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Top 10 One Minute Melee Season 3 Fights

Hello everyone I'm Jack Red, I did say I would do an season 3 list. When the time came as it's ending on my wife's birthday. Before I go on with my list like normal, usually I also present an worst list. I am not doing that this time because all of them are very good videos from start to finish. Therefore none of them suck even at the slightest. Also huge points for more anime battles, we really can't get enough of them.

I am not covering DBX despite some similarities, it clearly was inspired by OMM. Yes I know it shares some of the animators. Still doesn't change how I feel about it in general. So no to everyone that asks me to do an list on that show.

Season 1 Top 10 OMM Fights
10. Black Widow vs. Catwoman
9. Terry Bogard vs. Burai Yamamoto
8. Kim vs. Juri
7. Sonic vs. The Flash
6. Captain Falcon vs. Captain Commando
5. Dio Brando vs. Sakuya Izayou
4. Deadpool vs. Deathstroke
3. Akuma vs. Kenpachi Zaraki
2. Batman vs. Albert Wesker
1. Eggman vs. Bowser

Season 1 Top 5 Worst OMM Fights
5. Dan Hibiki vs. Hercule Satan
4. Mewtwo vs. Frieza
3. Jin vs. Gambit
2. Lucario vs. Renamon
1. Dante vs. Ragna

Season 2 Top 10 OMM Fights
10. Lightning vs. Wonder Woman
9. Vergil vs. Sephiroth
8. B.B. Hood vs. Peacock
7. Ryu vs. Jin
6. Bowser Jr. vs. Metal Sonic
5. Scorpion vs. Ghost Rider
4. Luffy vs. Naruto
3. Jotaro Kujo vs. Kenshiro
2. Kenshin Himura vs. Roronoa Zoro
1. Master Hand vs. Polygon Man

Season 2 Top 5 Worst OMM Fights
5. Knuckles vs. Wario
4. Link vs. Sora
3. Little Mac vs. Makunouchi Ippo
2. Green Arrow vs. Hawkeye
1. Oni vs. Kenpachi Zaraki

10. Kirby vs. Pac-Man

I kinda see why people wanted to see this fight. Two of the biggest eaters in video game history. Some of the most ridiculous abilities in the video game world. These two icons bring the very best they have in such an epic show down.

9. Ichigo vs. Sasuke

Usually their first episode per an season doesn't make my good list. Ichigo vs. Sasuke was an very good fight. Obviously continuing after several season 2 fights. Which by itself got it on my list. Oh wait it gets better, very good animation with songs & an interesting story. Everything plays out very well.

8. Asuna vs. Orie

Possibly the best female vs. female fight so far. Everything plays perfectly for both characters. Easily has one of the best fight songs with very impressive sprites & animation. I am still blown away how good all of it actually was.

7. Heihachi vs. Geese

An huge request of theirs that was given justice. Everybody since season 1 really wanted these two video game villains going at it. Personally I'm an bigger Tekken fan but I love fighting games. Huge points for recreating an Tekken ending now that's funny. All of it comes of as an interactive fighting game video.

6. Trunks vs. Silver

This is sorta like Death Battle's Shadow vs. Vegeta. Very much like the spirit & inspiration of that. We have two characters from the future with similar powers & mind set. I am going to be honest, yes I am an huge fan of both franchises. I absolutely can not stand Silver in fact when I saw him losing. I got very excited because he was an terrible character to begin with. Very good animation, great song & great dialogue.

5. Natsu vs. Ace

Another huge request from season 1 that was worth asking for. We have two fire users in similar animes facing each other. My wife is more into Fairy Tail but I really love One Piece with an passion. Both me & my wife love Ace as one of our favorite One Piece characters. I could be picky about parts of sprites but everything was very well done. I love the music, intro, ending and the entire fight as an whole.

4. Yu Narukami vs. Polnareff

Another character from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure makes an appearance. I am very in the dark about both these characters. I do know an friend whose sorta into Perona series. I was really surprised how damn good this fight actually is. Very good animation, great song, amazing dialogue, interesting story. Honestly this is an amazing episode.

3. Cell vs. Meruem

WOW man Cell vs. Meruem really epic stuff. I am not kidding I'm into both franchises. Cell is one of my favorite evil Dragon Ball characters. I can only judge what I know of Meruem since I'm still getting more into Hunter x Hunter. These two creatures gave us such an amazing battle. Very good animation, songs & ending was pointless.

2. Bowser vs. Mecha Sonic

Continuing off of Metal Sonic coughs "Mecha Sonic" coughs vs. Bowser Jr. episode. They did an great job continuing the story for an epic show down. Basically the first winner vs. winner OMM fight was really worth requesting. Everyone really wanted to see these two menacing figures going at it. Just like what I said about Bowser vs. Eggman back to my season 1 list. It comes very close to perfection in terms of how well everything was done. It is an worthy successor possibly one of their greatest episodes to date.

Honorable Mentions
Guile vs. Captain America

Although this to me was the weakest episode of this season. It was still better than those that really disappointed me in the past. Very good way to tie in an friendly battle between the two soldiers. An great song with some surprises in the actual fight.

1. Superman vs. One Punch Man

They went all out in this fight, possibly the most epic battle. What really helped it stand out as usually these fights are an minute long. They decided to remove that time limit to allow both insanely powerful characters to go at their best. This truly was an battle between gods. Everything in this fight alone made it the best of this season. Officially longer than the full version of season 2 finale fight. Superman vs. One Punch Man on this show stands as not only one of the best versions of it. Also possibly one of the greatest fights on One Minute Melee history as well.

I hope you guys enjoyed my list for season 3. You can count on me doing this for season 4 of OMM as well. I really enjoy watching this show, constantly getting better. I highly recommend it to many people out there. Until next time I'm Jack Red & I'll see all of you later.

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