Thursday, December 1, 2016

Top 5 Reasons Why I Prefer Saints Row over Grand Theft Auto

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, majority of gamers enjoy many game series including Grand Theft Auto. Although I was introduced to it by an friend in my child hood. I quickly became an bigger fan of Saints Row series for many reasons. I was able to combine most of them to simply give you just five great reasons why I prefer it over GTA series. Now this is only my opinion coming straight from the heart. This doesn't mean I dislike Grand Theft Auto in any way.

5. Better collectibles

Ever since Grand Theft Auto III, many sandbox games has a lot of collectibles. You could find while taking an break from it's campaigns. I will be honest to say even with Grand Theft Auto V. You are limited how to go about finding these. They expect you to have an map with instructions to find em. Sometimes trying to following vidoes on how to find some of them isn't as easy as it seems. This is exactly where Saints Row blows my expectations. They made the whole process a lot easier in many ways. In some ways as one of the most expansive upgrades. You can get an collector location upgrade to allow you to see where all of them are placed. Sometimes you may have to take an little while to search the area. If that's not enough, they also placed them to appear on your radar. Also putting an highlight on top of them really helps in some areas. Plus most Saints Row collectibles aren't small like most of them in GTA series. An bonus is every time you collect one, you get money. Which could help in many ways in an Saints Row game.

4. More content to play with

Obviously you have an main campaign but given more direct freedom than GTA series to go about them. For starters you get more missions to select between for most of the campaign. In later games depending on stuff could alter your endings. Yes I know more recently with an handful of GTA games also does that. But they make it more clear what actually affects it. A lot more unlockables from doing missions campaign or one of the challenges or doing activities. Speaking of activities, these do act as mini games but each one brings in an different take on the game itself. Thus it is like you're playing several games in one. The entire point of any Saints Row game is to take over the city. Oh wait I'm not even close of being done just yet my friends. You can really upgrade your weapons to ridiculous levels. Some weapons are already ridiculous such as the weapon representing Sloth or The Rectifier or Dubstep Gun. Some hideouts later on can also be upgraded. By doing so much in the game you will be getting extra money close to over forty thousand dollars often. This alone allows you to do other side things you need to do. Yes some GTA games does this but don't even come close to getting you that amount. Also this money comes directly to you by your cellphone. In other words you don't have to drive to most of your businesses to collect all money earned from them. Now that by itself is such an nice touch. Way more clothes you could put on after buying or unlocking them. What's better is you can also use your hideouts to switch clothes, vehicles and weapons. Now it's time for the bombs to drop. Some Saints Row games has an large amount of dlcs. Mostly adding more activities, weapon skins, vehicles, missions and in some cases locations. Both Saints Row The Third & IV have so much content that it takes hours to enjoy them all. Not to upset anybody by stating this out of the clear blue. I really prefer radio channels of Saints Row series over those from GTA's. In my opinion an better music selection overall. Yes I could argue commercials wise GTA is better but that's not saying much now isn't it. You have to buy stores, hideouts and take out operations to gain ground on other gang's turfs.

3. More ridiculous possibilities

Officially this applies from Saints Row The Third to up. Although some ridiculous stuff does occur in the first two games. In Saints Row The Third an handful of activities takes place inside the internet. This particular Trail Blazing activity returns in Saints Row IV. We are only getting started from this point on. Some activities like my personal favorite Insurance Fraud involves getting constantly hit by cars to earn more money from damage. In the first two Saints Row games the Saints were an street gang. In Saints Row The Third, they became an business empire. In Saints Row IV, the Saints become your staff as you become the President of the United States. Very early on you with some of your closest allies get aducted by aliens. Most surviving humans are in an digital world similar to The Matrix. Yet the Saints found an way to give you super powers. Some rescue missions like the true one for Johnny references Streets of Rage series. These particular missions are so ridiculous that it's amazing they almost didn't do some of them. In Saints Row: Gat out of Hell. Johnny with Kinzie takes on Hell. In order to save their boss aka the president from the devil. Some endings are very difficult to take seriously. In Saints Row IV, How the Saints Saved Christmas dlc missions. You have to save Christmas from an evil Santa Claus taking on some ridiculous enemies. I will be honest to say something not many gamers want to hear. I do like some realism in games but there is an strict line like GTA V that turns me off. I actually prefer Saints Row going in the current direction in it's humor. To me that's showing creative at it's finest.

2. In most games you are the main character

In most sandbox games you are an main character they created in their worlds. What I really like since getting into the series is we are the main characters of Saints Row series. This excludes Saints Row: Gat out of Hell but the very idea of making the world yours always speaking volumes to me. Every character allies, enemies even minor ones talks to or about you giving an impression.We really exist within the Saints Row universe. Every thing the Saints has ever done we all been connected to. This concept alone is difficult to pull off but I can't name any game nailing it better than Saintsx Row series. Plus you can be either sex with an few voices to choose from for both sexes.

1. Customization

Not even the finest Grand Theft Auto game can compete with this. Widely known to many gamers, Saints Row is filled with customization. You can create your own character or characters to upload them directly on their servers. You also can customize vehicles any way you want. Upgrading weapons to ridiculous levels as stated before with some having an few weapon skins. Also stated before you can buy or unlock clothes your character can wear. At any given time can alter your character's appearance any way you want. You can upgrade some hideouts also gaining some nice stuff from doing so. In later games starting from Saints Row The Third. Your stats and powers can be upgraded as well as customize the way you want. You even can customize your gang to look like or act like what you want. Honestly can you name another game where you get to customize an gang like this one. I don't think anyone could, this feature greatly expanded made the game refreshing from time to time. The fact you can change so much yourself is mind blowing.

I hope these reasons get some of you to open your eyes to Saints Row series. To me one of my absolute favorite game series that I constantly want more of. I'm still in the process of fully buying Saints Row Ultimate Franchise Pack. This has everything Saints Row series on Steam in one massive bundle. Until next time I'm Jack Red and I'll see you all later.

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