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Consoles vs. PC Gaming

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, One of the absolute biggest gaming debates that probably will never have an definitive answer. A debate so big it appears among other very big gaming debates usually in the top 5. No it's not Sega vs. Nintendo trust me this is much bigger than that. I'm here to talk about Consoles vs. PC since both have a lot of advantages over each other.

Let's be honest there's no way one person can satisfy enough people over this topic. Every gamer has a very different tastes as well as franchises among their favorite games. Consoles date back to late 70s with Magnavox Odyssey. PC gaming is slightly more recent than that although both have a long history. Both filled with plenty of great games to take several hours possibly days to fully call off.

Now the point of this blog is not to determine which being superior overall like many people's takes. Let's be honest doing something like that for a topic like this is too much for one person to bear. The actual point is which ends up being the better overall experience. I am completely leaving my bias side to the door.

Round 1: Controls

Some of you are probably wondering why start off with the controls. Well I felt the controls could differ a little to heavily depending on games. Most consoles has controllers as well as accessories to help spice up the experience. But PC does have those too just not as often like during the 90s. You can play some console controllers on your computers.

Usually for PC you are using a keyboard with a mouse. Which works perfectly for FPS games since you need to turn faster during matches. Consoles do work better with a controller. Back in the day putting in cheat codes was much easier on PC than console games. In most cases you can change the controls.

There are PC games giving you a couple of options how to them just on what you will be using. Some PC games automatically switch the controls on the fly. It is more common among indie games but it does help out a lot in difficult games. Honestly I could take the best console controllers to compare about a few select PC games with those options.

Many people would look at me like I'm crazy. Well maybe I am a little crazy but this is a tough topic after all. You can adapt to both of them at a fast pace. Where it truly comes down for me is which one ends up being more adaptable. This is where I give the point to PC since a great number of them do an amazing job with that.

Winner: PC

Round 2: Games

Thankfully I don't have to go far on explaining why I can't decide which is better in this category. Excluding emulators of many consoles. Both of them overall have a very lengthy library of games. People like John Hancock has a museum filled with gaming wonders. This is also a category where bias can strike without warning.

Let's be more direct a great number of games you could name has been on both. Yes not all of them get the same treatment but they still count. Both of them have a heavily presence among gamers. PC has been going for a much longer period of time that's not likely to end any time soon. There's so many game consoles not counting newer smaller variations done by many companies.

On both sides there's plenty of PC or console exclusive games that many people remember to this day. Trust me as someone that's been around enough games on both of them. They really caught your attention not trying at all. Sure advertising in gaming has changed a lot in the last twenty years. Digitally or physical copies, end of the day there's no real way of deciding which is truly better.

Winner: Tie

Round 3: Graphics

In graphics alone both sides changed heavily over the years. Very early PC games didn't utilize colors much. In gaming it went from being very limited to a wide variety of colors. I do need to say PC in graphics did evolve at a much faster rate. Graphics can greatly affect any gamers' decision of buying a game.

Stuff like frame rate or how it presents the story are just some of those things. Late 90s, consoles started to go more into 3D games. But a few years better, PC was already there. Sometimes you expect a particular look for what you are playing. For example, some game consoles has very bright colors while others are darker in overall tone.

Both has a lot of game genres with plenty of classics. One thing I learned in the last five years is sometimes a game doesn't need great graphics. There are games like D relies more on being vastly different in it's own right from other horror games. At one point you probably played a game that's look terrible but amused how fun it was.

More recently, both sides are really pushing the limits. One advantage PC has is being able to change the screen resolution. You can make the graphics lower or higher that greatly affects the games themselves in many ways. Let's be honest both sides are not disappointing anyone here. I would even go as far to say this is surprisingly close.

Consoles usually doesn't have major problems in the game playing itself. You may see some graphical glitches every now & then. At the same time it doesn't affect the game play much. Yes PC depending on several factors could have issues that you might be able to fix or not. In other words you might be taking a chance at something great or not so much.

