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Jack Red reviews Saints Row series

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, today I really want to talk about one of my absolute favorite game series. Saints Row started out as an unique GTA clone to quickly become it's own thing. Ever since Saints Row The Third, the series took a very different direction to help differ it from GTA series. Although the actual experience playing both series is surprisingly different in many ways. I been wanting to cover these games personally for a while.

I would do these in order of release but I felt I should start with the worst to the best. For the record whatever game gets the bottom of the barrel is still a good game in it's own right. But comparing it to other games of the series you felt a lot could've been done to improve it.

5. Saints Row: Gat out of Hell (2015)

Unlike most Saints Row games, you only can play as Johnny or Kinzie. Most customization in earlier entries is missing. The actual campaign is short of being roughly six to seven hours at most. They made it really easy to get an 100% completion. The way they told the story could've been a little better. Don't even get me started about those endings. I am surprise but I didn't care for any of them at all. I do like exploring Hell to conqueror it all in time. I also like some historical figures becomes your allies in the game. I felt Hell was surprisingly smaller than the main city of Saints Row IV. This game only has one dlc that doesn't bring much to the experience. I really wanted to love this game more than I currently do right now. Johnny is my favorite character of the entire series. Not even him could do much to save this game.

4. Saints Row IV (2013)

Possibly one of the most ridiculous games I ever played since Conker's Bad Fur Day on N64. Saints Row IV took what I loved about Saints Row The Third & added some great stuff to the mix. The actual story is kinda of a mess but maybe they were really going for B movie inspired story. Plenty of funny moments through out the campaign. You get some great missions that you really want to keep coming back for more. Some of my favorite weapons are present in this game. Yes the main map is slightly smaller than the previous game. I still have so much fun exploring & causing mayhem everywhere I go. Just like Saints Row The Third, they released so many dlcs. Although most of them are okay, there were some I really enjoy. I also like at some points in the campaign the game play does differ for some missions. Yes many didn't like in some missions you can't use your powers. The game itself does state why you can't. I do enjoy using your powers similar to Prototype & Infamous series. But by having them it makes using most vehicles pointless. This fact alone is usually why it doesn't score high among reviewers. Saints Row IV is still a master piece of a game to me. You really can't recreate something like this out there by accident. This is possibly the greatest alien thing I got into since Men in Black movies. I really like how you face some of your past enemies in the campaign. This helps bring back memories of the older games as you play this was a nice touch. I really enjoy playing Saints Row IV with a passion. Just like Saints Row: Gat out of Hell, it is very easy to get an 100% completion. They really went the extra mile trying to get you to laugh hard. For that reason alone this should be on many people's radars.

3. Saints Row (2006)

Obviously the original Saints Row had to be high on this list. Even to this day it still exclusive to Xbox 360. Saints Row brought several things to help it stand out from GTA series. Customizing was mind blowing for it's time. Sadly you can only be male in this game which may turn some people off. Some of the absolute best missions of the entire series are in this game. Some activities in this game are still present in most of the series. Each gang you take on has it's own story campaign portion. Of course you want to take Stilwater from them. One of the best soundtracks both in missions & on radio to date. This game may be difficult to find due to being a console exclusive. This does come off like an improved Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas experience. Saints Row leaves a strong impression on me as you play. This was the game Johnny originally debuts to give you some crazy missions. Unfortunately this is the only main Saints Row game to not have dlcs. Saints Row does have a lot of depth within the world itself. Unlike later games, you have to complete all activities to get upgraded.

2. Saints Row 2 (2008)

Often stated to be the best Saints Row game. Saints Row 2 is easily one of the best video game sequels. They improved in several areas from the previous game. You can now play as a female to help bring in more gamers. This has some of the best exclusive activities of the series. Saints Row 2 also has an amazing soundtrack. Some of the best missions within the series are present. Customization is greatly given more depth. One of my favorite maps of the entire series. Some characters like Shaundi & Pierce are introduced. Just like the original Saints Row, each gang has their own portion of the campaign. This was the last game you had to get enough respect to do missions. This was later changed to more of a leveling system in Saints Row The Third. Saints Row 2 does so much to blow you away since there are several versions of it. Unfortunately only console versions has story dlcs. Unless someone can successfully recreate them for PC gamers. This greatly reduces the chance of playing it. They really out did themselves with such an amazing game. I am hoping Saints Row 2 gets added to become playable on Xbox One soon.

1. Saints Row The Third (2011)

My personal favorite where it stands right now has to be Saints Row The Third. As stated respect got transformed into a leveling system where you choose what to upgrade. This feature added so much more depth. Oh wait I'm not even close of finishing yet folks. This game has some of the finest dlcs of the stories. Some of my favorite missions like http://deckers.die are such an unique experience. Classic activities are given great updates making them more fun to play. Some newer activities do return in later games. Easily one of the best stories of the series. Unlike the first two games, all your enemies connected to each other during the campaign. This concept got reused in Saints Row IV & Gat out of Hell. I really enjoy fully upgrading your weaponry. Yes some weapons does become op but sometimes it makes things more fun so who really cares. Saints Row The Third has the best map of the entire series. I do enjoy all the multiple choices except if Unlockable Pack is enabled because it ruins the entire experience. Some of your best homies are present in this game. Customization is even higher in this game than ever before. They really went out of their way to make this very rememberable as possible. I know some fans won't like me choosing this as the best Saints Row game. Possibly more won't like me stating it is way more fun than Grand Theft Auto IV in it's entirely. Saints Row The Third is where the series became more comical but I like that. Grand Theft Auto series does take itself way too seriously. We do need something similar that can be funny to help lighten your emotions. Also some of the absolute best costumes, weapons & vehicles are present in this game. I really can't say enough about how damn good this game actually is. Not even if I got many fans to send me clips of their support of the game then send it to the team behind this series. This is very likely a timeless classic that's already difficult to recreate for it's own uniqueness. It is very difficult to fully explain. I recommend checking it out for yourselves to see what's so great about it.

PS. Do Not Enable Bloodsucker & Unlockable Packs. Both of them really ruin the entire experience. Thankfully after installing DLC Blocker patch. You don't have to worry about that although you can go into your files to change it at any given time. Honestly why would someone do that unless they never experience those dlcs. I highly recommend not using them at all to have some real fun instead. Of course modding is another great option to avoid those. Anything is better than simply wasting your time especially if it is your first time playing not fully knowing every dlc included. You don't want to feel like you wasted your time & money because of those particular dlcs.

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