Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Showing respect to GOG for their 10th anniversary

According to my account I own seventy two games. I am very likely to pick up their next free game this Thursday. Free games from this service are virtually mind blowing goodness that's simply beyond words. I am surprised they attempted GOG Connect feature. Although GOG to me is more than a service.

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, I grew up as a console gamer owning several of them at one time. Of course we had a few extra consoles for me & my brother. Believe it or not, it actually took a long time for me to get into PC gaming. One of my earliest memories of GOG was through a friend at his house.

He played games like Blood & Redneck Rampage series. Their goal from the beginning is you own games without restrictions. You see stuff like consoles as well as Steam on PC are mostly DRM. I will be linking an interesting post explaining both sides of the border. To sum it up you can do whatever you want to them after purchase.

To clarify DRM is strictly against doing modding to giving a game you bought or won to someone else. Also you must be registered most of the time to access your games and movies. Thankfully for GOG once it has been installed you can start it right up. More recently there is GOG Galaxy that to me works much better than Steam client.


GOG is the biggest DRM free PC gaming service in the world. I am writing a few stories relating to their service to show my respect. My first free game from GOG was Shadow Warrior Classic. The original version of Shadow Warrior they had prior to Shadow Warrior Classic Redux. I ended up after buying during a particular deal period to getting that version free.

A friend of mine introduced me to Shadow Warrior many years ago. Even to this day it is a difficult game. At the same time I do like a lot of things about it. Of course I was a huge Duke Nukem fan willing to give another game from the same team a try. Personally I really do prefer Classic Redux over the other version for many great reasons.

I already owned most of Saints Row series on Steam. You know after a while GOG puts games you might own on Steam to get for free on GOG. Can you believe one time I got most Saints Row games for free? I was so excited that I really couldn't hold it in. Both me and my wife are a huge fan of this franchise.

My first purchase was through back to school deals. I ended up getting Interplay Build Your Own Bundle. I already reviewed every game I gotten in that game. I will confirm most of them works great on my computer. I got some nice bonus stuff that I do enjoy having. Easily one of my favorite gaming bundles I ever bought.

Interplay Build Your Own Bundle
1. Battle Chess Special Edition (3 games)
2. Redneck Rampage Collection (3 games)
3. Earthworm Jim 3D
4. Shogo: Mobile Armor Division
5. Prehistorik 1+2 (2 games)
6. Earthworm Jim 1+2: The Whole Can 'O Worms (2 games)
7. Kingpin: Life of Crime
8. MDK
9. MDK 2
10. Toonstruck

The same friend also introduced me to Redneck Rampage games. Some of the silliest games with possibly offensive humor. Possibly one of the most surprising games on Duke 3D engine. At least I know where Bethesda's Point Lookout dlc came from lol. These games can be difficult but surprisingly entertaining in their own right.

More recently I bought Metal Slug series & King of the Monsters. I only had prior experience to King of the Monsters since I had it's Genesis port. All of these games works perfectly with my controller. Not only it brings the arcade experience it doesn't becomes too unfair. I was very surprised how much I enjoyed all the Metal Slug games.

One time I did request a refund but a staff talked me into doing their GOG wallet system. It wasn't forced, this person took their time to explain it to me. I got upset over Rayman 1 and 3 for different reasons. I kept Rayman 2 with a spin off game similar to Mario Party series. I ended up buying Mortal Kombat 1+2+3 & Alone in the Dark 1+2+3 in their place.

Another reason I remembered this is my experience with Steam on refunding games wasn't as good. You have to wait for them to be notify about your refund. Then you have to wait a little longer on getting your money back. Now keep in mind I didn't get to talk a staff member during this process. I got upset waiting with little to no idea how long before they finalized my refund.

I can honestly say Mortal Kombat games are done just right. I am slowly getting use to the controls in Alone in the Dark games. I should mention Jack in the Dark is a bonus game hidden within one of them. I would say this was officially my happiest refund to date. Sadly on some gaming services there is no such thing as a refund coughs Microsoft.

Another very personal purchase I got from GOG was Jazz Jackrabbit series. Both Jazz Jackrabbit games comes with all their expansions thus every single level. Jazz Jackrabbit 2 had some nice bonuses like JJ2+ mod. A long standing community of fans are updating the game through this mod. Not only that you could download other user's levels or create your own.

Believe it or not, my first time playing both Jazz Jackrabbit games was in school. I remember going to a computer to play mostly the original Jazz Jackrabbit. I didn't get to play as much of Jazz Jackrabbit 2 back then. I got to be honest I really didn't expect I would end up liking that game more. Easily one of my absolute favorite DOS games ever made.

What I love about GOG is they do update a great number of their games. They are more likely to fix any major problems including those surprisingly still present on Steam. I also like in many games you get almost everything to all of it in just one purchase. Stuff like the first two Quake games has all their official expansions.

Yes there isn't many games I can use my controller but I'm more likely to do better with my keyboard. The nice bonuses on many games makes it even better to buy from GOG. I bought or got some free games coming with their soundtracks. I also got several of them with nice wallpapers you can put on your background.

I also like how I can display all my games. I just couldn't get how I want to display on Steam trust me I tried. More recently they add much to their user's profiles. This is easily one of the coolest things I have ever seen. Not only I can find out some games how long I played them. I can talk to other users while we play games.

Yes I know Steam did this many years before but let's be honest. The way GOG handled this concept was perfection. Clearly they are passionate gamers that want to continue long standing passions of other people. They realized a great number of games they have on their service are difficult to find possibly costing way too much.

I liked you simply download them getting exactly what you want. I also prefer how GOG does the icons for their games compared to those of Steam. Officially yes I spent a lot more on Steam but I am planning to change that. To be honest Steam by itself doesn't make me very happy. GOG cares about all their consumers.

Hopefully in the future some games you might be waiting for could be on their service. These guys are amazing at what they do. At first I didn't see many games I wanted. Now I see plenty of games I want to own in my GOG collection eventually. I would say this to me is as close to perfect PC gaming as humanly possible.

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