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Four Top 5 Marvel vs. Capcom Characters Lists (Heroes & Villains)

An old blog from ScrewAttack's website since rumors of Marvel vs. Capcom 4 surfaced up here you go.

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, I really can't wait for Marvel vs. Capcom 4 which isn't announce yet. I really enjoy playing these games as not only they nail crossing both universes over so well. Some of the absolute best fighting games I ever played with so much potential that it shouldn't be ignored. I decided to give you four Top 5 lists of my top choices for both universes heroes & villains which I think most would really want as well. Everyone I name in every list should be playable characters in future Marvel vs. Capcom games.

Marvel's heroes side
5. Daredevil
An crimson blind vigilante that goes around New York stopping criminals at night. Despite a few similarities with DC's Batman, Daredevil uses an staff that can become nunchaku. This guy not only fast but one of the best fighters of his universe. I could see him getting some amazing combos including hyper & team combos. If we're lucky Daredevil might give great taunts. Daredevil also helps in an few dark levels if you have trouble seeing.

4. Blade
an vampire vigilante that's part vampire himself. Blade carries a lot of weapons which would make perfect sense to play as him in an Marvel vs. Capcom game. Like Daredevil, Blade is an skilled fighter with more weapons and can move even faster. Not only I see mind blowing combos but probably one of Marvel's best combo characters. Just imagine Blade using his weapons similar to several characters why not have him in an Marvel vs. Capcom game? Also I'm aware of his cameo in one of the endings.

3. Moon Knight
Another Marvel character to DC's Batman. This guy looks terrifying with great arsenal as well as an skilled fighter. Moon Knight would stand out more than simply being mostly white. He would bring in more brutal combos as well as a few weapons not used in any Marvel vs. Capcom games. Moon Knight says awesome things to criminals which could be used as taunts. Also despite not being as fast as Blade, Moon Knight will bring more surprisingly appeal to the game.

2. The Punisher
Hell yeah who doesn't want The Punisher in an Marvel vs. Capcom game? This guy brings a lot of weapons that can hold his own against anyone. Yeah a few characters are similar in concept but The Punisher does things in an more bad ass way. I imagine some brutal combos with so many weapons as well as bringing in a few based on his torture methods. Which for those that don't read comic books aren't meant for kids. The Punisher would say awesome insults that many would enjoy.

1. Silver Surter
Silver Surfer would be difficult to pull off. Mostly we would have him off his board. but I'm sure if he ever got into an Marvel vs. Capcom game. They would allow him to use his board in several combos with mind blowing powers. Maybe some of the most intense combos in history of the series. This guy is god like with an long list of abilities that can hold his own against Thor. I think they could do a lot with Silver Surfer as long they don't completely remove his board.

Marvel's villain side
5. Carnage
Let's get this out of the way right now. Red Venom is an alternate version of Venom sped up with the lowest amount of health that could do infinite combos if used right. Carnage hands down the most bad ass Spider-Man villain. Some consider him the answer to DC's The Joker as they share many similarities. Carnage not only shoots webs but also can form weapons with or from his body to use against people. His appearance as an whole is down right terrifying with such an awesome voice. Yeah they will have trouble at first trying to find an great speed to put him on. I imagine him being one of the best Marvel villain characters of the series in terms on what he's bringing to the table.

4. Loki
Of course Loki needs to be in Marvel vs. Capcom game. Thor's step brother, nemesis and one of Marvel's greatest villains of all time. Loki brings a lot of magic to the table that can be use in an fighting game. I could see a few combos involve him hitting people with his spear but his strength in what he can do with his magic. Who doesn't like teleporting during an battle as Loki would bring that as well as great insults. Loki also brings an interesting look you don't see often in fighting games.

3. The Mandarin
Iron Man's nemesis really needs to be in an Marvel vs. Capcom game. Not the movie version, I'm talking comic book The Mandarin that has ten magical rings. Each one has an different power that can be unique for fighting games. Not only he brings amazing taunts, insults but also some of the most mind blowing combos ever. The Mandarin is an skilled fighter that could score big points as soon as you win an fight. This guy brings so much to the table that I'm very surprised he isn't playable in any of the games.

2. Ultron
Ultron would bring so much to Marvel vs. Capcom series that it's hard to start to know where to begin. Ultron is an recurring Avengers enemy whose entire exterior of his body made of adamantium. It's possible thanks to Sentinel, Ultron could bring more Ultrons or other machines into an fight. Ultron would have great insults, taunts and a lot of great moves including combos. His voice would be mind blowing awesome with rememberable winning poses. Ultron also brings what the other villains on this list doesn't. His very appearance like Carnage is down right terrifying but because he isn't an living creature. Ultron could tank powerful attacks similar if they allowed this to Golden War Machine just not being that slow or unable to block.

1. Bullseye

Hands down Bullseye would be perfect for any Marvel vs. Capcom game. This guy can use anything as an weapon which would make him an very fun character to play as. Most likely they will use his appearance from the comic books but despite not looking scary like some of my choices. Bullseye is scary in other ways such as he's an skilled fighter that can handle anyone as well as having very rememberable winning poses. He also brings great insults, taunts and insane combos that really bags the question. Capcom why haven't you put this man in any of those cross over games yet? Bullseye brings so much to the table even in areas Ultron doesn't that he really needs to be in one.

