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Death Battle Fight Prediction: Alucard (Hellsing) vs. Father Abel Nightroad (Trinity Blood)

This will be a lengthy blog prediction. Please take as many breaks as humanly possible or Alucard may show up when you at least expect it.

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, now how would Alucard from Hellsing fair against Father Abel Nightroad from Trinity Blood? I actually notice stronger similarities between those two. Both of them are two of the most powerful vampires in anime history. This is going to be a truly amazing fight to the death to watch.


Originally Vlad the Impaler aka Count Dragula. Alucard has been called the king of vampires for centuries. One night he got defeated by a old man named Dr. Hellsing. From that point on, Alucard started working for Hellsing Organization fighting against vampires & their ghouls. Alucard is easily the very best in what he does.

Father Abel Nightroad

A group of scientists at a space colony thought of a concept to go beyond that of a vampire. What if a vampire was capable of feeding on other vampires? Not many of Nightroad's kind was created. Usually appears as a unusually calm human that's likely to make mistakes. Not many vampires survives his true self with only his brother capable of handling him at higher percentage of his power.

Powers & Abilities

+Dark Composition
+Aestivation (Going long periods without drinking blood)
+Hemokinesis (Capable of manipulating blood)
+Soul Absorption
+Familiar Control (Allowing him to summon any souls from his very being to fight)
+Shape shifting
+Mist Body
+Superhuman Senses
+Superhuman Strength
+Superhuman Speed
+Superhuman Stamina
+Superhuman Reflexes
+Weather Control
+Fire Manipulation
+Madness Inducment
+Gravity Defiance
+Supernatural Detection
+Superhuman Durability

Alucard may starts off as the very thing to inspired the creation of the Hellsing Organization. For a long time remains as their top vampire hunter. Even to this day has never failed a mission those in charge gave him. Often describe as a very horrifying nightmare possibly true evil incarnate. Alucard is always loyal to whose running the organization.

Father Abel Nightroad

+Superhuman Strength
+Superhuman Speed
+Superhuman Durability
+Superhuman Stamina
+Superhuman Reflexes
+Superhuman Senses
+Regeneration (Sometimes requires vampires to work)
+Transformation (One of those different power percentage anime characters)
+Capable of feeding on vampires
+Among transformation wields a scythe created from his body
+Flight in transformed state
+Capable of creating bio-electric fields
+Very high up his percentage of power generates electricity in his body

Father Abel Nightroad is one of many priests to fight against vampires. Especially those working with his brother Cain see the reference. Abel is a few thousand years ago being one of the very few of his breed of vampires. Despite his rough past, he chose to keep fighting for humanity. His solo goal is stopping his brother Cain for good. Similar to Trigun with Vash & his brother Knives.


Alucard willingly drops his guard often. Although he can tank an insane amount of damage. All of that damage is affecting the very souls within his very being. Which means if he kept doing that against someone capable of handling him for hours would mean death for Alucard. Also he can't use Level 0 until his boss gives the order.

If he does activate Level 0, all of his souls are free from his body making him vulnerable. The very bullets he uses can do damage to himself. Often gets carried away terrorizing people. Limited amount of bullets to begin with. Alucard also can be greatly weakened by going a long period without blood. He can walk in the sunlight despite weakening him in the process.

Father Abel Nightroad

In his human disguise he plays stupid on purpose. His revolver doesn't always work properly with his lack of experience how to fire it correctly. He doesn't directly use silver bullets in that gun. His regeneration does states sometimes it does require vampires to work. Not use to using higher percentage of his power.


+Way more powers
+Ridiculous regeneration
+More unpredictable

-Not as experienced
-More careless during battles
-Likely to use up too much ammo

Father Abel Nightroad

+Superior strength
+Superior speed
+Can create bio-electric fields adding to his already durable body
+Stronger weapon
+More overall experience

-In human form has stats similar to them
-Can't feed off Alucard due to more human blood than actual vampire blood
-Has clear limits to his regeneration
-Higher percentage of power could take a lot out of him
-Alucard could fire from The Jackal causing a big explosion when Abel is using most of his powers


Father Abel Nightroad maybe a being beyond most vampires. In a sense so is Alucard with way more abilities. Let's be direct Nightroad's gun often doesn't work right & he doesn't have the training to use it properly. In vice versa, Alucard uses two similar handguns insanely well. It is not clear if his silver bullets may affect Nightroad's body or not.

Technically Father Nightroad has speed, strength and being physically more durable. But his regeneration has very clear limits. Even in his human form, his stats are similar to them. Which means Alucard if he is lucky could one shot Father Nightroad. It is no secret Alucard has too many powers for Father Nightroad to handle.

He likely has to go much higher percentage of power to attempt surviving Alucard's Level 0. Of course Alucard needs the command from his boss to be allowed to release it. The big question is could Father Nightroad suck Alucard no not that way sick bastards. I meant a vampire sucking blood, could he use blood inside of Alucard to regenerate?

Nope because it is mostly human blood surprisingly meaning Father Nightroad can't suck his blood. The best angle of Alucard winning is what happens in many of his fights especially Luke Valentine. Alucard usually tanks a lot of punishment not slowing him during those fights. Eventually he starts fighting seriously with no clear way to survive.

I believe despite it will take much longer while facing Father Nightroad. Over time Alucard will be able to finish him. Father Nightroad wouldn't know his power is actually coming from souls not blood. Thus he likely won't be able to figure out everything he's doing to them is going straight to his souls.

This also means considering there's a reportedly high number of souls in the millions inside of him. This fight could last in real time several weeks at best. Now Father Nightroad at higher percentage of his power can generate bio-electric fields and electricity. Alucard could use some of his powers to trick Nightroad into dropping one of his bio-electric fields.

As for electricity do you know what doesn't mess with that? Explosive rounds from The Jackal could cause major damage to Father Nightroad's body. Alucard has defeated most vampires similar to himself a long time ago. In a sense both of them has very strong similarities. Both of them works for an organization to hunt vampires while being unique vampires themselves.

Of course I need to mention Father Nightroad's scythe can increase over the power percentage system. For example higher up the scythe will gain an additional blade. The problem is despite being a powerful being. This system does mean his power will more likely run out over time. Especially battling at very high percentages of his power like facing his brother Cain.

In comparison Alucard can easily tank anything Father Nightroad can do to him. His insane amount of souls gives him way too many powers including ridiculous regeneration. Plus he can feed on Father Nightroad since he feed on some artificial vampires from the Millennium. Which brings a surprising thing both vampires has in common.

Alucard got worked on by the Hellsing organization although it wasn't exactly clear what was done. Father Abel Nightroad was created as a concept by scientists how can you go beyond a vampire? By creating a vampire capable of feeding off vampires. He was born with a select few being one of the strongest among them.

Alucard is more likely to pay attention to attack patterns during combat. Like surprising vampire Walter at the end of their fight. The same fight Walter kept throwing him around the area with his wires. Although Father Nightroad can survive in the sun so can Alucard. The best way to state how it would go is imagine facing an hydra with the heads kept multiplying.

At the same time there wasn't a dark enough area to trap it. Forcing you trying very hard to survive. This is the case of Alucard vs. Father Abel Nightroad. Alucard has advantages in his powers alone that Nightroad simply can't compete with. Also Alucard fought Nail of Helena Anderson who would be similar to Father Nightroad in many ways & won.

Winner: Alucard (Hellsing)

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