Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Jack Red presents PlayStation 2 vs. Game Cube vs. Xbox

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, it's time to take on the second video game debate I hold dear to myself. I had a lot of games on all three of these consoles. All had their advantages & disadvantages which makes this an very interesting topic. Which is better out of PS2, Game Cube & Xbox?

I am not including Sega Dreamcast because it didn't stay long enough in the United States to compete against Game Cube & Xbox. Although I had one growing up loving the few games I had. It's easily in my personal top 10 consoles list of all time.

Round 1: Controllers

I am judging later versions of controllers in this category. If I didn't I would've said Xbox easily loses this category. Let's be honest the original Xbox controller was horrible. I'm glad they came out with the newer smaller controllers. I still prefer Game Cube controllers as it's an mixture of N64 & PS controls. Let me explain it fits in your hands similar to an PlayStation controller. Yet it's button layout is based on N64 controllers. They made all the buttons close by & very likely you would press. This greatly improves holding the controller. Just between PS2 controller which is striking similar to those of PS1 & Game Cube's. This is really close but I must give it to PS2. Yes Game Cube does an great job improving N64 controller holding & button lay out issue. After holding an PS2 controller I can honestly say it seems more natural in your hands. It simply works & does what you want it to do.

Winner: PlayStation 2

Round 2: Console

This is going to be an tough topic. Sony has an history with electronics, Microsoft has an history with computers & Nintendo has been making game consoles. All three bring in their own advantages but come with disadvantages as well. PlayStation 2 has the weakest amount of power that affects many things. Game Cube is barely in the middle with games like Resident Evil 4. Xbox hands down has the best graphics out of the three consoles. Both Xbox & PS2 can play online games despite PS2 requires buying an extra piece. Sadly Nintendo didn't have online gaming in mind with Game Cube. Xbox discs don't have as much data as those on PS2. Yet that's better than smaller discs of Game Cube. Which does help them edge out PS2 in graphics. In fact some games on Game Cube requires two discs to complete like Resident Evil series. What's sad about this is most games on it's competitors can do that with a lot more on just an disc. If you were obsess with breaking & testing consoles. Usually Game Cube can survive some serious punishment out of the three. All three has their version of memory cards but Xbox also can directly saves games. Obviously Game Cube is the smallest out of the three. Xbox is an huge console that limits where you can play it on. This is where PlayStation 2 shines by having two possible angles to play games. Either laying it down or stand it up on an great surface. Xbox has the longest controller wires but often comes a part directly affecting the experience. Xbox is also the hardest out of the three to hook up. It's an tie between PS2 & Game Cube because you can reuse their previous console wires to hook them up. Both PlayStation 2 & Xbox can play DVDs but PS2 can also play PS1 games. Now you see why this is so hard to decide an winner. Carefully looking at these issues I must give this to PlayStation 2. Some areas it doesn't hold up well as it's competitors but holds up in other ways. PS2 is also the easiest out of the three to find because there's so many. Not counting there exists an smaller model of PlayStation 2.

Winner: PlayStation 2

Round 3: Graphics

I know I already went into details about graphics but I still got plenty to talk about. As stated before PS2 can play PS1 with some issues. Game Cube has some amazing looking games to this day. Xbox was built by Microsoft to have impressive graphics for it's time. I could simply give this to Xbox for having the highest amount of power for those graphics. But no this is really about how well do these games hold up today. I think many would agree PS2 games surprisingly hold up better. Many developers attempted all kind of concepts on all three consoles. PlayStation 2 had slightly more third party support than Xbox. Where it comes down to is very simple. Which games still amazing people the most? PlayStation 2 is the most likely going to be your answer to that question. Even if I compared their worst game graphics or that of the best. PlayStation 2 has such an huge reputation in the gaming community. Even now people are still getting blown away how good PS2 is today. Not so much on it's competitors. Plus PlayStation 2 is one of the best selling game consoles of all time.

Winner: PlayStation 2

Round 4: Games

Of course we must talk about their games. PlayStation 2 has the most released in the entire world of over two thousand games. Now I'm not judging on how big their collections are. I am judging which is the best collection to collect & play today. I will be honest to say I owned more games on PS2 & Game Cube. I still have some great Xbox games back in the day. All three have their exclusives, similar games & using cheats. I can't sadly judge online gaming since I never played them. Now that's out of the way let's talk video games. Game Cube had more family friendly games out of the three. PlayStation 2 had more mature games out of the three. Xbox had the ability to burn songs from disc & some games actually plays them. Unlike N64 vs. PS debate, all share most video game genres. Again it comes down to which series of games you prefer. But if I had to choose one of three consoles. I would honestly pick PlayStation 2 for many reasons. As stated earlier PS2 can play PS1 games without anything extra right off the bat. PlayStation 2 has one of the best music & DVD controls. It's a lot easier to find games for it anywhere. If that's not enough for an great reason. Maybe this might help PlayStation 2 has more controller variations. PlayStation 2 also gives you better idea when it's about to over heat. Yes Xbox would be second at this feature but Game Cube dropped the ball. It doesn't warn you about over heating. PlayStation also has the best length of your controllers. Game Cube is a little shorter but works better than the longer Xbox controllers. I could go on about why I would choose an PlayStation 2 over the other two consoles on any given day.

Winner: PlayStation 2

I hope you guys my take on tackling these difficult video game debates. It was an huge honor doing them for fellow gamers. Until next time I'm Jack Red & I'll see all of you later.

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