Thursday, December 1, 2016

Top 5 Reasons Why I Prefer Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles over Power Rangers

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, I grew up enjoying both Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles & Power Rangers. More recently the passion for TMNT is growing while heavily disliking Power Rangers. Why is that you may be wondering? I could easily make this as huge as an Top 20 list. Thankfully I was able to combine most of my reasons into five great ones. Now this is strictly my opinion only. I am judging what I remember & know about Power Rangers in this blog. It doesn't have to be perfect like many hardcore fans demand it should be. After all I am here to simply entertain anyone reading this or remembering their past for an moment like me.

5. Better reoccurring characters

This is somewhat not fair to Power Rangers since most shows kept changing an huge amount. In something truly great you do need rememberable reoccurring characters. I hate to say it but the little going for Power Rangers isn't enough. Sure you could see some familiar faces from time to time. But I always prefer how TMNT handle their characters. We have an reporter whose more recently an scientist named April O'Neil. There is another hero going around the streets protecting people named Casey Jones. Of course how to top all of this off by having Master Splinter. In most origins not related by blood to the turtles but always took care of them as if they were his children. All three good reoccurring characters play an important role in TMNT stories. But why stop there in some TMNT related stuff. Some reoccurring villains do deserve more attention than others. Yet everybody knows Bebop & Rocksteady since they're usual the back bone to the Foot Clan. Although debatable where Krang stands exactly, he does help The Shredder many times. It is okay to have great characters on both sides. Unfortunately since the beginning of Power Rangers, there isn't many villains standing out like that. I am sorry but it is true to this day as well.

4. Newer entries doesn't move too far away from it's main source
Everyone should know exactly where I'm going with this. Every Power Rangers show kept changing so much from Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers. Instead of getting better in some ways it kept getting worse with each new show. Yes I know this is our version of an long standing Japanese show series. Of course they tried following that theme to the best of their ability. To me it kept moving away what I originally loved about Power Rangers. They were teenagers going to High School fighting evil to protect their city & sometimes the world. Sadly they kept changing how everything works altogether. If you were an old fan that haven't been up to date with the newer ones or just getting into those shows. You are going to be really confuse to no end in such famous debates like what's the Zelda time line. Most TMNT adaptations stay true to it's source matieral despite all the changes. Thus it is much easier for me to like newer TMNT stuff because of it. Of course constantly replaying their origin can get annoying but thankfully some versions are better than others. TMNT has fought an great variety of enemies especially in comics & 1987 cartoon.

3. Better movies

Even Power Rangers fans have to agree most TMNT movies are much better. I already reviewed all of them recently in one of my more recent blogs. Anyway Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers The Movie was okay for what it was. This isn't an part of the show's canon for many reasons. I don't mind when many anime movies make each event within their own canon. I do mind them maintain their season 2 costumes after getting zords of season 3 but still have access to their ninja costumes. Now that doesn't make any sense at all. I will give them credit for making all zord parts from scratch compared to Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers show. The story itself sorta works in some ways while doesn't in others kinda like the show. Most of the humor falls flat on their own faces instead of actually being funny. Sadly the next movie put the franchise on hold in making any more movies. Power Rangers Turbo is still the only show to have an beginning done by an movie. They set it up to where you have to watch the movie before watching the show. The little I do remember of that show, it is terrible. Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie is an horrible title for an movie. The last movie's title made sense because it was based off of that show. Yet this has to be one of the worse movies I ever seen. Nothing works at all in the entire movie wasting your own time for even watching it. I am not kidding in fact do yourselves an huge favor in not watching anything Power Rangers Turbo related. You will thank me in the long run. Honestly even with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III barely for one particular part was better than that movie. Now I already stated this in another blog but I want to be more direct about it. I really don't want to see the new Power Rangers movie. I already seen a lot of the changes to be very pissed they're doing this to an child hood classic. I heard the guy who plays Tommy is against this movie. Clearly they were desperate to crap all over the license.

2. Better shows

For me no contest TMNT does have better shows. Do I even need to say it, there's so many Power Rangers shows. There is currently thirty three soon to be thirty four Power Rangers shows. Why was it so necesary to have that many shows is mind blowing. I am glad TMNT never went longer than it should. Even The Next Mutation made by the original company behind Power Rangers was better than most of those shows and that sucks too. Allow me to take this an step further than I need to go. Seasons 8 through 10 of the original TMNT cartoon is better and those were terrible episodes. Yes it is weird that three of the four TMNT shows share the same exact title. Yet all three of them has clear differences to make it their own thing which I can respect. The original TMNT cartoon is still one of the longest cartoons to date. Most of TMNT's fan base is where it's at because of that show. Most TMNT shows are holding up much better than most Power Rangers shows. This is exactly like comparing Digimon to Pokemon. No no let's not go there.

1. Compared to Power Rangers, the turtles are timeless heroes
The turtles are always protecting New York, parts of Dimension X or anywhere that needs saving. These guys all have very rememberable personalities that's surprisingly adapting to the changes in time itself. Even now there isn't many fictional teams with that going for them. The same really can't be said for Power Rangers. These turtles do sometimes sneak up to the surface to have fun like teenagers upset at their parents especially strict ones. For the most part three of them are usual nice, kind and happy. Obviously Raphael barely does those but prefers to do everything the hard way. Three of their weapons are real life weapons. There is no real proof Leonardo's swords ever existed. What I really like about the turtles is they're so relatable that they feel like long time friends or family to you. When sometimes bad happens to them, we actually care for them in an big way. How often can you honestly say that about fictional characters.

I hope you guys enjoy this blog, there will be more stuff coming soon. Until next time I'm Jack Red and I'll see all of you later.

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