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Jack Red reviews Dead Rising series

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, I really want to do this for an while now. I am an huge fan of Dead Rising series. Ever since I first played the original in an training program. I simply can't get enough of these games. Easily one of my biggest gaming passions is playing the hell out of them all. So what the hell it's finally time to do these amazing classics justice.

1. Dead Rising (2006)

One of the very best original Xbox 360 games that still holds up incredibly well. You play as an journalist named Frank West aka the man who covered wars you know. He goes to an mall to investigate an story that gets blown big. Frank must survive against zombies, soldiers and psychopaths. You mostly get to explore an mall. Dead Rising borrowed mechanics from the team's previous work. A lot of great moments to constantly rewatch. Dead Rising has a lot of potential blowing many people's expectations at the time. I am going to lie some problems of this are difficult to look pass. This game can be tough for many people to play. Most texts are very small making it difficult to read. Otis constantly calls limits what you can do that greatly ruins parts of the experience.

2. Dead Rising 2 (2010)

One of the best video game sequels to date. This does fix a lot of problems the original had. In other ways brought great mechanics such as creating combo weapons. They gave us an amazing environment with great variety. Some of the absolute best bosses of the series. Dead Rising 2 also has one of the best stories in the series. Chuck Greene an BMX star framed for causing the zombie outbreak. He is on an quest to proof he is innocent. Most side quests works out better than they did in the original. This is notably easier than the original Dead Rising in many ways. I do recommend this for those looking for great horror game sequels.

3. Dead Rising 2: Off the Record (2011)

Many people didn't like Chuck taking the spot light from Frank. This issue resulted in an what if game. In this version of Dead Rising 2, Frank replaces Chuck as the main character. Yes there are some notable differences between both versions. Instead of Chuck doing that bike event early on the campaign. Frank does an wrestling event that's actually crazier than it sounds. Later on TK forces you to pay an million dollars. An major difference is an new mode called Sandbox Mode removes timer. In place of it adds challenges for both single & multiplayer. An new area called Uranus Zone is an space themed amusement park. I am going to flat out state this for the record. Uranus Zone is one of my favorite sections in any Dead Rising games. Yes this is an more direct sequel to the original Dead Rising. You can find the original four dlc costumes while buy four new ones. Each costume has unique stuff to the game play. To me one of my absolute favorite Dead Rising games.

4. Dead Rising 3 (2013)

Just like Dead Rising was the game that convinced me to buy an Xbox 360. Dead Rising 3 was the game to convinced me to buy an Xbox One. WOW this game is really good in every possible area. I got to be honest I'm still blown away with everything they were able to achieve. You play as an mechanic named Nick Ramos saving people from an mysterious organization. You will learn a lot more about everything going behind the scenes than the first two games combine. Dead Rising 3 has one of the best combo weapons to date. I really enjoy both regular & super combo weapons. I also enjoyed the combo vehicles but it needed a few more of them. One of the best campaigns to date with great challenges. They really made the huge world open to do what you want. Some of the best boss fights ever. I also like you can play an few variation of it giving or taking away time from the campaign. Depending on which version of Dead Rising 3 you own. You also could play four side stories as four new characters with their own missions. Each one adding a lot of new content into the main game itself. Plus all four of them have no time limits making them very achievement easy. I highly recommend Dead Rising 3 with an passion.

5. Dead Rising 4 (2016)

The most recent entry of the series, Dead Rising 4 is an great game. Let's get a lot of the bad stuff out of the way first. Yes some areas did need more time to iron out. For example there is an van you can drive right through. Most bosses are some of the worst in this series. In most games bosses are called Psychopaths. Most of them had some back story to help give us an idea what drove them insane or how they're involved with the crisis. Instead we get Maniacs with majority of them has a lot of regular enemies with one boss character. On paper this sounds like an good idea but it's an shame it doesn't work. Why because most of them with the right weapons goes down fast. Not having much back story or enough information to help picture what's wrong with them or what's their motivation is. Your main impression on Maniacs should be crystal clear that they were after thoughts. In fact I can only name three of them worth mentioning. This story is not bad but compared to some of the previous games. It is not great with an older Frank West whose personality very different from other Dead Rising games. If you seen Honest Trailer on Dead Rising 4 no body can state it more perfectly. Attempting to get out of the mall early on can be confusing. Sure having no overall timer is an mix thing. There is you got plenty of time to do what you want. But you lose the urge to hurry out to save everyone from the crisis. The little new feature added doesn't help it stand out against some Dead Rising games. Where were those challenges from Dead Rising 3? Seriously they were an huge step up from Dead Rising 2: Off the Record's. Also they should've kept super combo weapons. Yes I know the game would become much easier. At the same time it could've help made an bigger impression on people. They been replaced by power ups for exo suits that doesn't last long as most of super combo weapons. You constantly keep getting the same side missions often. In fact so often to save people in four areas to get safe houses to max levels. Now it's time for the good stuff. There gave us an couple of great combo vehicles. Using your camera is easily the best of the series. An bigger variety of areas you can travel. They made it even easier to buy stuff. You can change your outfits by going to mirrors. I also like the automatic saving especially when things gets intense. One weird thing is sometimes Frank gets locked in place for an few seconds for no reason. Maybe this is just me but attempting to zoom in & out on map screen seems to get stuck. What's funny about this is it never happens in the previous games. Finally what might be an game deal breaker for many fans. As of right now there is only one ending. Usually an handful of different endings you can go for in most Dead Rising games. Not this one with it's solo ending not being good in the slightest  In conclusion it does have major flaws but still an great game.

Now it's time to go my current standing list of Dead Rising series. I will rank from worst to best to help guide many attempting to get more into them. I'm sure many have different opinions about this particular franchise. Without further waiting let's get right into it.
4. Dead Rising 4
3. Dead Rising
2. Dead Rising 2
1. Dead Rising 3

What if I were to include Dead Rising 2: Off the Record what would my list look like for fun...
5. Dead Rising 4
4. Dead Rising
3. Dead Rising 2
2. Dead Rising 2: Off the Record
1. Dead Rising 3

I hope you guys enjoy my Dead Rising blog, I will be doing more blogs like this through out the year. Until next time I'm Jack Red and I'll see all of you later.

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