Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Top 5 More Reasons Why I Prefer an Sega Dreamcast over Nintendo Game Cube

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, today I am making an direct follow up to my most recent blog entry. Where I explain in full detail why I prefer an Sega Dreamcast over Nintendo Game Cube. Guess what I am back with five more reasons. I know if Nintendo fans seen both these blog entries they might be piss. I am not doing this to put salt on an wound or trolling in general. I really just want to get my opinion out there.

5. Better size to collect games overall

Don't get me wrong both in their respective cases can easily fill up shelves. But Game Cube discs are very small compared to most disc game consoles. Thus you are more likely to lose them by accident or break them. Yes Dreamcast discs are similar to most of those consoles. Honestly I prefer my discs for video game consoles this size for such reasons. Plus I could fill shelves two to four rows depending on the shelf unit with Dreamcast cases much easier.

4. Dreamcast has some of the absolute best soundtracks in video game history
Yes Game Cube has more power than PlayStation 2 in terms of graphics. Which was several times than that of Dreamcast. But Game Cube does use small discs that may do an great job with audio in general. Yet Dreamcast has very good in most style of games. Some of these songs are still being listen to today. I am not kidding Dreamcast had some of the best soundtracks ever created on any game console. In fact most genres of games including those not presented on Game Cube really stand out.

3. Light Gun games

As stated before Dreamcast was the first to truly nail the arcade experience at home. I wasn't kidding because Dreamcast also nailed rail shooters like The House of the Dead 2 very well. Of course if you want to play it how you're suppose to then by all means go find that light gun. Also Game Cube lacks rail shooter games altogether. Based on what I seen from other people's videos. Playing with this light gun is actually better than the gun you get in the arcade machine.

2. Cooler disc designs

Yes both does have an few games being multiple discs. But Dreamcast really has some unique disc designs. Usually I don't pay attention to stuff like that even on PlayStation. Honestly a lot of those I did own on Dreamcast were very good for their time. Sorry to hit Game Cube down once again for it's disc size. I'm sure many of you have artistic tastes out there. I'm positive you want more of what you can see more of rather than less. Now that would be like me ripping someone off with an fake game to rob their room of great games. You simply don't do it although I did have some nice looking Game Cube discs. This is very obvious comparing their multiple discs games. Just look at those Shenmue discs above in how all of them stand out more than half the Resident Evil games on GC. More directly about the newer Resident Evil games that has two discs.

1. Better third party controllers

You can get an Sammy de Amigo Maracas Controller to play Sammy de Amigo better. You can get an fishing controller that works very well. Hell for an select few you can own an Dreamcast Keyboard. Which is very similar to an computer keyboard. Obviously both have a lot of third party controllers. Both do have fighting game controllers. Mostly because Dreamcast has some style games Game Cube surprisingly lacks. Some of these controllers may be more expansive now. I seen a couple of videos recommending a lot of them. Dreamcast really was ahead of it's time in just about everything.

I hope you like my follow up as I really enjoy my Dreamcast. I remember first seeing Sonic Adventure at my cousin's house being blown away by it. I knew right there I wanted an Sega Dreamcast & I'm glad I got it. Until next time I'm Jack Red & I'll see all of you later.

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