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Top 5 Manga Differences from Comic Books

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, around the world there exist comic books. In Japan they have mangas that has ways standing out. Both American comic books & Japanese mangas have an huge fan base. Plenty of games, movies and shows are based off of them. I decided to present two different lists with the same concept. I am also making this for those confused what's different between the two.

Considering I recently came back from Otakon this past weekend. Obviously you have to read them in reverse from each other.

Top 5 Manga Differences from Comic Books

5. Manga volumes packs more story than Comic Book issues
Regularly American comic books has one big or several smaller stories per an issue. In Japanese mangas you get a lot of chapters to read. Basically imagine I combine nine issues of comic books into one. Which technically mangas is doing by putting a lot of chapters in one volume. What's crazier is there exist 3 in 1 volumes of several mangas. This combines three volumes filled with chapters in one book.

4. Mass is very different between both of them

American comic books are more flat, wider and longer in length as shown in this picture. Mangas are smaller, thicker and built more like regular books. This brings how to collect them very differently. Let me explain for comic books you could either put into an box, shelf or drawer. Mangas I could put them in those but also in places I can't place comic books. Such as DVD shelves, close by your consoles & bags.

3. Most mangas are written by one person in comparison to an group of people for comic books
Most American comic books since DC comics first showed up. An group of people are working hard together to complete several comic books within an month dead line often. In vice versa usually one person is doing all those jobs. They get an choice between releasing chapters within an month or week. If they choose weekly, they are constantly working on their stories with not many breaks. If they choose monthly, they can take their sweet time working on each chapter. Despite both being very competitive, we're still getting a lot of great stories. Another reason I usually prefer mangas over comic books. Both do have many great stories with the consumer always wanting more. But manga artists do keep their stories great longer. Simply because the person writing it from the beginning continues his or hers work. Sadly for all American comic book companies. They constantly change people out especially their writers. Which leaves many unanswered questions to this day. Plus further increasing the multiverse concept makes it very difficult to follow everything going on. You have to buy a lot of comic books hopefully they help complete their image in your minds.

2. More balanced characters in mangas than comic books
Yes both has it's fair share of broken characters. Yet I could name more balanced manga characters than comic book characters. Both has so many concepts for their respective companies. Mangas makes anyone shine good or bad. Usually if someone or thing sucks in American comics. Either they won't use it anymore or get brought back when you at least expect it into an total 360 angle. In mangas, one of their recurring jokes involves those characters. Another major difference is mangas does an better job explaining each world power scales. Although Marvel & DC has explained it many times before. We still get broken characters both heroes & villains facing each other. Thus it takes away from their stories simply because it removes how to spice things up or stop caring altogether. Sometimes these stories can get really ridiculous like Emperor Joker or any of The Spectre's stories. Once again I must bring up the multiverse concept. Most comics from Marvel, Image, DC, etc... All of them are connected not only by an ridiculous amount of comics. But also some takes place in other parallel universes. This makes trying to get into comic books an total pain. In vice versa each mangas in their respective companies has their own universes & rules to follow it. There's all kinds of stories including those comic books doesn't do. Each manga will help give you an idea what's balanced & broken in that universe. One of my personal favorite things about mangas are how they differ abilities. You will be very surprised how similar many powers are in comic books. But much more surprised how manga differs all of their powers. They do alter a lot of the same abilities but makes it unique to that universe.

1. Easier to collect in general

There are in stores, libraries and conventions to read. But you can get better deals on manga online & in person. I once scored 17 volumes of One Piece from Goodwill no lie. Some franchises like Bleach has an collection of the first twenty one volumes. As stated earlier there exists 3 in 1 volumes. Just collecting these saves you a lot of money in the long run. Although these special editions do cost more money, it's well worth every penny. Also mangas can take more liquids before getting ruined. As stated earlier it's much easier to put mangas in places. For comic books has titles on it's cover. For mangas has titles on most sides. This is where things gets confusing folks. Comic books has numbers for their main comics but resets in between story lines & non canon comics. Mangas has their numbers on one side but made bigger to make it easier to read. Usually from Volume 1 to up keeps going no matter what. Sometimes there's special editions created for movies like two for One Piece. There's slightly more ways to collect them. There's more places you can put mangas in. Honestly mangas has plenty of potential for anyone. You can go in any direction including those comic books doesn't do.

I hope you guys find my blog entry helpful and I highly recommend collecting mangas. Although you also could do comic books. Until next time I'm Jack Red and I'll see all of you later.

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