Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Jack Red reviews Frank Rising (Dead Rising 4)

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, I get to review the true conclusion to Dead Rising 4's campaign. At first hearing about it I was a little mix. I knew as soon as I started playing it that Frank Rising is better than the actual campaign.

Quickly following up what happened to Frank during the ending of Dead Rising 4's campaign. Things started changing for a truly unique experience. Even now there isn't many games you play as zombies.

Frank Rising allows you to gain traits which are prevent skills & those required to get the best ending. Yes unlike the main campaign there are a few endings to help spice things up. Your only way of healing is eating humans & zombies. This feature alone made things very interesting in the long run.

Not many bosses are present during Frank Rising. I felt bosses in general within this dlc didn't stand out enough. You do get awesome abilities to help you on your way of completing it. You have to repeat all twenty challenges every playthrough. This greatly affects your leveling causing many people to be upset.

Half the actual map is used during Frank Rising. Not only they brought in humor within the dialogue. The timer being back this time really worked incredibly well for this. For an Overtime scenario this is easily my favorite by far. Everything works amazing well more so than the main campaign.

This dlc is totally worth ten bucks in general. If this were to suck, I would've criticize having to pay for the true ending. Frank Rising is very interesting as we see our hero transform from a zombie back to a human. Which by itself is incredibly rare even among zombie movies.

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