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Three Season 2 Death Battle Lists

This is an old blog from ScrewAttack's website.

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, I know a lot of my fans on YouTube have been waiting for an video. Sadly I felt it would turn out better in an blog instead. Plus I get to better explain my reasons as well as make it look better. I will be giving you fellow Death Battle fans three lists. The first two are my personal Top 10 Death Battles in both 2D and 3D. The last list will be my Top 5 Worst Death Battles which I got very strong opinions on so let's get started.

Very quickly I want to remind people of my Top 10 Season 1 Death Battle Fights
10. Pikachu vs. Blanka
9. Zitz vs. Leonardo
8. Kratos vs. Spawn
7. Akuma vs. Shang Tsung
6. Raiden vs. Thor
5. Batman vs. Spider-Man
4. Mario vs. Sonic
3. Vegeta vs. Shadow
2. Eggman vs. Wily
1. Goku vs. Superman

This video below is me explaining all my choices for that particular list. Just copy that link to see that video to help get you excited for this blog.

Due to how great overall Season 1 was, I honestly could've even pick five fights for the worst lists. Therefore only Season 1 of Death Battle won't have one.

Top 10 2D Season 2 Death Battle Fights
10. He- Man vs. Lion-O
The first death battle of the season still holds up incredibly well. One of their biggest requests at the time with only classic versions of both characters considered. I love the humor within the fight with the voice acting from both actors. The fight played out as many expected it would but still a lot of fun to watch. My favorite part was He-Man notices the Eye of Thundera was staring at him which led to the end of that fight. One of Lange's last fights he did for the show before they started getting more animators involve. What do I say about the information part of this episode? It is hard to take seriously but very good job with jokes included making it easier to keep rewatching.

9. Ryu Hayabusa vs. Strider Hiryu
I remember they asked out of Joe Musashi from Shinobi & Strider Hiryu from Strider who should face Ryu Hayabusa. We ended up with Ryu Hayabusa vs. Strider Hiryu that really got a lot of fans attention & for great reasons. I didin't know at the time but Strider Hiryu would push Ryu a lot more than Joe whom I did vote for. Don't worry I'm not angry actually glad because Joe would've loss instead. Of course this is one of the ninja theme death battles that's easily one of the best fights I ever seen. I like the intro they made to suddenly give both fighters an reason to fight each other which was genius. At the time one of the closest & intense death battles they ever made. Also Strider had things in the manga that blew my mind with the information part of the video being very good.

8. Shao Kahn vs. M. Bison
The second fight of Season for an little while was my favorite fight of the season. Now you can argue they didn't change their sprites much in the death battle. I do love that intro in the fight as it was one of the very few to nail both characters perfectly. An great job with their information part as well as an joke alternate ending. They did an amazing job voicing lines both sprites had to make it seem like an actual fight between two evil tyrants. I also like they used two levels from UMK3 during the death battle. At the time most of them stayed within one location. Who doesn't love Boomstick's Captain Planet parody song of M. Bison lol. As an big MK fan & one of my favorite video game villain Shao Kahn was done justice.

7. Fox McCloud vs. Bucky O'Hara
This was one of their original fight ideas that actually very good. Believe it or not there exist an official cross over with these two. I do enjoy the information part but man that intro was great. You see Star Fox in their form nation to suddenly Froggy gets blown up Bucky lol. A lot of great jokes in the episode as well as one of the closest fights at the time. Both seem very evenly matched with experience being the difference. An brutal death for Bucky but he did try very hard to win. The results had a lot of facts I didn't realized at the time about Fox. Although I did predict Fox would win this fight even before seeing their research team's prediction.

6. Donkey Kong vs. Knuckles
ScrewAttack knows I requested this fight as we have two power house characters. Considering Donkey Kong is part of Mario's universe I'm glad Knuckles faced him instead of Wario. They made the death battle very entertaining to watch while both characters are done perfectly. The information part was very entertaining to watch especially the results. Again I predicted Donkey Kong would win yet I'm an bigger Knuckles fan. Despite that this was one of the very few fights going either way I will be happy. An brutal death for Knuckles that could be considered epic by some. Some fans would call this Mario vs. Sonic 3 as this was an continuation of those episodes. Very early in the video they brought up those rules introduced in Tails vs. Luigi Speaking of which...

