Thursday, January 18, 2018

Nintendo 64 vs. PlayStation Face Off #12 Mortal Kombat Trilogy

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, today I want to talk about my favorite version of MK3. I know a lot of people would pick Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3. I do agree it's one of the best MK games and really made up for original MK3. To me, I was always a bigger fan of Mortal Kombat Trilogy. Before Mortal Kombat: Armageddon, there was this. The first all stars Mortal Kombat game is truly an unique experience.

I grew up with PlayStation versions while I did get to play it's N64 counterpart at a friend's house. This is one of the rare occasions that a lot of content didn't make it over to Nintendo 64. I will say it is a lot better than WCW Nitro. Let's never talk about that N64 game ever again. Usually people go with PlayStation version of Mortal Kombat Trilogy. Today I will test that to see if they chosen wisely.

The third & final version of Mortal Kombat 3. This version adds one secret ninja character, four hidden classic versions of fan favorites and all the bosses around the time. As stated before there are many differences between PlayStation & Nintendo 64 versions. I believe mostly because of that this is one of the more interesting face offs.

Let's be honest you do want double the amount Treasures of Shao Kahn or a secret character having more moves? Do you want to play as the bosses right off the bat or be on particular levels to transform your selected characters into them? Do you want one well made cheat menu or two of them?

I felt the original amount for Treasures of Shao Kahn was just right. By doubling it making choosing more frustrating if you don't know what's behind each option. Yes you have to do two codes on two different levels to play as both characters still present in N64 version. The exclusive part is both of them has one fatality that isn't worth talking about.

Cheat menu in both versions covers a lot of the same stuff. But I rather have one of them with the stuff I want than going through two of them. Also PlayStation version has a lot more characters. Speaking of which both Sub-Zero brothers got fused into one character. Oh ok moving on except we have both alive & dead versions of older Sub-Zero from MK1.

Also not to sound strict about fighting game controls. But I kinda prefer Mace the Dark Age or Killer Instinct Gold's over this. Let's be more direct the controls in PlayStation version are perfect. In comparison it could take a while to get. Yes I should mention there does exist a code for adding more endurance matches in N64 version.

I do like Khameleon in N64 version but Chameleon has a lot more moves. Although Khameleon has a bio & an ending. Probably the one thing N64 version does have over the PlayStation version is they didn't rush supreme demonstration. What I mean by this is some finishers are missing during that on most versions. Surprisingly only the N64 version got all of them in supreme demonstration.

Of course I do like the surprise of hidden classic versions of characters on the character selection. I still haven't seen many fighting games that do something similar. At the time this was the most characters in an Mortal Kombat game. Audio wise the PlayStation version nails it. Yes some load times do differ but still plays well.

End of the day if I had to choose between the two. I have to go with the PlayStation version. In the areas that matter for fighting game fans. This will make you way more happy in the long run. You get get overall audio, more characters, more hidden characters, more fatalities and a better cheat menu. The controls for me is what really sold me on the game.

Winner: Mortal Kombat Trilogy on PlayStation

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