Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Jack Red talks about Xbox (original game console)

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, today I want to discuss why I wasn't a huge fan of the original Xbox. Believe it or not, Xbox 360 really blew me away. Xbox One isn't far behind that sorta getting treated like a gem console than anything. In fact it looks up Nintendo might get officially in front of it soon. Xbox does own a lot to Sega in so many ways.

Obviously this is a huge console taking up a lot of space. It so happens to be one of the heaviest I ever lifted. I am mixed about how Microsoft did the wiring for their controllers. I really didn't like their original Xbox controllers at all. OMG they used to hurt my hands so bad back in the day. Before anyone asks yes I did play the later smaller controller.

I would say it comes close to it's competitors but not enough. Their original controller was simply too big with some buttons being a little out of reach of your fingers. Thank god they took great notes for the newer smaller controllers. I do recommend using them instead of their original controllers. Sadly a different company just recreated those horrible controllers for Xbox One.

Personally I would rather take a sledge hammer to destroy all the fat Xbox controllers in the world. The main wires do take time getting use to. I do like they're a good length to help placing your console better. Xbox also over used the color green within it's menu to the point it makes me sick. I'm sure my wife would prefer it over me.

Xbox sure had some great games that were exclusive. It held it's own in different versions of games shared on many platforms. By default you can save a large amount of save data on it. There wasn't many options to help with it when you are low on space. Thankfully this issue isn't a problem on Xbox One.

Xbox was the first console to seriously use gaming service. Not a lot of people knew Game Cube & Dreamcast had it too. Like some game consoles, you can play four players. But some games without online requires knowing how to link two Xbox consoles together to increase it to eight players. There wasn't many game consoles capable of doing eight players without online.

I always been sorta mixed about the actual console design. I'm sure some people expected me to say that about some game consoles. To me it seems like a over sized PlayStation 2 that's more of a huge X shape. I say that due to both sides being a similar texture to one side of that console. It may look durable but tests done by people quickly thrown that out the window.

Let's be honest it's competitors were more of the size you can place them anywhere in your house. You simply don't have that option with Xbox for many reasons. The actual remote for this is one of the worst remotes I ever used. I never got it to work but I was much younger back then. Xbox is very mixed in their controller designs.

I never got to play this or it's competitors online. Xbox was built right off the bat for online gaming. Which quickly became a major focus in gaming to this day. I do have fond memories of this game console. To me I sorta have a love/hate relationship. It is like that one ex that you don't want to be around yet you never got closer with anyone else.

I can't truly say it is worth the time & money to get this console. I would say if you are a Microsoft fan go check them out. Otherwise even back then there was better options out in the market. I highly recommend Dreamcast & Game Cube. Xbox had made some questionable design choices that makes it difficult to like.

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