5. Tails vs. Luigi
Another fight I requested that they are also aware of. I was telling people for weeks Tails would win this fight. Guess what he did for many reasons that was more interesting than Mario vs. Sonic. The important part was done great actually better than Knuckles vs. Donkey Kong episode. A lot of well place humor with an very entertaining death battle. Can I be honest I like this even more than Mario vs. Sonic episode I'm not kidding. I also like they were only allowed stuff they use in several titles. I love the song playing during the death battle and yes I did vote for their poll to put in the fight I'm so glad I did.

4. Scorpion vs. Ryu
Just like the last two ScrewAttack knows I requested this. Just like Tails vs. Luigi, I was telling people for weeks Scorpion would win. Even now they completely ignore some of Scorpion's facts that makes their arguments flawed. Plus we got such an great episode on Halloween the same day I went to two of the most haunted places in the same night no lie. The information part was great especially results but that death battle was awesome. I like they started it in the world of the living to about half way go to Hell. I am not going to lie I'm an huge Scorpion fan since child hood. I was very excited about him being in Injustice: Gods Among Us. I like the voice acting again making this like an actual fight between the two. Also some of the best sound effects as well as music in any episode.

3. Tigerzord vs. Gundam Epyon
Oh hell yeah I love this episode with an passion. The same nostalgia I'm feeling right now for Charizard vs. Greymon. I first felt with Tigerzord vs. Gundam Epyon as both their shows were a part of my child hood. Another very good original fight that's one of the very few giant death battle. The information part was fantastic with the actual death battle including intro an master piece. The intro not only gave them an great reason to fight each other but showed what they could do with their animators. Tigerzord had two voice actors for Tommy & Saba that were very on point with their character. The guy who did Zech was awesome as it sounds exactly like the character from the show. I'm not going to lie the voice acting in 2D death battles this has to be in the Top 5 in overall it's that good. Also I love that song playing near the end of the death battle close to when Tommy dies.

2. Guts vs. Nightmare
WOW I remember a while back they asked between two Soul characters Siegfied & Nightmare. Who should face Guts from Berserk on Death Battle? I actually did both vote & request this fight to be mind blowing how good this episode actually is. Everything from the very start to the end was perfect. Both characters were done very well with an impressive animation. I love that quick Chuck Norris vs. Segata Sanshiro easter egg during the fight. True story I quickly got caught up with the manga of Berserk on the week of this episode coming out. I got to be honest I love both these guys to say I can't be mad either way. Both are monsters wielding giant swords that doesn't take crap from no one. I do like the voice acting with Nightmare being very good. I did predict Guts would win closer to when this was coming out. Honestly this was so damn good among all their 2D death battles so far.

1. Chuck Norris vs. Segata Sanshiro
Not even Guts vs. Nightmare could top my number 1 choice. Possibly one of the craziest fights that anyone on the internet has ever done. They put meme Chuck Norris with real facts about the actual guy against Segata Sanshiro an forgotten Sega Saturn character. For those that been living under an rock Chuck Norris in meme world is frickin god as no one can beat him. Just like Guts vs. Nightmare episode, everything in this episode was perfect. The entire death battle is so damn good that I ended up watching it a lot the same day it got released. Words can't fully explain just how insane this fight actually was with an ending not made clear. Personally I felt they keep going until they both die in an explosion. Regardless humor was very good through out this episode. You could say they dropped the ball on results but just look at how insane both these characters are. Chuck Norris alone is one of the most OP characters in Death Battle history.

Top 10 3D Season 2 Death Battle Fights
10. Goku vs. Superman rematch
The first rematch that was an waste of an episode. You think by the first Goku vs. Superman episode Dragon Ball fans get it why Superman won. But no they wouldn't shut up about doing an rematch which I'm amazed happened live at an convention. I will say the important parts aren't bad with amazing animation as well as voice acting. Yet adding Super Saiyan God & Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan to Goku didn't change anything. The music was amazing with mind blowing sound effects. Most jokes failed in the episode but it would be crystal clear why this got number 10. Also because numbers 6 to up are way better overall than this.

