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Top 5 Best & Worst Saints Row The Third DLCs

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, today I felt since I am a huge fan of Saints Row series. It was time to do another Saints Row blog. I really wanted to talk about the best & worst among every dlcs you can get for Saints Row The Third. Easily one of the greatest open world games ever made. This was surprisingly difficult with some choices being obvious among both lists. Remember this purely is my opinion. If you don't like my list at least respect it & move on instead of crying like babies over it.

Top 5 Saints Row The Third DLCs
5. Gangstas in Space

Despite the title, these missions are not directly related to the canon ending. You have to take on soldiers & aliens within this crazy movie. I guess the crazy director really made it obvious didn't he lol. This dlc adds some nice stuff to the game. Some of the best dlc missions in the series. I do recommend people checking this out.

4. Shark Attack Pack

Who ever came up with this must be on some serious drugs. You get a new clothes piece & weapon. When firing this weapon at people you see them moving around in panic. Then you see a great white shark come out of no where to eat them whole. Strangely one of the best weapons you get in the entire game.

3. Horror Pack

People that know me would tell you this had to be one of my favorite dlcs. They wouldn't be too far off on that. I love Halloween as well as horror movies so when I found out about this. I was mind blown to see such an awesome costumes added. They really put a lot of attention into details with them. I am very impressed how damn good this dlc actually is.

2. Genkibowl VII

Easily one of the greatest dlcs within all of Saints Row series. Genkibowl VII adds so much to the game. We're talking from adding vehicles to costumes to activities. All of this are some of the finest among the crazy stuff within Saints Row. It is so good I honestly can't criticize it in any possible way. I highly recommend playing this on coop with your family or friends.

1. The Trouble With Clones

You had to knew this was coming. The Trouble With Clones is hands down the best Saints Row The Third dlc. Not only you get three new missions added. You also get two new very tough homies to ride with you. If that's not enough all of it as a whole will remind you of several things. This is very good even by itself. Also the last mission briefly gives you powers that really spice up the game play.

Top 5 Worst Saints Row The Third DLCs
5. Special Ops Vehicle Pack

Isn't this obvious enough just going by the picture above? You get three vehicles you do unlock later in the campaign with Saints design. Despite that they're virtually the same exact vehicles. This was a horrible idea guys. Now if it gave us some actual real vehicles with Saints designs & a few small things. Then I would be fine but no this is all you get in the pack. To clarify I woud've done a boat, armored motorcylce & helicopter with ridiculous amount of weaponry. You can clearly tell why this had to be on the list.

4. Steelport Gangs Pack

We went from one slap to the face to go right into another. There was a lot of packs containing clothes added to the game. But why in god's name would you want to dress up as your rival gangs? What's worse is fully dress up as any of them completely. Your own gang will try to kill you. Now that's a great reason to not put any of these on.

3. Bloodsucker Pack

Now we got to a particular dlc so hated. In Steam's version of Saints Row The Third The Full Package. Bloodsucker Pack got removed from all dlcs contained inside. You automatically get a new ability that mostly works on holding up people. You can drink them to fully heal up instantly. This means later on in some tough missions filled with enemies. A perfect example would be Three Way where you are constantly being attacked from all sides. Sometimes you get low on health usually you have to quick find cover. But Bloodsucker Pack allowing you to instantly health on most enemies ruins the challenge altogether. This dlc alone takes most of the difficulty away simply by using it. No wonder why the fans were piss about it. Did I mention this dlc also helps jump start you in money. They ended up giving you a little too much money for starting the campaign after the first few missions. All of that does ruin most of what I love so much about this game. No pun intended this dlc sucks.

2. Invincible Pack

Ever since the original Saints Row if you use cheat codes. You won't be able to autosave & locks achievements. Thus preventing you to get them although this was done to test your ability as a gamer. I quickly accepted that but they decided to release Invincible Pack. Which adds seven new codes to the game. These codes easily ruin the entire experience. To sum it up Bloodsucker Pack does remove most of the challenge yet you still could die. Sadly enabling all of these cheats makes you a god. I am not kidding you can't lose anymore within the game. Easily guaranteeing an 100% completion. This is a major slap to the face possibly a few strong kicks to the balls.

1. Unlockable Pack

Oh wait there exists a dlc worse than Invincible Pack. Just like Bloodsucker Pack, Unlockable Pack also got removed from Steam's version of Saints Row The Third The Full Package. This allows you to get most later in game unlockables as soon as possible. Not only that remember those multiple choices at the end of several missions? Yeah this dlc makes all of those entirely pointless. Why because you already get everything regardless which option you choose. Originally you have to pick one or the other. Whatever you picked in most of them will be yours that's it right? They thought screw them let's give them everything. I am sorry but this does ruin a great amount of the experience. It took away some of the best surprises. Another annoying thing is shortly enabling this dlc pack. The game forces you to use STAG Takeover. Thus you now have access to a extra one of these now. Just enabling one automatically takes over a hood of your choice. I think you can see why this was such a major issue with fans. This particular dlc with Bloodsucker Pack removed not only the challenge. It also removed any real fun out of the entire experience. Now that to me is simply inexcusable. Bottom line please don't ever do this dlc in any form in future Saints Row games or they could be riots at your door step. I am only warning you the developers about how upsetting it actually is to us your fans.

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