Monday, August 22, 2016

Top 5 Reasons Why I Want to Own an Sega Saturn

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, I remember briefly as an kid I really wanted to own an Sega Saturn. Sadly I never got to officially own one but I have played games ported from it on other consoles.

1. Nights into Dreams
2. Guardian Heroes

Everyone knows late 90s PlayStation and Nintendo 64 were going at it. Which I also did an recent blog related to that. Not many people got Sega Saturn for many reasons at the time. Especially this was the successor to Sega Genesis the same console rivaling Nintendo's SNES. I really wanted to do my personal Top 5 Reasons Why I Want to Own an Sega Saturn. There are a lot of pros & cons owning one of these. Many still consider it an gem console for many reasons.

5. Exclusive Features

This era had some mind blowing exclusive features for several games. An great example of this was Resident Evil on Sega Saturn. They added an new costume for both Chris & Jill with two ways to get them. Also included is an mini game called Battle Mode. An new variation of Hunters called Ticks, an Wesker zombie & gold Tyrant-002 were added. Some games got amazing exclusive features making those worth playing. Some games like Mega Man 8 on Saturn are considered one of the best of it's franchise.

4. Gems

Sega Saturn is loaded with gems for many genres mostly RPGs, shoot em ups, fighting & rail shooters. an Saturn exclusive called Enemy Zero may be mixed experience. I still couldn't help noticing it does an great job keeping you on the edge. Saturn does have a lot of good games often underrated & over looked due to it's competitors. Guardian Heroes allows six people playing it at once. More recently in it's Xbox 360 port double that now being twelve people can play it. Saturn has one of the best video game collections in history.

3. Imports

Not many consoles are known for it's imports. Sega Saturn didn't get an good number of games in the United States. More recently video game collectors are paying good money to get Japanese games. An great number of these are not only some of the absolute best Saturn has to offer. Some are considered as some of the greatest video games of all time. Yes doing this with & without translations can be expansive. But Saturn will make sure it's all well worth every penny.

2. Close to Arcade Quality

Sega made Saturn's hardware very similar to those of arcade machines. In fact several parts of it originally were from them. Saturn is capable of doing something that most thought was impossible at the time. Which was an game console fully bringing arcade games into your homes. Before Saturn, most consoles had to make several changes to have it playable on their respective platforms. Sega decided to go the distance for an true arcade to home console experience. Most fighting games are near arcade perfect in every sense of the world. Even Sega nailed rail shooters better than most companies at the time.

1. Successor to Sega Genesis

I am an huge fan of Sega Genesis since my child hood. I became an gamer I am today because of my passion for that console. Of course I wanted to play it's successor as much as many Sega fans wanted to. Although it didn't do as close as well as Sega Genesis & Dreamcast. I always respected what Saturn brings to the table. An truly unique console that's often over looked by many people. Saturn has surprisingly a lot of potential for an video game console. Sega Saturn was the third best console during it's era which isn't bad to say the least.

I hope you guys enjoy why I really would love to have an Sega Saturn. It sucks I finally briefly played it at Otakon several years ago. Until next time I'm Jack Red & I'll see all of you later.

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