Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Top 10 Comic Book Characters That Can Beat Yhwach

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, by now everyone finding out about Bleach's Yhwach. As of right now believes he is nearly impossible to beat with his powers. But compared to many comic book characters he is just an insect at their feet. I will prove this by making the blog you're about to read. I already made it known I really don't like Yhwach at all. This blog for those who felt the same way I did will love it.

An major guide line is at least one good reason why Yhwach can't beat them that actually could be an possibility in an real battle. Also only known powerful characters with many feats will be considered for this blog.

10. Doomsday
This insanely powerful beast that took on some of the most powerful beings known in the DC universe. It is widely known you can't kill it the same way. Doomsday can easily keep up with insanely fast opponents like The Flash. His durability might actually be the greatest in DC universe.

9. Shuma-Gorath
God of Chaos in Marvel universe, Shuma-Gorath widely known as the most difficult obstacle among magic users. Even most of the powerful magic users can't win against this being. Even completely destroying Shuma-Gorath doesn't kill him. What's scarier is Shuma-Gorath can shape shift, kill any one worshiping him & officially doesn't have an true form. Not only that Shuma-Gorath has many universes under his rule.

8. Galactus
Galactus is an insanely powerful being that goes around the universe devouring planet energies. He has many abilities to hold his own against some of the most powerful beings in the Marvel universe. It is true we still haven't seen what an full power Galactus could be like. Rumors has it, this version of Galactus is ridiculously more powerful than what we are use of seeing.

7. Imperiex
Imperix has the power of the Big Bang. Yes the same force that once created an universe big bang. Very similar to Galactus in many way with his direct attacks being as powerful as the big bang itself making it very difficult for even the most powerful beings. Imperix also insanely durable as proven in an battle with Superman.

6. Death
How death works is the same in every universe. But what we don't see is usually very different just look at how both DC & Marvel universes go about it. In DC universe, most get regular deaths while speedster get speedster deaths. Not bad then go look up Marvel's answer to that wow. Death is an insanely powerful being with many powers. Officially immortal, shape shift, touch of death with many more. Also as proven by an god character in Bleach. It is possible for Death to be invisible to his god sight. Death also existed since the beginning of time giving it more confirmed experience.

5. Dr. Manhattan
Why does Dr. Manhattan get higher than Marvel's Death? Dr. Manhattan technically can't be destroyed even completely to nothing. Like Firestorm, Dr. Manhattan can alter matter to an degree that's insane. Like Yhwach, Dr. Manhattan has god sight with many more powers. Dr. Manhattan is one of the smartest in the DC universe.

4. Dormammu
Similar case to Dr. Manhattan with more restrictions. But Dormammu is officially in some ways worser to go up against. He is completely immune to physical attacks greatly limiting Yhwach. Dormammu does have much more experience overall since he is an god. Even some of the most powerful magic users has trouble holding this guy back or absorbing all of his energy to stop him. If that's not scary enough, Dormammu can easily destroy planets, alter an large amount of people with many more insane powers. Yhwach doesn't have the skill set to imprison Dormammu back to where he belongs. The worst case scenario is somehow Yhwach gets trapped in his dimension where he's at his most powerful. Dormammu can fight directly, spiritual & mentally at the same time which Yhwach can't do that.

3. Anti-Monitor
Oh boy now we're talking an being this insanely powerful. Often considered as DC's answer to Marvel's Galactus. Anti-Monitor is ridiculous in terms every time he destroys an universe. He absorbs an energy that comes from it to become stronger. It has been said hundreds of universes have been destroyed by him. Otherwise he is very similar to what Galactus can do. Except this guy doesn't have the energy flaw Galactus has making him more difficult to defeat.

2. The Spectre
This is really difficult for many to believe. The Spectre is God's wraith as he must be bonded to humans to maintain most of his powers. Virtually according to great sources as long he is bonded to an human & God allows it. The Spectre has virtually every known power imaginable. It is so insane that I would be here all day giving you an entire blog of ways how The Spectre defeats Yhwach I am not kidding.

1. Mister Mxyzptlk
Who possibly could top The Spectre? Mister Mxyzptlk an magical being that loves toying with the Man of Steel. He has virtually no limits in what he can do. In fact the only known way of defeating him is by tricking him saying his name backwards. Otherwise anything & yes I do mean anything is possible with this guy around. Perfect example was done by Emperor Joker. The Joker tricked him in giving his powers over to cause some really ridiculous things. At least with The Spectre there is an slight chance of killing The Spectre's host if given the opportunity.

I hope you guys enjoy my blog, There are so many broken fictional characters that can beat Yhwach. I mostly focused on insanely powerful beings with very limited ways of defeating. Even if Yhwach were to somehow get the drop on him that opportunity will never work out for him in any shape or form. Until next time I'm Jack Red and I'll see all of you later.

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