Saturday, January 14, 2017

Top 10 Xbox 360 Games I Want Added to Xbox One's Backward Compatibility

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, I spent so many hours on Xbox 360 it's ridiculous. Without question one of my favorite game consoles of all time. I played my fair share of disc & downloadable games. I recently checked the new list to make sure none of these aren't currently available. An major reason why Xbox One is beating PlayStation 4 right now. They allow us to play our Xbox 360 games on Xbox One. Easily one of the best consoles with that feature.

I figured since I was very busy trying to get caught on some of my favorite franchises. Finally sit down to make this long standing list. I'm not going to drive myself insane by doing an yearly version like some do. For me these are the games to convince me further to stick with Xbox.

Also I am aware some of my choices are big requested. I am only throwing out my opinion. You are welcome to take it or not. All I ask is please read first and don't complain.

Now a little spoiler alert yes there is an tie on this following list. I really wanted all three of them so bad that I couldn't put one over the other. You will find out soon enough what this tie actually is.

10. Tekken 6

Tekken 7 is almost on consoles in an few months from now. Most ports of an Tekken game are amazing for their time. I will be honest to say Tekken 6 is a little disappointment. I didn't like how they changed some of the controls greatly affecting some of my favorite characters. They hide arcade mode inside scenario campaign. But it only has an handful of levels including an bonus boss fight. I will say most modes are done very well. I did expect a little more in the character roster. For an Tekken game I barely say that about most of them. At least for the first Tekken game on Xbox 360, it got me going.

9. Batman: Arkham Origins

There are a lot of people that want this game to be added. We already got three of them in such an short amount of time. Personally I felt this is an must since it is very good in many areas. Sure there are some problems like an glitch affecting your save games. But this is far from the worst the dark knight got trapped in. Some of the best voice acting in any Batman game. Also considering this was made by an different team. I give huge respect to the new team for nailing it. I do recommend it to many people especially Batman fans.

8. Grand Theft Auto IV Complete Edition

Officially three games that are their own part of one huge game. An different take of episodic video game format. Basically instead of the classic expansion route where you buy the original game. You have to pay for expansions later on. Episodic is more like Sonic 3 & Knuckles back in the day. They combined two games into one. In this case each game added a lot of content with it's own set of missions. There are several ways you can buy all three games. Just having one is worth your time & money. But having all three is an mind blowing experience many gamers should play.

7. Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes

One of the best among Lego video games to date. Lego Batman 2 brings a lot of potential making it possibly. One of the greatest Batman games or DC games in existence. This game is packed with a lot of content. They improved most what we love about the original Lego Batman. This is an truly unique experience. You got so many characters to play as with so many abilities & gadgets. They made it very replayable the moment you start playing. It is really that worth your time and money having this amazing game.

6. Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing

My favorite racing game of all time, I played the hell out of three versions. I kid you not they really out did themselves. Everything works incredibly well especially all the extra content. Some of the finest controls in any racing game. In my opinion the direct Sega answer to Nintendo's Super Smash Brothers. Some of our favorite Sega characters are playable. Plenty of modes to play to keep you going for hours among hours nonstop. I really can't say anymore to do it enough justice. Please for the love of God get this game as soon as you can.

5. Metal Gear Solid HD Collection/Dragon Ball Z Budokai HD Collection/Devil May Cry HD Collection

Let's be honest all three of these collection games are very good for what they bring to the table. I could do an very in depth comparison to pick one out of the three. But hell no all three of them really do need to be on Xbox One. Some of the finest video games in history are present. Yes majority of them were originally released on PlayStation 2. Not much was added or changed but still gets the job done. In fact most copies of them are difficult to find simply because they're that good. Just owning one of them is doing your collection justice. If you were me, all three of them must be added to that support soon. Just imagine how mind blowing it will be to play all three of them at any given time.

4. Resident Evil Revelations

Some Resident Evil fans demand to have Resident Evil CODE: Veronica X added soon. Personally I was an bigger fan of Resident Evil Revelations. OMG this game was amazing for what it does. An perfect mixture of classic & modern Resident Evil style. You get to play as several characters within the campaign. Raid Mode is easily one of the greatest mini games in the series. A lot of dlcs worth owning at great prices. Plus playing online makes playing both the campaign & Raid Mode much more fun.

3. Saints Row The Third

One of my absolute favorite games on any console. Saints Row The Third is amazing for it's time. This went head to head against Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto IV doing very well. A lot of great dlcs though some are heavily disliked. In fact two of them are so disliked they got removed from buying The Full Package edition. Despite this, Saints Row The Third sure packs a lot of content. This game is really addicting regardless if you are doing missions or activities or causing mayhem. I also like they made customizing your character more fun & unique. This is an very big request to be added soon.

2. SoulCalibur IV

One of the finest fighting games in history. Three guest characters all from Star Wars brought in perfectly. Some of the best in all areas for an fighting game on Xbox 360. They packed so much content to keep you going. One of the absolute best among making your own fighters in any fighting game. SoulCalibur IV did make arcade mode a little too repetitive for my taste. Most modes of play is done incredibly well.

1. Mortal Kombat

My biggest request to date for any Xbox 360 game that must be added to this support. I was really blown away by Mortal Kombat & more recently Mortal Kombat XL. One of the absolute finest fighting games in history. This is the only one worthy enough to out do SoulCalibur IV. Yes this may lack creating your own characters. But what it has in place of it really makes up for it. An new challenge ladder meant to truly test your gaming skills. They brought back Test Your Might & Sight with an new Luck mini games. Test Your Luck is one of my favorite things in any fighting game. One of the best rosters in the series history. My favorite thing of all has to be it's story mode. An alternate take on the first three Mortal Kombat games. I also like you can do two on two kombat. The Krypt is one of the best versions to date. In all honesty this game really needs to be on there very soon.

I hope you guys agree many of these games deserves to be added to that support. Just having half of them is doing some justice. But having all of them makes it one of the very best consoles ever made. Regardless I will be patient to see how many of them actually gets added. Until next time I'm Jack Red and I'll see all of you later.

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