Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Why Maniacs in Dead Rising 4 sucks compared to Psychopaths of the first three Dead Rising games

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, let's be honest Dead Rising 4 was such a huge disappointment. I felt the best way of justifying that is break it down. For me it seem like the more direct of doing this is breaking down the bosses. Considering even optional ones do impact the game play to a degree. I figured to start there to explain how exactly disappointing DR4 bosses truly are.

Most psychopaths had a story that explains their madness or how some are taking advantage of the situation. Sadly they didn't do that enough in Dead Rising 4. The only boss that comes the closest with Calder aka the final boss since his actions triggered by another boss character started all of this. Most of them doesn't give you anything worth your time for going out of your way.

In the first two Dead Rising games there was a few multiple boss characters you have to face at the same time. In Dead Rising 4, you mostly deal with a couple regular enemies. Most of the actual boss characters are simply too easy to take down. By having another boss character it increases the difficulty especially when you are facing the magicians.

Originally Maniacs were way too easy or hard since they didn't properly finished up the game. Yes the final update did fix them up a little bit but honestly they still suck. With the possible exception of the story bosses, most DR4 bosses doesn't get a death scene either. For most psychopaths this is among a lot of people's favorite cut scenes especially Adam the Clown's death.

Simply not having that in Dead Rising 4 was a huge missed opportunity. Yes I know a few psychopaths in the first three Dead Rising games didn't have a death scene either. But in their defense you do gain better weapons as well as a better challenge overall. For example in both versions of Dead Rising 2 there are four snipers carefully placed to cover most of the outside area.

Sometimes going after one of them, another sniper is likely to take shots at you. Also some of them requires taking out enough enemies for the bosses to show up. I rather take on Brandon who does send zombies at your direction. I think they chose that knowing they didn't do enough to justify your time & effort.

Personally I didn't like changing the label from Psychopaths to Maniacs. You see Maniac & Psychopath are virtually the same thing. To be honest, most bosses in DR4 didn't seem that crazy. Almost like they chose to tone the bosses down hoping to get more younger fans into the series. I also didn't like the change because DR4 bosses didn't seem to matter anyway.

They even brought back the cult from the first Dead Rising but wow their new leader was incredibly easy. Even Carlito in the first game had three very different boss fights. I felt Psychopaths had more of a variety. Granted even the worst among DR4 bosses is better than DR3's Sloth boss fight. It is so easy even a caveman can do it lol yeah even a child high on sugar can do it.

I hate to say it another great reason Maniacs sucks is the boss weapons. Most of the so called boss weapons aren't much at all. In fact the combo weapons you can make yourself. I like when some Psychopaths had their own boss weapons you can only get from them. Also because they were among the finest weapons of the game.

To sum it up they took away too much what I loved so much from Psychopath bosses. Almost like Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite maybe there's a connection who really knows. What I do know is if this franchise eventually makes it's return. We really need the developers to step up their game on the bosses.

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  1. I think what I liked most about the first two, for sure, was the challenge of bringing survivors back to the safehouse. For me, I may not have always brought them back, but it was cool to have a group of survivors to fend off hordes.