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Top 10 Scariest Stephen King Characters

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, I been a big Stephen King fan for many years now. I felt like now is the time to do possibly one of the most challenging Top 10 lists I ever done. Over the years since Carrie back in 1974, Stephen King constantly writing more books. There are so many creatures to be considered. Of course we need some guide lines to help even things out.

The rules for this particular Top 10 as they follow down below and no they don't float...
1. They must attack most living creatures or do something horrible to them to be considered
2. Originality goes a long way on this list
3. Obviously must be created by King himself
4. They must first appeared in his books
5. No guardians of the tower allowed
6. Major villains of a particular story or several of them are considered

10. The Dead (Pet Sematary)

It is true Stephen King wrote a lot of stories about the dead. I felt Pet Sematary just made that much more terrifying. Just imagine you just loss someone to suddenly get told about a story to bring them back. Parts of it are true except something evil returns in their place. This followed by evil spirits makes things much worse to survive. You would be lucky to survive the night.

9. Cujo (Cujo)

Once a good dog until a bat bite him on his nose. In turn gave Cujo rabies to start attacking people. It is a real life common fear for some people to get attack by dogs. Cujo becomes vicious over time to not let up on anyone. This dog gets covered in human blood for crying out loud. Now that by itself maybe too much for some people to take.

8. Kurt Barlow (Salem's Lot)

A head vampire that comes to the United States to fest on humans. Barlow made some connections to keep him safe from harm & his criminals a mystery. This vampire isn't afraid to go after anyone whose a threat to his existence. This vampire has a huge body count anywhere he goes. Basically day or night no one is safe from this vampire.

7. Carrie (Carrie)

Carrie was a nice girl until among getting crowned gets pig blood spilled all over her. Not fully realizing that Carrie has telekinesis. This moment went from being one of her best quickly to one of her worst. Carrie loss it killing everyone that's inside the building right after each other. Such a nice person turned into a killing machine is very terrifying. Plus it doesn't help her mother is strictly religious & unforgiving.

6. Jack Torrance (The Shining)

Jack Torrance has a family with a rough history. He use to be a big drinker back in the day. Which led to him getting fired from his school job. More recently he wants a new beginning. Sadly ended up at the Overlook hotel which has a colorful history of horrible things. Eventually Jack loss it to go after his own family. I think the reason why he is so scary for some people. In all honestly has to be many of them could relate to Jack's pain. He really wants to change things around from his days of drinking. In the end he ends up sacrificing himself to save his family.

5. Annie Wilkes (Misery)

An obsessive psycho fan that constantly wants more of a particular author's story series. This lady makes sure to keep this guy in her house. In one part of the story or movie she uses a sledge hammer on his legs. Anyone that attempts to save him usually ends up dead. This bitch is willing to kill him if her desperation isn't fed.

4. George Stark (The Dark Half)

An author's dark side that literately took on a new life within the real world. It was later revealed George got reborn inside that author's dead twin brother's body. Stark wants to live again by forcing the author into doing it. Of course fully knowing as soon as he becomes alive again he will be dead too. Stark is so amazing ugly in terms of his personality that calling it sickening isn't good enough. This guy doesn't care who or what he hurts.

3. The Crimson King (The Dark Tower series)

The only villain to not be adapted in any shape or form off books. The Crimson King is possibly the closest thing of being the devil in Stephen King's multiverse. This guy wants to conquer the dark tower. The Crimson King is responsible for some horrible acts. This being is insanely god like in what he can do. At one point Dark Tower hero Roland runs near by this being. The fact there is so little known about him makes him incredibly mysterious.

2. Pennywise (IT)

You all knew Pennywise had to be on this list. One of many characters to have several names. Pennywise is easily it's most famous name within our world. Originally created in a part of reality with no time among many other beings including it's natural enemy the turtle guardian. Pennywise has so many abilities even for a book villain. This creature can easily use your own fears against him in ways you can't imagine. Even right now it is debatable how much of this creature actually still alive. For possibly millions of years has killed countless humans. A creature so mysterious it rivals some of my top choices. What's even scarier about Pennywise is it's true form no normal living being could handle seeing it. A being that does come close to rivaling any guardians of the tower.

1. The Man in Black (Numerous books)

Probably the most obvious among all of my choices. Every Stephen King fan agrees The Man in Black has to be number 1. Just like Pennywise, he too has many names. His two most famous names are The Man in Black & Randall Flagg. This man is behind some of the absolute worst acts in many universes. No body has more direct blood on their hands than this guy. A being often said to be pure evil with plenty of evidence to support that. This guy will always be a thorn in everybody's side especially Roland's. He also appears in the most books out of all my choices combine. A villain this recognized by today's standards among books is a truly special thing. Honestly I really can't say enough about how legendary this guy actually is. This guy can go in between several universes making him even worse. There really isn't any limit on how low this guy actually willing to go.

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