9. Boba Fett vs. Samus Aran remastered
I wasn't much for the previous versions of this fight. They did an impressive job with updated info on both characters. They made the new third version of this fight in 3D. One of the few 3D death battles with no voice acting. The overall fight was very entertaing to watch & really needed to be made. Both characters not only look better but are portrayed better as well. I love the music with great sound effects which are way better than what we originally got. This is the only remastered fight so far but this was the perfect episode to start doing live shows with.

8. Solid Snake vs. Sam Fisher
So many people put this in their top 10s for overall Death Battle fights. Personally despite only one song I like during the whole fight. The information part was very good almost as good as all the voice actors in the fight. A lot of well place humor with some of the finest 3D animations I ever seen. Both characters are portrayed very well matching their voice actors incredibly well. One of the few gun battles that's very enjoyable to keep rewatching. I really love how all of this played out & I did predict Snake would win. Some say Solid Snake could've been done better while I say it's good enough for me. I also want to say Chris Sabat did an amazing job with Snake's voice.

7. Godzilla vs. Gamera
The only giant monster theme death battle as well as one of the oldest fight debates in history. Two rivals that terrorized Japan for centuries finally makes for an epic showdown. The information part was very good maybe a little lengthy as well as weird but still good for an 3D death battle episode. I like the intro of the fight although it's mostly two monsters so happen to arrive in the same city just moments after each other. But again this is an tribute to those movies so I shouldn't complain. Both were very good portrayed with mind blowing 3D models. A lot of great sound effects with great songs making it an classic for anyone watching it. Easily one of the most brutal among giant characters so far.

6. RoboCop vs. Terminator
At the time I didn't realized a lot of people really wanted Terminator vs. RoboCop. But it happened to be one of the best 3D death battles as well as Torrian's first for this show. Although I criticize RoboCop's model being a little off on saying lines. They picked an great voice actor for Terminator that sounds exactly like Arnold Schwarzenegger. I met him on twitter nice guy anyway the information part was great including results. They both brought a lot of fire powers into this one fight. We're talking handguns, shotgun, Gatling gun, three in one weapon & more. One of the few 3D death battles to keep changing locations. I really like how it all plays out that's so good I can't stop rewatching it after seeing the fight again.

5. Yang vs. Tifa
An big request more recently from fans. Yang is the first character to debut in an internet show to appear on the show. Both are so similar that made perfect sense to put them against each other. Very good voice acting from both actresses with another first record for Yang being voice by the same lady who does her on RWBY. An intense 3D death battle that's really fun to watch with great music choices. A lot of crazy moves happen during the whole fight. Easily the best lady vs. lady death battle so far easily topping Rogue vs. Wonder Woman. The information part was great better than the actual live show sorry guys you know it's true. I got to say they did an impressive amount of work in just one episode.

4. Wolverine vs. Raiden
This was the very fight Torrian begged Ben & Chad to do. Following that according to him kept telling both of them Raiden would win. Surprisingly by one of their researchers that man was right. Yes I am an big fan of both franchises I will always be an bigger Wolverine fan. The information part was easily one of the absolute best among 3D death battle episodes. The entire fight is one of the very few I can't criticize in any way it's that damn good. Very good voice acting with mind blowing sound effects as well as great songs. Why not love this episode it's that damn good. It really made up for Beast vs. Goliath that for some reason I couldn't get rid of until watching this. Both characters are portrayed very well with an awesome intro for an intense death battle. Both their models were some of the absolute best yet. Sadly for this there are two episodes that slightly beat it out.

3. Deathstroke vs. Deadpool
One of their biggest requests since the beginning. One of the biggest fight debates involving Marvel vs. DC that every fight debate website done. Yes it's that well profiled as we have Deathstroke from DC taking on Deadpool from Marvel. Most were shocked this was a lot closer than anyone except me realized. I knew Deadpool would win a few weeks in advance of this episode. This is another of those who either wins I will be happy either way why because that's how much I like both characters. The information part is very good with Deadpool getting involved makes it my favorite of the entire show. Both their 3D models were very good with an mind blowing death battle filled with surprises. Very good voice acting from both actors with amazing sound effects as well as music. They really went all out with the entire fight to really help make up for Kirby vs. Majin Buu both the delay & episode. Also Deadpool brought in some very funny jokes including this one. "Hey do you want to see me nake?" "Oh my eyes." "Now you're scarred for life." lol genius writing guys. It is so good I really couldn't get away from my computer the same day it came out. I kept rewatching it more than any episode before this. I am that impressed how damn good this episode was. Mostly due to going the extra mile with an more interesting fight is why it got higher than Raiden vs. Wolverine.

