly pissing me off with so little I can do about it. Both their boss fights are very annoying, lengthy & very likely to get hit. You could argue Labyrinth Zone has an worse boss due to Dr. Robotnik not actually fighting. I can argue both these boss fights are so strict on how to go about it that I don't which is worse. In the end both these zones are just so bad in their own right.

2. Hidden Zone (Sonic Lost World)
OMG I do enjoy most of Sonic Lost World's levels. I got to be honest I hated Hidden Zone. For hidden levels you speak them to be one of their respective games's best. In this rare case, they're the worst levels in the entire game I'm not kidding. The first level is an weird rubix cube planet. At first you would think keep hitting the boxes until the level ends right no. Then you would think maybe I survive for an few minutes I'll die to beat the level. Nope after looking online you aren't going to believe if I told you. By hitting these boxes you keep increasing your time with the max allowed time being almost thirty seconds. This level was actually meant to help you get birds you need for the last level of Hidden Zone. Why couldn't we get this zone before this point because it would've helped a lot. The entire point of this level is getting birds & letting the time to stop. In most levels when time stops you'll lose an life. How insane would they be by programming it like this? By the way unlike most zones in the game. All four levels within Hidden Zone aren't the same theme or even in the category of game play. You heard me correctly each level within this particular zone is more different than the last. The second level is an flying level where Sonic moving on top of Tails' Tornado. Yet you can't attack anything with strict movements. The third level was surprisingly the longest of the four levels. You are on an weird satellite with most of what you can step on. Very likely falls with again strict areas to move. Especially near the end where you jump on fast moving platforms. The only level to end like most of them. What's also weird is this was the only level in this zone to have check points. The final level in this zone is you jump on bubbles. Most either have spiked balls or weird pac-man like creatures. Oh guess what those creatures has an even stranger boss fight at the end. Let me sum this level up in an nut shell. You can't attack directly instead you must place yourself on an particular angle on bubbles. If done correct with those having spiked balls will get enemies killed. Which is this so important you asked? Simple this is how you defeat the boss whose right behind you. Also all four sides of your screen will kill you instantly. There is no constantly at all in Hidden Zone. It's hilariously bad that I barely was able to find something even worse.

1. Big the Cat's Levels (Sonic Adventure)
Most Sonic fans would agree with Big the Cat's levels. I understand Sonic Adventure allowed each character to have their own genre style. But let's be frank here his levels are really boring, repetitive & kinda pointless. You heard me right even if we included his only boss fight. All Big does is goes fishing which was done horribly. Every goal regardless of which emblem you're going for. All must end with Big fishing Froggy out. His levels are really small in comparison to most characters. Enemies are pointless as they don't come after you at all. You can lose an life over losing your hook really Sega. Oh ok I could excuse Sega Bass Fishing because that's an great fishing game. But this is small fishing game attempted in an great Sonic game. Clearly it didn't work at all even with every upgrade. You could be spending hours trying to beat his levels. It's majority to do so to unlock Super Sonic's story aka the last story of Sonic Adventure. Honestly there isn't anything good I could say about any of those levels. Yes folks they are that bad in comparison to Hidden Zone.

Stay close by because I'm not done as I'm covering each list in their own blog. Until the next one I'm Jack Red & I'll see all of you later.

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