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Top 10 Best & Worst Season 2 One Minute Melee Lists

This is an old blog from ScrewAttack's website.

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, sorry it took an while for me to do this blog. I very recently beat five games this past week. I'm taking an week break from gaming to work on other things with this blog being one of those things. I did promise people I would present my favorites & less favorites among Season 2 One Minute Melee fights. But first just like I did recently with my lists for Season 2 of Death Battle. As an reminder of my Season 1 lists I will put them below with video links to both videos of me explaining my reasons.

Top 10 Season 1 One Minute Melee Fights
10. Black Widow vs. Catwoman
9. Terry Bogard vs. Burai Yamamoto
8. Kim vs. Juri
7. Sonic vs. The Flash
6. Captain Falcon vs. Captain Commando
5. Dio Brando vs. Sakuya Izayou
4. Deadpool vs. Deathstroke
3. Akuma vs. Kenpachi Zaraki
2. Batman vs. Albert Wesker
1. Eggman vs. Bowser

Top 5 Worst Season 1 One Minute Melee Fights
5. Dan Hibiki vs. Hercule Satan
4. Mewtwo vs. Frieza
3. Jin vs. Gambit
2. Lucario vs. Renamon
1. Dante vs. Ragna

Top 10 Season 2 One Minute Melee Fights

10. Lightning vs. Wonder Woman

In comparison with Season 1's Wesker vs. Batman it's not as close as good. Yes this had an better song with great animation. But I felt if Wonder Woman was animated a little better this would've got higher. It's kinda like Cloud in Season 1 episode against Link fight. The same problem but other than that the rest of the episodes are simply out gun this one.

9. Vergil vs. Sephiroth

Let me say thank god they animated Vergil more faithfully than his brother in Season 1. I did request this fight for OMM an few times. I'm glad they did an amazing job with great music choice. Plus the possibility of an rematch which in this case is going to be epic. Easily one of the best sword fights between both Death Battle & One Minute Melee.

8. B.B. Hood vs. Peacock

I know some of you are probably wondering were they high for making this. A lot of people really wanted to see these facing each other. In fact an poll on another website with Peacock winning led to much needed hype. Now that's saying something compared to most of Death Battle's hypes falls flat. Also I like some of the references early on in the fight classic guys.

7. Jin vs. Ryu

Second fight to end in an draw but first I actually care about. Yes I do like both these characters with great music choice. From the intro to the ending made this easily replayable among OMM episodes. Also about time ScrewAttack does an fight video with an Tekken character. For an moment there I thought they secretly hated Tekken lol jk.

6. Bowser Jr. vs. Metal Sonic

An follow up to my number 1 Season 1 fight. I love the twist where Mecha Sonic quickly took out Metal Sonic. Not as impressive still an great episode with better humor. The fight itself was a little lacking but again I'm blown away by the animation as well as sound effects. I love how Bowser shows up angry which hints another fight in Season 3. Hell I'll vote for it to happen why not.

5. Scorpion vs. Ghost Rider

Another of my requests done in this show. Two spirits of vengeance fighting in Hell with great music as well as sound effects. Despite an statement by Ben of ScrewAttack this episode could count as an follow up to an Death Battle episode. The ending was done very well, great story added with great moves. Two of my favorite limitless characters in all of fictions how couldn't this not be in my Top 5?

4. Luffy vs. Naruto

I am not an fan of this fight idea as an whole. I will be honest to say I really enjoyed OMM's version of it. Both characters are done very well with great sound effects. An very intense battle keeping you on the end of your seats. Also about time ScrewAttack uses an One Piece character. Luffy is my second favorite character of the entire series. Easily one of the best anime battles done on any of their shows.

3. Jotaro Kujo vs. Kenshiro

an highly requested fight Jotaro is the main character of one of the absolute longest manga series. Despite people not knowing much about Kenshiro, this guy still remains popular among anime fans. Two main characters willing to fight against anything with not many handling their full potential. You already knew this fight wasn't just worth asking for. You also knew this would be an epic showdown between two strong men. Also this is an follow up to another fight from Season 1. Personally I felt the story alone with better music made it a little better.