2. Iron Man vs. Lex Luthor
The best 3D Marvel vs. DC death battle even beating out Deathstroke vs. Deadpool. Not only the information part was great a little under Deathstroke vs. Deadpool episode. The voice acting was so damn good with amazing sound effects & great song choices. Two very good 3D models especially for later suits Iron Man uses. They really went all out with this death battle being very accurate to how it would actually play out. The results was better than Deathstroke vs. Deadpool episode with some of their jokes in this episode being very funny. Such as an particular line Iron Man says in the actual fight. "Seriously?" "It's just an car!" "Oh where can I get one of those." Genius writing like that put up higher than Deathstroke vs. Deadpool. Also huge points for having Chuck Huber voicing Iron Man. Not only both characters were portrayed very well but they put that much action in one fight. What could possibly top an fight like this? It literately has everything you want in an Death Battle episode.

1. Charizard vs. Greymon aka Pokemon vs. Digimon
As an kid I had a few dream fights I always wanted to see. Charizard vs. Greymon was one of them that got very excited over. A while back Death Battle asked out of Charmander vs. Angmon or Charizard vs. Greymon. Which Pokemon vs. Digimon fight should happen on Death Battle? Majority clearly wanted something epic as both of them have transformations. Everyone expects the season finale to pack the most impact. Easily their most complex episode to date with so many possible scenarios for this one fight. The poll on who would win is so close quickly breaking the record with no effort. The information part is very on point with great humor. Especially with a lot of stuff to cover I'm impressed. The results were very amazing with the actual fight being so damn good. Everything about it was so good that I can't pick anything bad. This is my favorite episode of Season 2 as my eyes quickly got tears of joy as soon as the battle begin.

Top 10 Worst Season 2 Death Battle Fights
10.  Dr. Doom vs. Darth Vader
I did request this fight knowing it was an mismatch. Regardless a lot of people really wanted to see it. The information part was great with an very interesting results. The fight itself even with it's good moments was kinda boring. Half the fight Darth Vader was fighting an Doom Bot to prove he could take one of them down. As soon as the real Dr. Doom showed up I knew Vader was screwed. Vader couldn't land an single good hit on him at all. I will say this had some of their best jokes of Season 2.

9. Ragna vs. Sol Badguy
I knew very early on about an week after revealing it. Sol Badguy was going  to easily win with so many BlazBlue fans didn't believe. I felt they could've made their information parts a little better. An mind blowing results did make up for that section of the video. Sadly the actual death battle wasn't very good. I do agree the fight would start off like that. I felt they could've did more with both characters. I can't argue their stronger forms were used better. Most jokes in this episodes were hit & miss.

8. Pokemon Battle Royale
I can understand why so many Pokemon fans want this. Even to this day a lot of them argue which one would win in an three way battle. The information part to me was boring with results being more interesting. The battle royale played out in such an slow matter. Everyone expected all three would start attacking each other. I am aware Blastoise is the most defensive with Charizard being the most offensive. Which means Venusaur the all around character of this fight. I will say in comparison to the last two I just talked about. Both Charizard & Venusaur's deaths were entertaining to watch.

7. Batman vs. Captain America
One of their episodes in case of an delay. Batman gets an second chance which more of his arsenal. The information part was okay but it kinda needed a little more kick maybe that's just me. The results made perfect sense with so many fans still pissed about this. I am not going to lie Spider-Man vs. Batman from Season 1 was an much better episode overall. Captain America got an brutal death but the fight itself could've been more interesting to watch. I am happy Batman won on Death Battle yet they should've worked a little more on it. Honestly if it wasn't for Batman winning coming back to keep watching won't be easy.

