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Batman 1966 vs. Gotham Comparisons Bonus Part 2 (Best of Original Villains)

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, Gotham doesn't have many original villains. In vice versa, Batman 1966 had so many original villains that you mostly can't take seriously. You think of this as a big flat joke if you wanted to. But The Joker wouldn't like that not one bit lol jk. I bet he doesn't even care about this.

I am picking based on several things. They could be in many episodes or in the case of one particular character just one episode. I hope I don't have you laughing too hard over the first comparison. You might a break before even looking at it lol. Strangely white & unusual are your only hints to what I have in store for you all.

Round 1: Egghead (Batman 1966) vs. The Balloonman (Gotham)
Yes I know wow you really can't believe you are doing this lol. Yes I am with a wide grin on my face. Obviously two very different villains. Let's be honest, most original villains on Batman 1966 don't even fit the theme of the comics. I had to select the only ones worth mentioning in this blog entry. Egghead has crimes centered around you guess it eggs.

Hey Dr. Robotnik, someone beat you to the egg theme lol. Egghead gets some strange episodes despite appearing in a few episodes including a cameo. Later on, this character appeared in the comics. He was played by the legendary Vincent Price. Yeah Vincent Price played this guy on Batman 1966, Yeah I know it's difficult to believe.

Davis Lamond was sick & tired of criminals running the streets. He felt the police couldn't or won't do anything about it. He chose to go a rather extreme route about things. Someone sold him five weather balloons. The Balloonman decided to put them to use by attached them to corrupt officials. It turns out he never planned a final victim.

This was due to the fact as long as he could do in his mind something about crime. There wouldn't be a end to the list. Yes by now a lot of you laughing hard I'm sure. Egghead is literately all about eggs while we have a guy attached weather balloons to people. Which in a way is sorta ridiculous but he quickly got noticed.

I felt there was something sorta similar to how they did things. If that & what they're known for so happens to be white I don't know what else to tell you. I have to go with Egghead for many reasons. He gave Batman & Robin a tougher time than The Balloonman did with Gotham's police. Also Vincent Price by himself automatically wins.

Winner: Egghead (Batman 1966)

Final Round: The Bookworm (Batman 1966) vs. Fish Mooney (Gotham)
I felt this would be the closest among their original villains. Both of them are truly worth all of your attentions. I got to be honest this is going to be difficult to decide a winner. I felt in many ways these two have a lot in common. Both of them are master manipulators, strategists and pride to the point of arrogance.

The Bookworm was originally going to be another Riddler theme episodes. However Gorshin demanded more money for doing the character. They decided to come up with The Bookworm whose similar to The Riddler in many ways. They're incredibly similar to the point he almost not his own character.

Thankfully for him there are a few major differences. For example he is wearing mostly brown instead of green. He is more about books than giving riddles to people. The Bookworm is able to instantly remember what he's reading even at fast speeds. Also another legendary actor Roddy McDowall plays the character.

Fish Mooney played by Will Smith's wife Jada Pinkett Smith. Fish was training Oswald to becoming a criminal. She eventually got killed to be revived by Hugo Strange. Fish became a rather unstable rare mutation. Every time she uses her powers to manipulate people. The shorter her life becomes, she has done some cruel things to people including The Penguin.

On one hand we basically have another Riddler theme character while on the other a more original character. The Bookworm does share many traits with The Riddler including manipulation. Just like The Riddler, he leaves clues to what he could be doing next. Honestly I am mixed between giving the victory to either character.

Fish Mooney is a very different character on her show. She did help The Penguin to rise up to control a good amount of Gotham. At the same time, we have Roddy McDowall whose a very big name in movies. Yes The Bookworm is another Riddler but he does just enough to differ himself from that. WOW why does this have to be so hard?

I have to decided to go with Fish Mooney for two great reasons. Her entire story including both deaths is a rather interesting story. She was the first villain to pass the torch to another to continue on her legacy. Even with a lot of bad things that happened between the two. I think it is safe to accept the fact I have slightly more reasons to give it to Fish Mooney than The Bookworm.

Winner: Fish Mooney

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