Sunday, December 11, 2016

Top 5 Reasons I Like More about GOG than Steam

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, today I want to do an Top 5 list for GOG. They just gave me an awesome deal during an unforeseen problem on an few games. This following blog is made to say thanks for helping me out. I know a lot of pc gamers have their reasons to stick with Steam. I'm here to tell those willing to listen that GOG does several things better. In fact more like we all are treated like royality the way we all wish most game services could be.

One more thing there is an great long blog on why GOG better than Steam. I am not going to flat out repeat any of those reasons. I might have to repeat some of it for the sake of this blog but that's it.

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5. Even bigger size games won't take it too much
Steam has a lot of large size games. Some are ridiculously big to push your computers to their limits. Even if you only have what you need installed. Thankfully not only bigger games on GOG don't take up that much space. They also give you more of an idea how much of the space they're actually taking up. Thus don't have to worry about putting too many games or additional stuff. Even if it were to become an problem, the entire process of deleting games is much easier than Steam. Unlike Steam, GOG doesn't make you wait at all to clean up your computer. Yes you can do this during installing a lot of games, it doesn't affect the process in any way.

4. Bonus stuff

An huge reason that got me more into buying games on GOG recently. You see buying games on Steam depending on which deal you take. For the most part get the games, in some cases this isn't enough. GOG packed some surprises in an large number of games. You can get wallpapers, soundtracks and other cool stuff for free. If you wanted an soundtrack on Steam, they make you buy for it. What's the point if I already own the game right. In Alone in the Dark Trilogy's case you get an bonus game called Jack in the Dark. One of the rarest spin offs in gaming history. Buying some games can get you stuff you can't get else where. Perfect example Quake II on GOG not only gives you both expansions. You also get Netpack 1: Extremities filled with multiplayer modes hand picked by it's creators. This is one of the few games if you buy it, you will also get free games added to your account.

3. More interesting game deals

I am not going to lie both services has an way of getting some of the finest deals you ever see. Obviously an huge amount of their games often gets discounted. But GOG surprisingly has an few advantages going for it. For starters they do more build your own bundles. This concept is amazing as it allows you to pick an particular amount of games for an discounted price. More recently they been doing this program where the more you login in this website & buy. Increases your chances of getting free games now why doesn't Steam do that? Oh wait I'm not done yet GOG also has an wallet system. You can buy using several bank accounts with what ever remains of your amount. It stays there allowing you add to more money meaning you could give yourself an early Christmas or Birthday presents. Using wallet also makes the whole buying process a lot easier. I recently used it to buy Mortal Kombat 1+2+3 & Alone in the Dark trilogy.

2. Customer service

Yes they do aim to help you fixing your games. But you are more likely to hear back from them about the issue at hand. They will discuss how you want to go about it. If you really want your games to work you could get some technical help from them. If you want to use your money from games you refunded. You can in the form of an wallet system making things easier. Hell a lot of people already know how helpful GOG is towards their community. They really want you to enjoy your games for the rest of your lives. Yes both services whatever games you decide stays in your collections. You will have them for the rest of your days. They also know a lot of older games are harder to follow. It is in their best nature to make sure for several titles even rare ones to be available. GOG also does check their forums often for issues & possible future game considerations.

1. You can play at any time

Let's get the obvious stuff out of the way. Yes you don't need GOG Galaxy in order to play your games. You don't need online to play them period. GOG does give you the option of updating your games or not. But Steam wise sometimes when you want to play an game you can't. Why because either an issue preventing you from playing or you have to wait patiently for your game to be updated. You don't even need to login into your account to play your games. But you have to if you wanted to get your games set up but that's it. The way GOG goes about your files makes it easier to mod them. Just throwing that out there for those who prefer I should say it. As long you have an account you can play on any computer. Steam is a little strict about this mostly because they're against pirating. You can do family view which allows other Steam accounts connect to yours & vice versa to play games. Yet GOG allows you to give someone access to your games even if they aren't using your account. I'm sure not a lot of people are going to like me stating that fact. The good thing about it is I'm guarantee on both services to play games for an long time. GOG just works out a little bit better in many ways.

I hope you guys enjoy my new Top 5 reasons. I easily could do an vice versa take on this topic. Once again thank you GOG for helping me out. You guys really got something wonderful going. Please keep up the good work, I'm sure I will be back for more games. Until next time I'm Jack Red and I'll see all of you later.

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