Saturday, May 19, 2018

Top 5 Killer Toy Movies that predates Child's Play series in Killer Toys Collection

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, some of you might be wondering if I plan to make lists based on this collection. Well yes in fact I did to help many of these classics stand out more than they actually do. This almost was a Top 7 list but both Ghosthouse & Pin came to USA a year later in 1989. In the last collection, Clownhouse was the only movie to be release on the year I was born.

I am also doing this because killer toys are sorta under the radar for the most part. In fact killer clowns is more notable among horror movie fans. Which is surprising because of how creative a lot of killer toy movie kills are. I don't think a good number of them can honestly be recreated or done better.

5. Xtro

Xtro is both an alien & killer toys theme movie. I haven't seen anything like it which is rare for me to say. This boy gets transformed into an alien with the power to turn toys into living creatures & control them. He does control a toy tank but not much changed in it's appearance. As the famous saying goes "Don't judge a book by it's cover."

4. The Pit

This boy doesn't have many friends at all. His closest friend so happens to be a evil teddy bear. He discovers a large hole filled with ancient creatures. Constantly getting bullied & ignored by others. One conversation with his teddy bear led to some horrible things. Oddly the boy is doing the bear's dirty work willingly.

3. Pin

Based on the book of the same name, Pin is about a man from a young age believing this medical dummy being alive. This so happens to be the highest rated killer toy theme movie on IMDB's website I'm not kidding. Pin involves a obsession that led to some tragic things happening. Considering this came a couple years after the book, it is a solid movie adaptation.

2. Magic

Magic centers around a man trying to make a living entertaining people. More recently with his dummy named Fats found success. However the experience that led to it was a difficult road. This was the very movie to virtually gave Anthony Hopkins the role of Dr. Hannibal Lector. This movie's dummy inspired Goosebumps' Slappy, why don't you not want to see this?

1. Dolls

Easily one of my favorite killer toy movies ever. Dolls involves a little girl befriending a older man. As the night went on a lot of strange things happens. It turns out every doll within this house is alive. Some of the freakiest dolls you will ever see. I should mention the little girl's dad gets transformed into a doll.

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