Saturday, April 15, 2017

What's the Worst Misplaced Horror Icon in Space Horror Movie?

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, It's time to take possibly one of the worst things you could possibly do for a horror movie. There exists a handful of terrible ideas you would be amazed even got released. In this particular case all movies featured share one of the absolute worst concepts in any horror movies. Over the years the horror genre has it's fair share of great & terrible movies.

No body could ever prepare themselves for horror icons in space. Yes you heard that right some movie companies actually attempted to make something like that & none of them works. This will be a quick comparison where I start with the most watchable to the single movie everyone should avoid. Just saying any of these are okay is a bit of an understatement. Not even the one I considered the best is worth any recommendations.

4. Jason X (2001)

Hands down Jason X was the best out of all four movies. Kane Hodder gives us an amazing performance as Jason. Some of the most brutal kills in Friday the 13th franchise's history. This kinda works just enough to be watchable for a few times. Obviously some of the actors come off cheesy while others weren't bad. Who could forget Uber Jason whose basically bulletproof and looks very menacing? This has the best scenes out of all the movies featured today. This was surprisingly a good mixture of Friday the 13th and space movies. It really shouldn't work but somehow it kinda does.

3. Hellraiser: Bloodline (1996)

Mostly broken up in two major parts covering the origin of the box and the most recent in the time line. This is oddly the beginning and ending of Hellraiser in one movie. How the hell does that work guys? We seen all kind of aliens so why not demons in space? I am sorry but demons were meant to be in our world of the living back on Earth this is not Doom!!! I will say I do enjoy most of the death scenes. I felt simply changing a few things this could've worked a little better. We do get a good performance by Doug Bradley as Pinhead. Only because they focus on the box's origin it does hurt in categorizing this movie. Some newer demons aren't that great but I do like those twins. They're creepy as hell especially in a scene where they kill a guy in such a violent way.

2. Leprechaun 4: in Space (1996)

Now we're hitting at the bottom of the barrel. Possibly one of the absolute worst horror movie sequels I ever seen. The very concept of Leprechaun 4 started by a joke by the crew. They got so into it that they decided to make a space movie with Leprechaun. I could accept even demons to some degree in space. But a leprechaun going around terrorizing a space crew hell no. This does have some funny moments but they're all short lived. Leprechaun 4 is hilariously bad for it's time. Not even he coming out of a guy's private area is going to save this movie. I am wondering was Hollywood on some serious drugs when they made this crap.

1. Dracula 3000 (2004)

This is so bad that I honestly don't even want to talk about it. Unfortunately I have to for my blog's sakes. This is legendary for being one of the absolute worst horror movies ever made. Whose bright idea was it to have Count Dracula in space? They made Dracula too classic in every possible way not fitting this movie at all. Not even death scenes are worth talking about. At least Leprechaun 4 had some rememberable scenes. The pacing is hands down one of the worst I ever seen in a horror movie. This movie is amazingly boring with any real twists not working. I should mention it's horrible ending of everyone left alive dies by the sun. Two of them decides to have sex right before that happens. Oh come on movie that by itself further insults anything this movie stands for. Clearly they were attempting to cash in on Dracula. Considering there's so many Dracula movies or movies with him that it was unavoidable. Some of the worst acting you ever seen in a horror movie. I would in all honesty rather watch Troll 2 over this garbage any day.

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