Monday, April 17, 2017

My Way of Truly Determining Which Console is Better Method

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, every since the good old days of SNES vs. Sega Genesis. The very concept of Console Wars is still going strong even long after some of the finest already ended. People are constantly siding with or against each other. So many people are just palm bias & simply won't listen to anything even if their own points are ridiculous to believe. I am more of someone whose willing to give most versions of a said game a try before fully judging.

So many people really play on games the other consoles doesn't have like it's the greatest thing in the world. In truth the only real way to going about deciding which console is better will sound crazy. Yes this method will require having an open mind, a lot of money & patience. Carefully research every game shared on a particular Console Wars topic. Simply doing this will easily test all three no matter which method of getting these games you take.

For example you could just focus on the best two consoles to help make doing this a lot easier. I know some are actually crazy enough to do all main consoles as often as they possibly can. More recently it has been a three way battle with Nintendo being the only one remaining. Regardless how many consoles you decide to bring into this. Remember to truly do this the real way just cover all games shared.

I know I keep saying that but considering there is a lot of games on many consoles. It should be decided which console has the most best versions overall. Although so many gamers simply don't want to put in the effort. They either say random stuff claiming to be fans or simply come right out being bias. Remember such a project should not be done alone. You should get some of your friends involve but any that won't have a open mind should be excluded.

Why am I bashing those people for being bias you ask? They act like their console is the best in the entire world. They're so over bias towards the competition that they won't listen to anything. Not even true facts wrong with their respective versions of that console's games. Why they blindly believe even with it's flaws that their consoles is beyond all it's competition. Let me say this just once there is no such thing as a perfect console.

I always felt PlayStation 1 vs. N64 is perfect for this concept in mind. We have to compare a CD based console to the last major cartridge based console. Of course there will be many important differences. The second best thing to start is PS2 against any of it's top competitors including Sega Dreamcast. Both seventh & eighth console generations are too similar sharing a large amount of games. The first two console generations simply way too much work in the long run. There's a lot of the same games in larger amounts compared to most consoles today. I felt this should help deciding where you should begin.

I already know majority of gamers is heavily interested in SNES vs. Sega Genesis debate. I would say only tackle this particular console wars if you really are strong will & full of determination. Trust me this is a lot of work ahead of you that could take a few years at best to finish. Let's be honest doing handheld versions is actually easier in a way. You could spend a lot less on getting the games you need & own it faster.

Despite some handheld generations having so many of them. Once again I recommend just do the best two handhelds to save yourself time & money. More recently it has been heated to a degree between the same two companies for several years now. I do recommend you could start there if you wanted to. I highly suggest don't rush anything at all especially working with a group of people.

I am aware not many people will agree with me. Honestly that's fine but I know many of you. Deep down truly want to know not going by sells, which console is better. This will take it's toll on you if not given yourself a break. I know work like this will be intense in the long run. No body ever said this was going to be easy. Anyone that does say it are liars.

Gaming in general should us the gamers need to respect each other. It is just sad so many are so bias towards each other. Yes this even affected relationships & families. It is depressing to think many gamers loss sight of themselves. Obviously many things will change during the years. At the same time I wish people would be more open mind about people's feelings. I hope any of what I said in this helps anybody out there.

One more thing some games shared on some consoles are more expanse for many reasons. I highly recommend get the money you need then wait for the right moment on good websites to get it. You also have to be fast while keeping a close eye on the said game you want. There sadly isn't a easy way of doing this. Unless you have one of those YouTube shows where many people sent you games. I wish anyone crazy enough to attempt my method to see how things would play out.

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