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Dead by Daylight Special Edition review

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, On and off I heard about a game called Dead by Daylight. Where you can play as a survivor or a killer. A twisted take of the classic cat & mouse that's surprisingly refreshing. Originally on PC back in 2016 with almost a year later for Xbox One & PS4. Dead by Daylight is created to be played with others.

I figured to review this game since usually similar games I avoid. Up til now a horror game where you have to avoid the killer with little to no way to defend yourself. Well for me it was a tough sell but this is a rare exception. Dead by Daylight brings a rather interesting view on horror in general. I am even surprised it made the trip to consoles in the first place.

Dead by Daylight made sure being one of the survivors or the killer a very different experience. When you are a survivor, your goal is simply escape. There is two ways of doing that. The first way is power some of the generators to give power to the exits. The alternative method is finding the hatch.

Regularly this involves a set of conditions before you can use to it. Thankfully there is an easy way of opening it. You must be the last survivor which automatically unlocks the hatch. Unfortunately for you, the game constantly changing where the hatch is. Dead by Daylight where working together can achieve amazing things.

Survivors can't directly attack the killer. But they do have ways of stunning them. Mostly you are sneaking around or running for your life. Now being the killer can be a lot of fun. The developers made sure each killer in the game has a different take & feel. So far The Doctor is my best killer character.

Any killer character can sacrifice survivors to the Entity or kill them. Each killer has their signature kill move. You can catch survivors at the right time or attack a survivor a few times. After a couple blows, they fall on the ground slowly attempting to move away. Killers can see most generators, hooks and exits at a distance.

I should mention who ever is the killer actually the host of the match. The regular format is four survivors trying to escape one killer. Both sides has a great roster of characters including guest characters. Freddy Krueger, Amanda Young, Leatherface and Michael Myers for the killers. Bill from Left 4 Dead exclusive to PC version, Laurie Strodes and David Tapp.

Keep in mind, they confirmed three more killers & survivors will be added in a few months period. I bought Dead by Daylight Special Edition on Xbox One while it was on a discount. You get The 80's Suitcase & The Bloodstained Sack dlcs. Which adds clothes to both sides. Both Of Flesh and Mud & Spark of Madness dlcs also included.

You get two dlc killers & survivors you originally have to pay for already included. But wait there's more The Last Breath Chapter is also included adding one killer and one survivor. You also can download A Lullaby For The Dark adding one killer and one survivor. To sum it up, you can start the game with eight survivors & seven killers.

The regular price for Xbox One and PS4 versions is $29.99 just ten bucks cheaper than Friday the 13th: The Game. You can enable perks and stuff to increase particular things. I got to be honest the leveling system is different from most games. You don't level up from experience you earned, instead you buy with a lot of blood points.

You are buying stuff survivors & killers can use during matches. Each time you buy most of the blood web, you will level up. This means having enough blood points you can fully level a character up or prestige them. Every character can be prestige up to three times. This means you go through the entire leveling four times.

But among prestige process rarer stuff does appear on the blood web. The level cap is 50 but you can do so much to spice up the game play. Dead by Daylight has other in game money that can use in a few ways. You can get shards to get a lot of blood points or even more for a character. To clarify only two characters apply to this.

You have to buy with real money Auric Cells but it does help around buying dlcs. By the way this isn't present on PC version. If you bought a big enough amount of them to buy all dlc characters you don't own. At least it fixed a major problem I had with console versions. By the way most maps are already present in your game.

I do enjoy playing Freddy's map, Jigsaw's map and Michael's map a lot. This game does have a learning curve but it is easy to learn in time. I felt the controls were really well picked for this game. It was fun being the killer or one of the survivors. I also like each match not including trials gives you plenty of options to earn blood points.

If you complete any of the trials you will get a lot of blood points. Survivors can also hide from the killer but they can be caught on the spot. Thankfully they can attempt escaping while the killer moves toward a nearby hook. Survivors can block a killer's path although they can break them afterwards. I felt each map is perfectly sized for this style game.

There is no voice chat but you can be in a party with your friends & family. A killer can put a survivor on a hook up to three times. Among a third time is instant death. I really like either side can win rather than mostly being one sided. I also like blood points can be use on any character. I felt Dead by Daylight is being right there to help you every step of the way.

You can do both tutorials to get over fifty thousand blood points. Usually I don't care much for them but man this game even made those fun. I really can't think of a big enough complaint. You quickly get into matches like clock work. Probably the features I'm really happy to see. You can select to play as a survivor or a killer.

It gets better than that if you are in a party. You can all join matches together as survivors or all of them with someone at random being the killer. Now why didn't Friday the 13th: The Game have that. I also like you can look up every playable character bios. I would say this is a great achievement hunting game.

Honestly for a original horror movie to impress me is something I don't say often. I am very happy with most of their original characters including The Clown. Dead by Daylight Special Edition is such a great game. Sure you need to get gold in order to play it. But very quickly you will understand why. This game has no clear end in sight.

I went into this not sure what to think of it. Oh man I quickly became a fan of it after playing a few matches. This game not only won my respect but I wish I could shake the team's hands. Clearly they respect horror in general to make something truly unique. The concept of death matches has been around but this felt like it's own thing.

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