You could get a graphical glitch that makes cut scenes difficult as well as possible black screens. You may also experience games not properly starting up at all. Regardless graphics has little to do it with that issue anyway. Let's be more direct PC has more impressive graphics more recently while gaming sold me on older stuff.

Please allow me to explain why folks before any rocks gets thrown here. It is no secret some massive PC games can look truly mind blowing. In fact it even puts some of the finest on consoles to shame. I felt going in the opposite retro direction consoles seem to do better than PC. Maybe this is just my opinion but I am not saying many PC games I gotten from some services look bad.

Winner: Consoles

Round 4: Service

There's many services to buy PC games from. I bought so many from Steam & GOG in just the last few years. A very few of them also has digital copies to some game consoles. Personally I want to focus on Steam & GOG versus Xbox Live & PlayStation Network. Both sides has some great advantages over each other.

On consoles you can get a better game selection screens. You can add a lot to just one purchase on Steam. I spent a lot this past Christmas on Steam alone. I felt Steam does a better job explaining the games while consoles has better pictures to showcase them better. Yes you can get gift cards to help buy games.

In most online games you don't need to pay anything to play on your computers. You do need to get a membership on consoles to being able to play online with others. Although PC does have some games you could keep buying to play as well as getting expansions. Basically choose your poison but you still should be happy.

Yes both does send a bill to your email confirming your purchases. When it comes to getting great games for free & discounted I felt PC does better. GOG does have GOG Connect that allows during brief periods if any selected games you might own on Steam. You can automatically get added to your GOG account.

I recently stated this in a blog about GOG but I once gotten the entire Saints Row series in one day for free. Now consoles does offer up more features than the previous gaming generation without having a membership. Of course I could bring them up but most of it isn't actually gaming. GOG also allows you to play your games without login ins.

I spent a fortune on most of these services. I gotten games I'm proud to own as a gamer. Honestly Xbox does have Game Pass but that also requires a membership. It allows you to play as many supported games as long you have your membership. Not bad but PC does have a better way of listing all games I own.

You all would be surprise how many games I own on Steam. Slowly but surely my GOG collection is growing. Yes more recently consoles does a better job displaying the icons for your digital collections. I felt I had a more satisfying experience especially refund side of things on PC. Steam does have a more recent publisher accounts making it easier to track their games overall.

Winner: PC

Round 5: Sound

Obviously so many gamers are into the music to the point. Even if one thing is left they aren't going to enjoy it. Honestly who really cares it is a game just play it a little further before making that decision. Here is the thing both of them retro has some truly amazing test standing soundtracks. Even newer games has some truly great songs.

Both have gotten good & bad ports on each other. This might actually come down to something like sound effects I'm not kidding. WOW the songs in a lot of their games can put a lot of people in the right positive mood. As stated before both covered many game genres nailing a lot of them in the process.

It shouldn't be a secret I might not be able to decide which is slightly better overall. There's simply so much for just one person to listen to. Even if I really limited the games in question I doubt that would help things. Both of them at their finest is truly mind blowing. At their absolute worst it makes you wanna do something else hoping to get the horrible taste out of your mouth.

It is possible to have amazing sound effects but terrible songs as well as in vice versa. Let's be honest there really isn't a lot of ways to determine which stands out more. Also better so many games more recently are on both of them not falling short for the most part in the audio department. Honestly this is way too close to call so we have another draw.

Winner: Tie

2-2-1 PC does have some great stuff going for it. Keep in mind I grew up heavily around consoles. In fact I might decide to write a quick gamer background story of myself to prove that point. I didn't have a lot of experience playing as much on PC. More recently I did get a lot into PC to be blown away.

PC does have nails a better overall service experience. It also has more unique control options to play several games. There does exist videos of people playing Doom on other machines to attempt making the game harder. Everything else was very close to call. To clarify I really do enjoy playing on both of them very well.

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