6. Green Arrow vs. Hawkeye

So far the best information part on this list with an okay results. The fight could've been better in so many ways. For years people wanted this to be done in 3D. Instead we got it in 2D because they rushed it out the door. I am not saying this episode is terrible it isn't. They could've added more humor or at least something no one expects to spice up the video. We all knew it would be an archer vs. archer which that's done well. The death angle of Green Arrow was terrible. I would've prefer it we saw Hawkeye's arrow breaks through Green Arrow's arrow. Suddenly the camera angle is behind Green Arrow where he gets shot in the head. Now that would've been an great way to do that. Unfortunately they made it difficult to see what's going on for some reason after Hawkeye's arrow ripped through Green Arrow's arrow. Sorry folks I am very disappointed they basically snow balled this episode the way they did it.

5. Ivy Valentine vs. Black Orchid
The first death battle of Season 2 to disappoint me. I am not angry I predicted wrong but this fight still could've been a lot. The information part was okay yet the actual death battle wasn't very good. Some jokes were funny but they really tried pissing ladies off or something. The last fight animated by Lange that was also his worst death battle fight. Honestly they could've did a lot more with this fight. How Ivy dies isn't too bad but I just felt Orchid coming back like that was unneeded.

4. Gaara vs. Toph
Probably one of their most hated episodes to date. A lot of debates took place over this with only one side leaving happy. I will say the information part was better than Ivy vs. Orchid episode. Sadly everything else fell even shorter in comparison. They did have great voice actors but the entire fight was Toph's to lose. After seeing the results & I did predict Gaara. I could live with him losing especially like that. Unfortunately this was an big mismatch because of Toph's connection to Earth. I felt the results comes off interesting for some while for me it was boring. They could've made it more entertaining with a few jokes at least.

3. Beast vs. Goliath
One of the absolute worst death battle fights ever made. I'm so horribly disappointed they release it in the state it's in. I will say this that I do enjoy information part more than Gaara vs. Toph. The results was more entertaining by an few miles. Sadly the entire fight lacked creativity, needed to be longer & could've ended more brutally. This death battle needed more of Beast's touch with voice acting could've went an long way. It's as if they really wanted to do the following episode in an hurry. So they screwed over this episode for that reason which I'm upset about. I did predict Goliath winning as I knew a lot about both characters. I really didn't care for Beast's sprites they could've use an better one. The whole direction of this fight alone was flat out boring. I am sorry guys but you really miss your mark with this one.

2. Fulgore vs. Sektor
The only fight I requested officially that ScrewAttack is aware of. I did play Mortal Kombat 3 & Killer Instinct as an kid. Both of them are evil fighting game cyborgs. The best information part including results of this particular list. Believe it or not this death battle was worse than Beast vs. Goliath. Let me explain I don't fully agree both characters were portrayed well. In fact I could say a little better than Beast vs. Goliath but not by much. The fight is roughly the same length as that but more boring in comparison. They could've did more with this as well but I will give them credit for using one of Sektor's fatalities. They should've changed a few things including making this fight a little longer. The music was okay but they screaming out for more that it completely misses the mark. What's worse is a lot of people requested this pissing a lot of them off.

1. Kirby vs. Majin Buu
I am aware some people like this & yes I did predict Kirby would win. Everything from the very start could've been better. I barely say that about any death battle episode so you know this is an rare case of lacking. The single best part wasn't even in the fight at all. The song part was hilarious then the video falls very short right afterwards. The entire fight could've been done better now I'm aware of the delay. Which led us to get Deathstroke vs. Deadpool first that really helped got over how bad this episode was. Kirby fights both halves of Majin Buu in the same fight. Yet I still felt they could've brought the evil half in better. The sun part with Kirby was frickin stupid I never cared for it. Kirby having an over animated face doesn't help sorry guys. The whole fight could've been planned out before than what we actually got. This isn't just an disappoint oh no it's an abomination of what this show stands for.

Honestly Season 2 blew Season 1 away with mostly great episodes. They put so much work in this one season that I'm wondering how Season 3 will do. They set the bar that high for me despite being disappointed in several episodes. Also getting some of Funanimation's voice actors involve with some internet celebrities was genius. I really want to see how far Death Battle is willing to go. With possibilities hundreds or thousands of big requests still to get done. Of course doing a couple original fights here & there like Chuck Norris vs. Segata Sanshiro. This show really grew on me as they push their limits as well as the internet as an whole. So I'm Jack Red & I'll see all of you later.

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