Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Killer Toys Collection Review

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, I want to discuss how exactly I chose all the movies & the cover artwork designs. Of course none of this would be possible without Bloodwave DVD. This guy gave me some amazing classics to remember for years to come. I am giving the full run down of Killer Toys Collection.

Update: As of July 3rd, Child's Play 3 came through the mail.

Before I go into details exactly what I was thinking. It is difficult to fully see the front cover due to being very dark. As a kid, I remember constantly rewatching the ending to Child's Play 3. Especially Chucky's death multiple times. For many years that image stayed strong in my head. I figured it's about time to show my tribute to such a great death.

The title pretty much remain the same the time I was debating which theme to go with. I am only referring to the times I was planning out doing a killer toys theme collection. Trust me, a lot of different themes did go through my head. Eventually I came up with plenty of reasons to go for it. Besides Chucky & Puppet Master collections, no one has something like this.

The side cover for the most part was on point. I allowed him to do the title of it however he wanted. I am very happy with those red letters. I did request a different Chucky picture for the side cover. Although I had no trouble seeing the picture. I felt it really works actually better than I thought. I felt the side cover wise it was better than my previous collection.

The back cover is essentially the default design for these collections. I chose to go this route to relate more with the theme. Let me put it this way, ever felt over whelmed by toys around you? I wanted to recreated that feeling with these movie covers. I am glad I ended up with a clear case. To me, it reminds me of a lot of package for toys you can see through.

My previous collection's case is white possibly to better suit the killer clowns theme. The big question is what exactly led me to doing a killer toys collection? To be honest, I wanted to have something very unusual in many ways. Something that could easily creep people out especially being new to horror movies.

Killer toys to my surprise led to a lot of creativity. I didn't know many killer toy movies outside Child's Play & Puppet Master series. I had to look up a lot of movies but I quickly got sold on them. Faster than the other collection ideas I had put together. Originally Poltergeist both original & it's remake were going to be in this collection.

I strongly felt after watching both movies that they don't really fit the theme. Not disrespect towards those movies I do recommend them. At one point, Trilogy of Terror 2 was going to be included. Until I found out about The Pit. Probably more fun to come up with a worthy list of movies than my previous collection.

I didn't have a major goal for The Killer Klowns Kollection in mind. However for Killer Toys Collection, I chose to aim high. Officially from Magic to Annabelle: Creation & Cult of Chucky is almost forty years. Damn that's a lot of killer toys with plenty of them still out there. I do have one big confession to make.

Killer Klowns from Outer Space was the source of my passion for killer clown movies. In this regard, it has to be the Chucky movies. I got into them at a very young age constantly rewatching them with a passion. These movies popularized the theme killer dolls in horror movies. I always had a interest in killer toy movies.

I also focused on doing a variety of them in just one big collection. Plenty of dolls & dummies in just a handful of movies alone. Some of them has other kind of toys killing people. To me, killer clowns & killer toys are possibly creative movies. You can truly do so much that there might not be an end to them.

I do want to say, if I could do a follow up collection. Which in fairness is a bigger possibility than doing a follow up killer clowns collection. It has to be filed with Full Moon's Puppet Master movies. I simply refuse to do another one without them being the inspiration. I felt if I never got int Chucky or Puppet Master, chances are I might never got into many classics like Dolls.

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