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Top 10 Anime Characters That Can Beat Yhwach

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, I been wanting to make this blog shortly following the conclusion of Bleach manga. I'm sure some would be interested in hearing that are anime characters out there. Capable of defeating Yhwach in an fight if it were to ever happen.

Yes not everyone will agree with my choices. There's so many great animes that everyone has their own opinions. I will make things very simple for what will be considered for this list.

1. Not all of them have to be insanely powerful just requires abilities to possibly counter some of Yhwach's powers

2. Characters not balanced in many ways can be considered

3. No Bleach characters will make the list for my sheer hatred for Yhwach

4. This is an must most choices has to be close to impossible for Yhwach to beat

10. Naraku (Inuyasha)

One of my first candidates to defeat Yhwach. Naraku has so much going for him in this battle. Yes his regeneration does have limits but he still has control over broken off pieces of him. Naraku has fused with an large amount of demons including the unique Moryomaru. Not only he's among the most powerful demons. He gains some of the toughest powers to counter in his universe. His body has fused with the nearly indestructible shell from Moryomaru making his him incredibly durable. His barriers do take a lot of force to break with that ability has to be created for that purpose. Otherwise some of Yhwach's powerful attacks won't work. It is possible Naraku could attempt to absorb Yhwach but it's debatable which one would survive it. Of course Naraku does an very good job keeping the Sacred Jewel's true purpose an secret. It is likely Yhwach won't know Naraku is getting helped.

9. Meruem (Hunter x Hunter)

Meruem was born to be the perfect being of his species. Meruem very quickly became one of the most powerful beings in his universe. Heavily inspired by Dragon Ball's Cell having a lot of his traits. Including his intelligent to quickly gather information on the fly. Meruem could absorb pieces of Yhwach to better his chances at winning. Even some of the strongest characters had trouble taking this guy down.

8. Father (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood)

Father has an few centuries worth of experience. He already was one of the most powerful beings in his universe. One of the absolute best at using alchemy as proven late in the story. This guy was able to do the impossible. He absorbed God into himself to become an god. Although he quickly got screwed over shortly afterwards. Even with that, Father held his own against many characters at once. In his god form not perfect he did create humans & an small sun as shown in the picture above. Father was behind a lot of horrible events for the sole purpose of becoming an god. I think most anime fans agree Father is an difficult character to predict. A lot of this makes Father an dangerous opponent for Yhwach.

7. Blackbeard (One Piece)

The only person to have two devil fruits & survived. Two of the most powerful devil fruits in existence. Tremor-Tremor Fruit makes the user into an quake person. To sum it up this person can instantly cause earthquakes. Dark-Dark Fruit has some insane abilities to make up for not becoming elemental complete to easily avoid attacks. For starters Blackbeard has his own gravity. He also can temporary disable devil fruit powers. Hell this guy sucked up an entire building in darkness then sends it flying in pieces. This means considering an arrow temporary disable Yhwach's powers in his final battle. Blackbeard can disable his powers when he needs to gain an upper hand. Both his devil fruits automatically gives him most range advantages. If that's not crazy enough when Whitebeard used his devil fruit. The ocean was shaking but when Blackbeard did the same move the entire world shaken. If that doesn't give you an idea how powerful Blackbeard is. I honestly don't have much else to tell you.

6. Hellmaster Phibrizzo (Slayers Next)

Hellmaster Phibrizzo is one of the most powerful beings in his universe. Believe it or not this kid appearance widely throws people off. This guy is pure evil, he has done some terrible things laughing like no tomorrow. He is so powerful only Lord of Nightmares was able to beat him. From spiritual point of view this would make him more powerful than Head Captain Yamamoto and the entire zero division combine. Phibrizzo has all kind of abilities being more powerful in abyssal plain of existence. This could mean in theory there is an chance Yhwach won't know what Phibrizzo could do next.

5. Kagato (Tenchi series)

This is where things get very insane even for my taste. Kagato was an friend of Tenchi's grandfather who became obsessed power to become an god like being. Although there exists a few versions of Kagato in the multiverse. He still remains as one of the most powerful beings. Regardless which origin anyone gives him. Majority of his powers remains the same. Kagato can create his variation of an light saber making entirely out of energy. He also can fire beams, fly, go through things, create an space ship out of energy with many more abilities. This guy is willing to do anything to get what he wants. Yhwach would have trouble keeping up with what he can do. If Tenchi Universe Kagato were to face him, it's possible Yhwach can't predict his moves due to his connection to Jurai's power. It has been said Jurai's power is the most powerful force in the Tenchi universe.

4. Majin Buu (Dragon Ball series)

I could've given you Frieza or Zamasu. No I actually felt from the start Majin Buu is the perfect character to face Yhwach. Majin Buu has existed almost since the beginning of time. This creature nearly wiped out all the Supreme Kais. Not including his attacks similar to many Dragon Ball characters. Majin Buu has some of the strangest in his universe. His regeneration allows him to constantly tank an impressive amount of force. Like fictional rubber characters, Majin Buu can stretch amazing distances, turn himself into an ball & becomes liquid to go inside someone. All of these abilities would be very different for Yhwach to counter. Yes one of the few among my choices Yhwach can predict every possible move. Even if he keeps rewriting time to keep coming back. Majin Buu will be waiting to own him repeatedly. Yhwach could be absorbed an few ways from Majin Buu.

3. Asura (Soul Eater)

Asura's power is widely different between anime & manga. In anime he would be as powerful as Head Captain Yamamoto & Yhwach. In manga his insane level of power would be combining all current soul reaper captains including zero division in one. I am not kidding Asura is no joke in that area. Regardless of which version, Asura's madness can affect Yhwach. Proof of this was Aizen's zanpakuto did work on Yhwach. It is possible for Yhwach to go insane from his madness. Asura has an few centuries worth of experience. In the anime Asura can be killed by someone having enough courage. In the manga when Asura became an kishin became an god. Unlike his father Lord Death, Asura is immortal. Considering his insanity this by itself would make it difficult for Yhwach to predict. If that's not convincing enough Asura's skin is incredibly durable. This was proven in some fights but the best example was Lord Death trapping him inside his own flesh. Asura himself couldn't damage his own skin despite being the strongest among the original members of his group.

2. One Punch Man (One Punch Man)

Partly an joke choice but there are great reasons for having One Punch Man on this list. This guy was so determine to become powerful. When he finally succeeded in doing it even the most powerful threats are like ants to him. Hell he once battled an monster inside an black hole. This bags the question how the hell was any of this possible? One Punch Man can easily tank some insane force like it's nothing. Not many can withstand one punch from him making him incredibly strong. His stats are ridiculous then again he never was an balanced character to begin with. This guy has done impossible things as if he was characters like He-Man with no effort. Although Yhwach could predict his every move. One Punch Man will always find ways to stay on top of him.

1. The Anti-Spiral (Gurren Lagann)

The most insanely powerful being on this list. The Anti-Spiral has an infinite amount within an army he commands. If that's not enough we only got started. This thing is similar to some comic book characters I recently talked about. The Anti-Spiral is an god like being whose unrivaled in power alone. An universe tyrant that wants the annihilation of all life.. Yhwach could be in most plain of existences but no one character has went into space. Obviously giving The Anti-Spiral an huge advantage. The single worst thing Yhwach can do is to go to war against him. Within minutes even his god beings would go down after an while from this insane army. In sheer power alone is miles beyond Bleach universe capable of.

I'm sure there's more anime characters capable of defeating Yhwach. I figured this could be an early Christmas gift to fellow anime fans. Especially to the people who feel the same way about Yhwach. Until next time I'm Jack Red and I'll see all of you later.

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