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Top 5 Best & Worst Saints Row IV DLCs

Hello everyone I'm Jack Red, a follow up blog to my recent Saints Row The Third blog entry. Basically doing the same concept with Saints Row IV. This was even tougher because most of them were okay. Not many of them stand out on their own. Some do stand out in a good way while others you kinda wish didn't get released in the first place. Once again this is purely my opinion please respect what I got to say.

Majority of dlcs present in Saints Row IV aren't as close as good as the previous game. Thus I had a harder time determining which dlcs I really like & don't like for this blog entry.

Top 5 Saints Row IV DLCs
5. Enter the Dominatrix

This wasn't bad for a big dlc within Saints Row IV. Yes it wasn't anything special but they sure left an impression on me. Some of the cut scenes of these missions although play out like making of movies. Actually explains real facts about how the development of this dlc went down. You get three crazy missions you can replay at any time. This does add slightly more than some dlc packs. I love the humor in it's cut scenes. I felt they did just enough to sell me on this dlc.

4. Anime Pack/Stone Age Pack

Honestly out of all small dlcs within Saints Row IV. I kept coming back to both Anime Pack & Stone Age Pack. Considering how awesome both of them are. I decided to include them in the same spot. You get great costumes, weapons & a vehicle. All of this alone are worth playing Saints Row IV multiple times. I love driving around the Flintstones car. Seriously both of these are worth picking up.

3. Element of Destruction Pack

Obviously playing with powers can be a lot of fun. Now they added in each category of your powers a new option to spice things up. You guess it making all of those powers explosive. Very quickly becomes addicting to use any of these powers enabling your new option for fun. This also helps in some challenging missions especially later in the campaign.

2. Commander-in-Chief Pack

This is so patriotic that both Captain America & Stan Smith from American Dad approves it. You get a new costume with a crazy weapon & awesome looking jet. All of this alone was surprisingly well put together. This screams being an American in a rather unusual way. Yes I know this dlc would upset many people in the world simply because what it stands for. I am just saying I love it for being in such a great game.

1. How The Saints Saved Christmas

This should've been very obvious folks. Hands down the best Saints Row IV has to offer. I am really impressed by all the content present. You get some great dlc missions that are replayable at any given time. Unlike Enter the Dominatrix, this brings a lot of great content into the actual game. You get new weapon skins, homies, vehicles, activities and enemies. The way the story gets told was priceless. This particular dlc very easily could've been it's own game. This is in all honestly one of the greatest dlcs I ever got in any video game. I also love the title is referencing How The Grinch Stole Christmas.

Top 5 Worst Saints Row IV DLCs
5. Bradygames Pack

Everyone knows about Bradygames for making video game strategy books. I grew up with so many of them as a kid. Then I found out about this dlc at first was kindly happy about it. I looked into it during the game to only be slap in the face. This adds a machine gun that isn't great. This dlc is pointless due to most in game machine guns & rifles are way better.

4. GATV Pack

They thought it was funny to make a sorta parody of GTAV inspired dlc. They made sure to release it before the actual release of GTAV. Sadly most new stuff contain inside isn't anything special. Yeah I like to dress up as Johnny but you can't customize it. Why would you include a dlc outfit you can't customize or switch out for creativity purposes is beyond me. Also the new weapon is okay compared to several dlc weapons.

3. Gamestop Weapon Contest

One of the biggest game stores in the entire world. You would think Gamestop would have a better dlc line up for you right? Nope you get a new weapon that's sorta like the anti-gravity gun from Half-Life series. But it can be confusing to use as well as often having to wait to fire it again. This weapon doesn't even scream Gamestop in the slightest. I honestly could do without this weapon.

2. The Super Saints Pack/Volition Comics Pack

Another tie on my Saints Row lists. Look I have nothing about comic book characters. I felt all of these are clearly ripping off several comic book characters in mostly design. If they given us a larger amount of random super hero outfit pieces to choose from. Then I would've been a bit happier about it. Look I get it, you get powers within the game it would make sense to some people to look like a super hero. End of the day this was simply the wrong call. I would rather look like something disturbing or laughable than an actual super hero.

1. Executive Privilege Pack

This shouldn't be a surprise as my choice for the single worst Saints Row IV dlc. It is virtually the same as Saints Row The Third's Invincible Pack. Yes the same seven new codes from that game gets added again the same way. Look it didn't work for many reasons last time. Why would this time suddenly be different? I would've accepted these as already been presented in the game or added in a future update. The idea you have to buy for the same seven codes once again is simply a rip off. Just like I said before using these will ruin the entire experience of playing it. Honestly you should ignore or pretend these aren't added to your copy of the game then you should be fine. You know what I'm not fine because they might end up doing it again in another future Saints Row game. So how about this instead do what Fallout 4 did for consoles instead? Yes I am actually talking about bringing mods to those consoles. Now I really would welcome this change instead of buying these codes any day. Bottom line don't use our money by doing this again guys.

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