Saturday, August 27, 2016

Jack Red presents PlayStation 3 vs. Wii vs. Xbox 360

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, I officially owned an PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Wii. Possibly the most heated console wars to date. All three has great advantages over each other making this difficult. All of them made a lot more money than most consoles to date. Even today some are still talking about which console is the best of the last generation of video games.

Round 1: Controllers

All three consoles has great controllers. In Wii's case it easily wins in third party controllers. But I'm here to judge their regular controllers. Yes Wii has motion controls that helps feel like you're there. An great number of games doesn't put that to use. Usually I side with PlayStation controllers in this particular category. But I'm making an exception due to the fact those controllers felt too loose in my hands. Especially the back L & R buttons that's suppose to help during FPS games. You need third party to get longer wires & rechargeable batteries. I am an huge fan of Xbox 360 controllers for many reasons. Like PS1 & PS2 controllers, it feels just right in my hands. All the buttons & thumb sticks are in likely spots near my fingers. Not only that an Xbox 360 controller feels tougher made with better trigger buttons. For the record you can play an Game Cube controller on Wii.

Winner: Xbox 360

Round 2: Console

All three consoles has several versions. Not much changed on some later Wii models except you can't play Game Cube games. PlayStation 3 has three variations that doesn't affect much in general. Xbox 360 also has three variation that doesn't affect much either. Except the latest Xbox 360 model can hold more in it's hard drive than Super Slim PS3 model. Earlier Xbox 360 models has their hard drives on top that can be removed easily. Later models are more like it's competitors where all data is saved on the console itself. Obviously all of them have their social service, stores, apps and more. PS3's advantage of playing most online gamers without being an paid member. Both Wii & PS3 through an accessory can play rail shooter similar to those in the arcade. Yet in the end Xbox 360 really held it's ground against it's competition.

Winner: Xbox 360

Round 3: Graphics

Even with the best looking games on Wii. Nintendo knew they can't win against Sony & Microsoft in this area. Both Wii's competitors really brought it with some games looking very realistic. Some are often considered master pieces of art. Although it's debatable which is more powerful out of PS3 & Xbox 360. These two consoles really pushed the envelope for mind blowing graphics for their time. Very close just between these two but in some huge games like GTA series. I noticed Xbox 360 has higher screen ratio overall that yes it does affect graphics. An slight edge in my opinion I'm got to give this to Xbox 360.

Winner: Xbox 360

Round 4: Games

Easily the hardest category because all three consoles really went all out. Owning all three of them will set anyone for life. Honestly folks there's plenty of good games between all three to go around an ridiculous number of times. Wii has more family friendly games compared to it's competitors. PS3 seems to have more exclusive titles. Xbox 360 does have indie games although that requires both online & being an gold member. Both Xbox 360 & PS3 can play DVDs. Xbox 360 needs an extra hard to get piece to play HD DVDs. PS3 can play BluRays while Wii can only play DVDs from Netflix. Most services is shared between all three of them. Wii can play Game Cube requiring nothing at all to work. PS3 can play PS1 games not requiring anything. At one point PS3 used to play PS2 games but caused major issues. Eventually Sony decided to remove it altogether. Xbox 360 can play Xbox games but that requires being online. Again everyone has their reasons for liking one of these three more than the others. Personally Xbox 360 collection stands out for having an great variety of games.

Winner: Xbox 360

I hope you enjoyed my take on which video game console I think is better. Everyone has different opinions on which they like. I am only looking at it with respect with no bias as much as possible. This was very difficult compared to PS2 vs. Game Cube vs, Xbox debate. Until next time I'm Jack Red & I'll see all of you later.

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