Thursday, December 22, 2016

Top 10 More Comic Book Characters That Can Beat Yhwach

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, obviously there are many comic book characters. Capable of defeating Yhwach in an fight. This is an continuation of this theme as I really can't stand Yhwach with an passion.

10. Apocalyspse (Marvel)

Where to begin on describing this guy. Apocalypse is one of the original mutants that has an few centuries worth of experience. His power allows him to have any ability he wants. There is no limit in how much energy he can absorb or energy types he can't take. Apocalypse can fight both physically & mentally at the same time. Hell he can transform people similar to Galactus making Mr. Sinister immortal by doing so. Apocalypse once held his own against most of the Marvel universe by himself. If Yhwach had any advantages at the start of the fight. By the end of it he won't have any of them that's how dangerous Apocalypse is.

9. Silver Surfer (Marvel)

Silver Surfer is ridiculous in what he can do thanks to Galactus. On his board Silver Surfer can travel several times the Speed of Light like it's nothing. He also can alter matter to an degree, go through things without damaging & fire powerful blasts. Silver Surfer has hold his own against some of the most powerful beings. His board is incredibly durable, one of the toughest vehicles in the universe to destroy. He has an mental connection to his board just in case he can't find or get to his board. He also can recreate an new board instantly making him very dangerous. His stats are miles beyond Yhwach in comparison. Also he doesn't require sleep, eat or using the bath like most beings.

8. Mephisto (Marvel)

Mephisto is one of Hell's lords to always bring out the worse in humanity. Some of his greatest achievements involves creating Blackbeart out of negative energy & created Ghost Rider. Mephisto may lack battle experience but widely known for his cunning. He once tricked Spider-Man to making an deal that greatly impacted his life. Not many have fought him inside his realm & survived. Just like his son Blackheart, in this realm his power is virtually limitless. This also makes him more immortal even surviving complete destruction. Mephisto has done unforgivable things over centuries. It is possible since he spends most of his time in Hell. Yhwach may not be able to predict his moves if they were fight or know what could happen among accepting any deal from him.

7. Trigon (DC)

Trigon is one of the most powerful beings in his universe. An conqueror of worlds that will do anything to get what he wants. There is an special place in Hell for him where Raven usually seals him. Trigon is insanely god like in what he can do. He commands an seemingly limitless army of demons. His demons can possess people as powerful as Superman. Just imagine Trigon taking Superman over himself instead for an true nightmare. Mostly due to his sealing he doesn't get much higher. Although Trigon is one hell of monster for an ruler.

6. Darkseid (DC)

Darkseid is one of the most powerful beings in his universe. His planet is out of the universe being several times hotter than the sun. Some of his warriors already made an name for themselves. Darkseid usually battles Superman holding his own very well. Some of his powers include changing his size, super strength, insane speed and omega beam. This particular beam depending what Darkseid wants has many possible affects on people. Ranging from erasing you out of existence, teleported to get torture or changing you into his servant. Darkseid can easily crush the hardest metal in the universe in one hand. What's crazier is the version of him everybody knows actually his avatar. The real Darkseid is an true god controlling his avatar.

5. Thanos (Marvel)

Some may argue why is Thanos higher than Darkseid. Both have very strong similarities with some notable differences. Darkseid can only use omega energy while Thanos can manipulate several types. Thanos once sent Galactus flying from an blast. Of course I should mention the time he wore the infinity gauntlet. An completed six infinity gems gauntlet capable of altering the universe at will. In fact Death convinced him to kill many people in the universe. This led to Thanos killing roughly half the universe in an very short amount of time. Even if he were to face Yhwach without infinity gauntlet. Thanos has fought some of the most powerful beings in his universe. Like Darkseid, Thanos also can alter matter. Either way you look at it, Thanos has so much going into this fight.

4. The Beyonder (Marvel)

Now we're going to very ridiculous level of power. Most Dragon Ball fans think everything about this level characters are bull crap. I kid you not The Beyonder is said to be some of the absolute most powerful forces combine in power alone. This guy can do almost anything with little to no known limits.

3. Superman Prime 1 Million (DC)

The most powerful Superman ever created. Superman Prime 1 Million was even more powerful than The Spectre. Which by itself is saying holy crap he's that frickin powerful. Virtually this version of Superman can do anything. No weaknesses, all stats are on very ridiculous levels with his power being infinite. He also can give his successors powers similar to him before becoming an true god. Hell he can erase Yhwach from existence just by thinking it.

2. The Living Tribunal (Marvel)

The Living Tribunal regardless of which version you talk about. This being watches over the entire multiverse for the solo duty of destroying those universes not needed anymore. What's crazier is destroying universes doesn't weaken this being much. This would mean The Living Tribunal does have god sight on an much greater degree to Yhwach's. Most beings working together can't stop him from destroying an universe.

1. The One Above All/Presence (Marvel/DC)

Of course many of you are wondering would you consider God of both universes against Yhwach? You bet I would for the solo purpose of watching Yhwach getting own in record time. There isn't much to say about either version of God. Both of them are the most powerful beings in their respective universes. They can virtually do anything they want.

I hope you guys enjoy another round of possible ownage of Yhwach if any of these fights happen. Until next time I'm Jack Red and I'll see all of you later.

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