Friday, January 19, 2018

Nintendo 64 vs. PlayStation Face Off #14 Nightmare Creatures

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, I grew up with Nightmare Creatures on PlayStation. Around the time I was about to gave away our N64 collection. One of the last games I had at the time was Nightmare Creatures on Nintendo 64. Most people are probably not familiar with Nightmare Creatures. It was a short lived series that only had two games. Sadly a known fate for some franchises at the time.

Nightmare Creatures has two playable characters with major difference between each other. You fight all kind of monsters during the night. Some tricky portions that are a learning curve for many people. Most people would probably remember some of the songs in game. Nightmare Creatures is among a huge list of games featured on both Nintendo 64 & PlayStation.

In PlayStation version, there are cut scenes while you only get texts in N64 version. Unlike Spider-Man on N64, there is music playing during those. The controls are hard to get use to on both versions. A slight edge goes to PlayStation version since it's easier to memorize. A few areas were altered between both versions.

Mostly a early difficult platforming area that's time consuming & possibly wasting lives to achieve. They made it much easier in N64 version. Cheating in both versions is very easy & fun. I think where it comes down to is parts of N64 version does look better. Although some areas within that version are a little too dark.

I meant you will have trouble seeing through it. I do praise you can go straight into the next level after the option of saving in N64 version. Some load times do differ but it doesn't ruin the experience. Some cut scenes are good for what they are at the time. I felt despite some people would rather watch cut scenes.

I actually felt N64 version is telling the story better. I felt like I didn't understand exactly what was going on in PlayStation version. Sometimes I would rather have the texts over cut scenes. Nightmare Creatures is a strange horror game at the time. There exists a code to randomly become monsters in the game.

Personally I would rather play MediEvil series over both versions of Nightmare Creatures. However I do have to choose one to win this face off. After much needed thinking I'm going with Nintendo 64 version. The platforming area that's too difficult for PlayStation version was tone down for N64 version.

Despite a harder time getting use to the controls. I do believe the N64 version looking darker does help to it's advantage. All the texts actually tells the story better than those cut scenes in PlayStation version. Cheating is just about the same in both versions. The one reason why Nintendo 64 version wins is no load times.

I am really not trying to piss off PlayStation fans. I do felt some of them do hurt parts of the experience.Yes you can save your process in both versions. I would rather play a game like this with little to no load times. This issue could affect you about to fight a boss. There's a few boss levels that's difficult if you don't understand what to do.

At least in Nintendo 64 version's defense. It would load back up quickly after each death helping you out more. This by itself probably gave Nintendo 64 version of Nightmare Creatures the victory of this face off.

Winner: Nightmare Creatures on Nintendo 64

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