2. Roronoa Zoro vs. Kenshin Himura

Oh hell yeah two of my absolute favorite anime characters. It's no secret I love swordsmen with both of them are my favorite characters of their worlds. Not only in my mind this blew away Luffy vs. Naruto which has higher potential of being epic. This was an showdown that's worth watching as we watch two of the best swordsmen in all of anime fighting with everything they got. Beter music, great sound effects, more humor & better looking character easily made this one of my favorite episodes overall.

1. Master Hand vs. Polygon Man

Easily their biggest scale fight of both Season 1 & 2. Another big requested fight between Master Hand vs. Polygon Man. Two insanely powerful beings that could do so much more than what this video showed. Despite that issue, I'm really impressed how awesome the entire fight actually was. It already had two of the most powerful beings so far, two of the biggest & currently the most god like. The animation alone even blows away Eggman vs. Bowser there I said it. What doesn't like Master Hand smacking Polygon Man's face with an platform. This fight literately had it all which is why it got number 1.

I just wanted to say before anyone gets piss off just for me listing these here. All five of these aren't that bad but I know some want to know which ones are on the bottom for me. Keep in mind this is my list if you don't like it please don't bitch & go make your own instead.

Top 5 Worst Season 2 One Minute Melee Fights

5. Wario vs. Knuckles

I am going to be honest Knuckles vs. Donkey Kong on Death Battle was better. I didn't like Wario's sprites I know what an thing to be picky about. Honestly so far only Wario's bothered me. I do like the story with great humor & amazing fight. I do like the ending that became an recurring joke for Knuckles. I felt this does deserve to be the best of the worst for many reasons.

4. Link vs. Sora

Warning angry fans won't like me listing this here. Mountain of tears falling, heads exploding & no room to hide. But I had an difficult time watching Link vs. Sora. No not because I'm an fan of them which I'm not for either character. The intro was clearly inspired by RPGs which I'm not an huge fan of although my wife is. Oh ok I did like the twist for the ending sadly the fight to me wasn't all that great. I felt if it was done a little differently it could've made my best list. Again I didn't go into this with high expectations like a lot of people.

3. Little Mac vs. Makunouchi Ippo

This season finale in my opinion was an little lacking. Now before I go further I did see their announcement. I am taking that into account of what I want to say. I don't mind boxing fights especially an intense one. I felt changing an few parts would make it more rewatchable. I do like they did it last to possibly pass it off as an championship match. I still felt because of what I already stated it can't go much higher on either lists.

2. Green Arrow vs. Hawkeye

I already know a lot of people won't like this. I already made it crystal clear I wasn't an fan of Death Battle's take. To be honest I do prefer OMM's version because I like both character's sprities more. The fight alone to me was better animated than Death Battle's version. I like both characters are trash talking each other which surprisingly missing in Death Battle's version. Yeah this isn't going away any time soon live with it. I do like the sound effects but if they changed the ending a little bit. I would've put this much higher on my best list. It's still miles better than how Death Battle's version ended which was done horribly. Despite my criticism I would rather rewatch this for several reasons. Also I'm an bigger Green Arrow fan so it shouldn't be any surprise I would say that.

1. Oni vs. Kenpachi Zaraki

I bet some are wondering why is the first episode of Season 2 so low? Let's be honest the original fight in Season 1 was excellent. Even with the few parts I do like this needed more. I mean better music, sound effects, having Akuma becoming Shin Akuma instead. All of that would've went an long way thus it's actually harder to ask for another rematch. This alone barely pushed too far ruining an possible second rematch before it starts. I do enjoy this fight but the original fight was an perfect image of these two fighting each other. Which by itself was difficult to beat, I felt even changing the location at least could've got this higher on my lists. I wasn't an big fan of it's ending either come on guys. You are better than this & yes I was the guy who did request their original fight. You clearly shown you could go beyond all of our expectations several times. This was one of the few times you fall short that people will keep bringing it up for bad reasons. It wasn't an great follow up episode neither than good episode to kick an new season off. In the end this wasn't an bad episode but just isn't an great OMM episode I'm sorry.

I hope you guys enjoy, I will be making another OMM blog soon. To help get more people hype for Season 3. Until then I'm Jack Red & I'll see all of you later.

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