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Jack Red presents Mortal Kombat on SNES vs. Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 on Sega Genesis

Hello everyone I'm Jack Red, I really feeling the Mortal Kombat spirit recently. One of the oldest game series I'm into that's still awesome today. I looked online all over the place to notice in two particular SNES vs. Genesis MK debates are land slides. Mortal Kombat 3 on SNES usually gets more praise from critics & fans. The same can be said for Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 on Sega Genesis. It's so obvious from many websites on which version of MK3 usually wins their regular debate.

I decided to make things interesting for an change. How about MK3 on SNES vs. UMK3 on Sega Genesis? As an kid I did own both those versions. Some of my information is from researching info & watching videos on both games. This is going to be just as tough as Mortal Kombat Trilogy blog I did.

I already did my take on Mortal Kombat Trilogy PlayStation vs. N64;postID=3453755633627756228;onPublishedMenu=allposts;onClosedMenu=allposts;postNum=4;src=postname

Round 1: Graphics

Both versions maintain most characters, levels, finishers & secrets. Yes we can agree MK3 on SNES do look better than UMK3 on Genesis. But there is more content in UMK3. Thus there's more animations including finishers. Also main menu looks awesome on UMK3. Although MK3 does look more like the arcade game it's based on. You can't deny UMK3 had a lot to nail on Genesis & it shines bright with awesomeness. More characters & levels being done right enough on UMK3. This was close but UMK3 slightly without codes or secrets included beats MK3.

Winner: UMK3 on Genesis

Round 2: Best Presentation

Although I already talked an great deal about presentation. There's still stuff in that area I'll cover here. Both have Treasures of Shao Kahn cut down from twelve to ten slots. You could do arcade in both versions but UM3 does have 2 on 2 & tournament mode. Every character in MK3 has bios & endings unlike two characters only missing bios in UMK3. Many fans already know this following fact but if you didn't. Then here we go in MK3, you have to enter an code or choose one of Treasures of Shao Kahn to face Noob Saibot. Which this parts applies to both games but original MK3 Noob was an shadow Kano with no special moves. This version also comes with an few easter egg lines. Starting with UMK3 to MKT, they changed Noob the way he's suppose to be. Originally in MK3 there was no ninjas except Sub-Zero & all three cyber ninjas. Also Sheeva is absent from UMK3 altogether. Excusing the extra ladder in UMK3, both captured the spirit of their games. Both have Galaga as an mini game access two different ways. Basically the problem here is which MK3 being more true to it's arcade counterpart. End of the day I must give this to UMK3 despite missing an few bios & Sheeva. Everything else intro, endings and the credits are done better in UMK3.

Winner: UMK3 on Genesis

Round 3: Best Sound

Both versions of MK3 has amazing sound effects & great songs. Personally UMK3 does both better than MK3 on Genesis. But MK3 & UMK3 on SNES sounds very similar to each other. Despite two teams made MK3 games on both consoles. This is surprisingly close but an slight edge in UMK3 having an more unique sound overall. I have to give this round to UMK3.

Winner: UMK3 on Genesis

Round 4: Best Gameplay

Yes both games has their differences. I already talked an great deal about it's features & basic game play. So the best possible way to determine which MK3 wins this category. The very thing that really helped gain in it's popularity since the beginning. Secrets are constantly hidden in each game. Thus the perfect way to determine the winner is which has better secrets overall.

MK3 on SNES has three cheat menus with an sound test all unlocked by codes. But they sure give you a lot of codes that could ruin the entire experience of playing. Let me explain you can unlock Shao Kahn & Motaro for multiplayer. You could do some cheats with others for an unique experience. But if you aren't careful, one code too many makes it very difficult to play. Yes there exist an option to turn all codes off. However some of these codes are Looney Tunes on crack.

UMK3 on Genesis also has three cheat menus similar to MK3 on the same console. Both sharing almost the same exact layout of them. Unlike MK3 on SNES, these codes are well balanced. You can have fun with all of them activated. You also can enter an code to have eight lives in Galaga. Other than arcade you can win tournament mode or in the last cheat menu select mini game. Unlike both MK3 on SNES, there exist an code to give you all cheat menus. But MK3 maintains Animalities from the arcade. However it's conditions are difficult to pull off. You or your opponent wins the first round. Who didn't win that round must win second round. Who ever wins must do mercy to quickly beat their opponent. Then you can finally perform Animalities. Yes UMK3 doesn't have those but in it's place are Brutalities. Along with UMK3 on SNES are the first two MK games to have this. A lot easier to do in comparison As stated before UMK3 has more characters with Noob & Rain added. An huge thing for MK fans are ridiculous amount of fatalities & finishers. All of them even those altered for these ports are all presented well. Both versions has great controllers & honestly it depends which you prefer. Also UMK3 has more combat codes with another code to play as Human Smoke. Actually easier to do than to unlock any of those cheat menus in MK3 on SNES. Finally in UMK3 you can increase your continues to ninety five. Last I checked you can't do that in MK3 on SNES. At first glace this looks close. After carefully looking through everything I can conclude this was no contest. UMK3 simply offers more content done well and despite having better actual graphics. You can't help noticing just how good Genesis port of UMK3 actually is. Yes back in the day before I got to play MK3 on Genesis. I remember really liking SNES version as an Sega guy that's saying a lot. In the end UMK3 really the definitive 16bit MK3 experience.

Winner: UMK3 on Genesis

Final Round: Best Overall 16bit Mortal Kombat 3 Game

Honestly UMK3 still blows me away today. It stands as one of the best ports to date in this series. Truly worth having classic that more people need to play. Even with the areas MK3 on SNES did better. It just wasn't enough to compete with UMK3 on Genesis.

Winner: UMK3 on Genesis

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