Thursday, May 31, 2018

Jack Red talks about PlayStation Classic Edition & Nintendo 64 Classic Edition

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, not too long ago Sony announced they are making PlayStation Classic Edition. Rumors are still floating around if Nintendo could be doing Nintendo 64 Classic Edition. Nintendo started this tread with NES Classic Edition a few years ago. Now Neo Geo Classic Edition is officially on the way too.

It is only matter of time before Atari & some companies join in on the fun. Considering I have a strong connection to both PlayStation & Nintendo 64. I really would like to own both of them in my collection some day especially when I have kids. There's so much to cover that I shouldn't take longer than necessary to get started.

PlayStation not only won it's console wars by a surprising amount. It also the first successful CD based game console that quickly became strong competition to Nintendo & Sega. One of the biggest official game libraries ever with over two thousand games. This console was a major inspiration for gamers, game companies & the industry itself.

It's no secret I love the two basic controller designs with the later DualShock controller being my favorite. Some games had several discs packed with more content than the biggest N64 games in size. Of course as a long time fan I too have some things I'm looking forward when it comes out very soon.

1. Simplifies playing several PS1 games that's multi disc like Final Fantasy 7-9
2. Doesn't rush out the controllers in these smaller than PS slim model
3. Making the interior save feature having more spaces to keep your process in supported games
4. A good number of games that's higher than fifteen games
5. Emulation needs to be a near perfect experience
6. Please make setting it up easier
7. Should have major game play categories

Nintendo 64 is still one of my favorite cartridge based consoles. One of the few Nintendo consoles I actually like. I too grew up with a lot of N64 games. I recently started a new N64 collection from this past Christmas. I also have a couple of N64 games on Rare Replay for Xbox One. Despite the more recent complaints about this console.

It was one of the most powerful game consoles of it's time. Nintendo 64 had one of the most mixed game controllers in history, although I like them a lot. You can get an expansion pak to increase the overall graphics in most N64 games. Some N64 games has great soundtracks that people are still listening to.

1. Nintendo should get some third party games
2. Please don't ruin the classic N64 controllers
3. A good number of games that's higher than fifteen games
4. Should included expansion pak to increase the overall graphics to make some people happy
5. A lot of games should have multiplayer especially up to four players
6. Don't put too many Mario games on N64 Classic Edition
7. Emulation needs to be a near perfect experience
8. Please make setting it up easier
9. Should have major game play categories

This is a new gaming trend that allows people that either were born after their console wars or missed out on them entirely. To play them with some nice extras to help get newer fans more into them If you think about it, you are getting two new smaller variations of classic game consoles for much cheaper.

The right line up of games could make a huge difference in how well it does. Both of them has amazing potential for even a few things not done right to sell well enough. Honestly I really hope I can get them as soon as possible. Nintendo seems to run out too quickly with parts of the process being so unnecessary for their customers.

I also hope PlayStation took note of this to deliver a truly amazing performance. I doubt it would make the same numbers it won console wars with. I do think a large amount of people would want an PlayStation Classic Edition. Still a lot of people really want an Nintendo 64 Classic Edition. Nostalgia has a very strange way of working.

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