Capcom's heroes side
5. Oro

One of ScrewAttack's Chad favorite Street Fighter characters. Oro is an powerful weird looking man that usually uses one arm in most of his recent fights. Not many could handle Oro using both his arms except Akuma. He may not look like it but Oro would be perfect for an Marvel vs. Capcom game. Some of his combos alone are already awesome with great taunts, insults and winning poses. Easily one of the harder characters to master but if used right there's no stopping you.

4. Regina (Dino Crisis)

The heroine of the first two Dino Crisis games. She would bring several weapons just like Jill Valentine in Marvel vs. Capcom 2. Just like that version of Jill, I could see Regina getting a few dinosaurs to attack her opponents in game play. Her personality would be great for taunts, insults and winning poses. She would be simply a lot of fun to play as for so many reasons. I would pay more than the full amont for the game if I heard an T-Rex appears in one of her combos.

3. Jon Talbain

Easily my favorite hero character from Darkstalkers series. Jon Talbain is an werewolf that moves very fast with a lot of great combos. Obviously he will be getting a few new moves but man he's so much fun to play as. I love the sound he makes you play as him or fight against him. Jon Talbain would be one of the fastest characters in any Marvel vs. Capcom series. Who wouldn't like an martial artist werewolf? Hell he would bring great insults, taunts & insane combos some of which would make the game play really fun to play.

2. Lady

Another heroine from Devil May Cry series. An human that carries two handguns & an specialized rocket launcher to slay demons. I hope they pick her appearance from DMC3 as that would fit perfectly in any Marvel vs. Capcom games. Not only she brings great insults, taunts and winning poses. I could see them actually giving her extra costumes like they done in Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition. I am aware there's already an similar character in these games. But an woman doing all of that on her own is an hard thing to beat.

1. Nick Ramos

Frank West was added to Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 with an unique combo system based on Dead Rising's leveling system. Nick Ramos can use anything as an weapon or make random weapons on the spot to use against his opponents. He could bring humor in but mostly a few costumes if they added that as well as bigger changes in the combo system from Frank West. Nick Ramos not only brings great insults, taunts and winning poses but also creativity. This guy could be allowed to create an random weapon or particular ones for combos which would be insane.

Capcom's villain side
5. Adam the Clown

I know many will see this as an random choice. But it isn't Adam the Clown stands out as one of the greatest bosses in any Dead Rising series. He was an clown working at an mall until zombies started killing people which caused him to go insane. For an crazy person, he sure brings a lot of weapons to the table. We're talking two smaller chainsaws, throwing knives, bouncing balloons I'm not that making up and breaths fire. Yeah did you expect any of this from an clown I know I originally didn't. Just imagine him as an playable character in Marvel vs. Capcom. Adam would bring great insults, taunts, winning poses and insane combos.

4. Bass

A few Megaman characters are already in several Marvel vs. Capcom series. But I still felt Bass needs to be an future Marvel vs. Capcom game. The evil Megaman for the most part can do what Megaman can with some improvements. Such as in his combine stage with Treble can attack in more angles as well as an further distance. Unlike Megaman, Bass doesn't fully get abilities from Robot Masters but what he does in place of that could be use for amazing combos. Clearly he would bring great insults, taunts, winning poses & possibly a little more replayable value over Megaman. After all one smart decision Dr. Willy on Bass was smoother overall movements. Considering he is one of Willy's finest robots maybe an combo featuring him would be awesome.

3. Demitri

This is an mix choice because he is one of the most popular from Darkstalker as well as one of my favorite characters. However a good amount of his moves is similar to M. Bison who was in an few Marvel vs. Capcom games. But recreating how he plays in Darkstalkers with new moves & possibly potential for great dlc costumes. Demitri would bring a lot needed appeal to the series especially those into dark stuff. He would bring great insults, taunts, winning poses, lines during game play with many more. Demitri would be very fun to play as probably more so than playing as M. Bison. Some of his big moves would be awesome combos with potential of really damaging your opponents. Without question Demitri is an power character you don't want to mess with.

2. Twelve

An unique character from Street Fighter III. Twelve was an experiment of the perfect soldier which if you're an Street Fighter fan will be hearing a lot. This guy can alter his body into several ways similar to Shuma-Gorath from Marvel's side. I really like the sounds he makes as well as how much fun it is to play as him. Twelve would be an perfect combo character for some of the most insane combos of the series. Yeah he wouldn't bring great insults but will make up for everything else. Twelve should also be an easy character for most to pick up. In all honestly I would go out of my way to say this Twelve would be one of the absolute best overall characters of any Marvel vs. Capcom games. If he ever gets in one with a lot of potential being an very fun character to play as.

1. Jack Krauser

Yeah I know why another Resident Evil character in Marvel vs. Capcom right. But if you haven't played Resident Evil 4 then you wouldn't understand why I picking him. An rememberable villain from that game that only in an handful of games currently. Kauser was an soldier until near the end of the events in South America with Leon got an large spike in his right arm. Shortly after it all went down Krauser was forced into retirement which led to him going to the darkside. Thanks to Wesker, Krauser can transform to an degree with an large awesome looking claw. Not including that he also brings a lot of weapons with great lines overall. Krauser is not only fast but an skilled fighter that would be really fun to play as in any Marvel vs. Capcom series.

I hope you guys like my choices and I'm also doing an similar blog to Injustice: Gods Among Us series. So if you're DC fans don't worry I also got you covered. Anyway I'm Jack Red and I'll see all of you later.

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