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Jack Red reviews the rest of Killer Toys Collection movies

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, it is time to review what's left of my Killer Toys Collection. I already reviewed a good number of movies in several blogs to make it easier to keep up with. Some of the strangest horror movies you will ever see. Awhile back I seen these movies waiting for months to watch Annabelle: Creation with my wife.

1. Magic

Anthony Hopkins and Burgess Meredith are the big stars of this movie. It is about a man trying to make it big through stand up comedy. Eventually he found success through combining stand up comedy with a ventriloquist act. This guy was secretly under a lot of pressure to the point he believes his dummy is alive.

Magic isn't about the kills like many horror movie classics. This is more of a disturbing end of what could've been the next big thing in entertainment. This role landed Hopkins to being Dr. Hannibal Lector in three movies. This is an obscure horror movie classic that's more about watching someone's madness unfolding.

2. Ghosthouse

Ghosthouse is a lost film on several video formats. This is a ghost movie with some gruesome deaths. I kinda like the creepy clown doll. Some parts of this movie can be a little confusing. Mostly a recording of what was going to happen several hours before it actually happened in that house. Ghosthouse has some strange sounds that's difficult to get use to.

Trust me you will be hearing those sounds a lot during the course of the movie. Man this is a creepy late 80s horror movie. I think this even got a Blu-ray release. Ghosthouse has some okay characters that reminds me of several franchises. This movie might come off dated but sometimes a true scare is one you won't expect or see coming.

3. Silent Night, Deadly Night 5: The Toy Maker

A toy maker running a local toy store. Some of their toys killed people in such horrible ways. One kid was lucky enough to survive a trip to the hospital after stealing skates meant for another kid. This movie embodied the spirit of killer toys. This installment is similar to Halloween 3 in it's franchise. It acts as it's own movie that's not connected to the previous movies in any possible way.

Silent Night, Deadly Night 5 is a disturbing Christmas horror movie. The big twist is the toy maker's son not only the one behind all of it. He also is a huge robotic toy that's more of a giant male Barbie doll. Trust me this movie gets weirder as it goes on. The fact you see all kind of different toys killing people is the one thing this movie has over other killer toy movies.

4. Dolly Dearest

Dolly Dearest is a rip off of Child's Play. Let me break it down to you. Although the actual dolls aren't the same kind. Both of them have an evil spirit inside the doll that's given to a child. Which led to a couple people getting killed. Honestly after watching this I just wanted to watch any of the Chucky movies more.

It comes off as a shameless rip off movie. Instead of voodoo with a soul of a serial killer. We have a demon that's possessing several similar dolls. Now I think about it Chucky ripped that off with Cult of Chucky. Although I really felt that movie needed it a lot better. Dolly Dearest is not a great movie but hey you enjoy killer toy movies you should check it out anyway.

5. Amityville Dollhouse

Some Amityville movies takes place or centers around a similar location. How about a replica dollhouse I am not kidding. Some weird death scenes that make this a very different horror movie. At first you think this might be another ghost movie but it is another demon movie instead. This is probably the weirdest toy featured in any of these movies.

The characters are mostly forgettable with a strange love triangle. This movie does have some spirits involved as well. It is weird by destroying the dollhouse the house they were staying it got destroyed too. This movie has a little off on the pace. Amityville Dollhouse is better left not being touched unless you really need to see every movie in Amityville franchise.

6. The Boy

The Boy involves a baby sitter paid to go a long distance to watch over a doll. Trust me there's a lot more going on than you will realize. Unlike the last few times I talked about this movie I will spoil the big twist. It turns out that doll was simply just a doll. The real Brahms was hiding within the walls of the house.

He wants his baby sitter to be his. Basically this is a stalker movie of the strangest order. The Boy has some great suspense moments. Among watching it the first movie you do think the doll might be alive. I would say having the actress that played Maggie on The Walking Dead helps too. This is a great movie of it's time in my opinion.

7. Dead Silence

One of the creators of Saw that later worked on Annabelle movies made this. Dead Silence deals with a man suddenly given a dummy. Shortly afterwards his lover got murdered, he wants to figure out what's going on. Some of the locals treat Mary Shaw just like Freddy Krueger I'm not kidding. Dead Silence also has Donnie Wahlberg who also appeared in the some of the Saw movies.

This is one creepy movie that does a great job making dolls & ghosts scary. Yes it is one ghost but her spirit being connected to a large amount of her dolls. She kills people after they screamed. Where she cuts out their tongues. WOW some of these dolls are just palm creepy to look at. There's a great twist at the very end.

8. Making Contact aka Joey

Depending where you are in the world you either know this movie as Making Contact or Joey. In either case both titles does fit the movie very well. This kid gains a power while a strange dummy causing terror. There isn't kill scenes but it sure is an unsettling movie. Making Contact does center around a boy named Joey for majority of it.

I like some of the special effects especially later in the movie. This movie is very different from other toy theme horror movies. Later in the movie you discovered the truth of what's actually going on. The movie can be a little misleading at times. I would say it is aging better than many horror movies. Making Contact is a strange toy movie with some weird twists.

9. Triloquist

This is one off the wall comedy horror movie. Triloquist has one of the weirdest looking dummies I ever seen. This movie has a story that's clearly rushed but at least some good moments. Unlike Hellraiser: Revelations that has absolutely nothing good to offer. Honestly I can't say enough after seeing a mess up movie.

This dummy being alive isn't made clear. A good amount of things happening with him was done by the lady. It turns out she had feelings for her own brother. Like I said this is one weird movie that's very hard to take seriously. I rather be watching the original Leprechaun movie. WOW this is a movie I would even say if you are drunk or high you may enjoy this.

10. Love Object

Love Object centers around a guy under a lot of stress at work. He meets a new employee that he has feelings for. Sadly he ends up buying a realistic sex doll I'm not kidding. Her designs were based on that lady at work. Obviously there is some sex scenes. This movie is more about a man going into madness.

In other words imagine Fifty Shades of Grey with a sex doll lol. This movie is an obscure movie not many people know about. WOW some parts implies the sex doll actually doing stuff. For example he believes she was walking towards him at work. Love Object is very unusual among horror movies. It isn't about the kills but more of a strange obsession that turns one man into a monster.

11. Pin

Pin is based on the book of the same name. Two kids spent time with a medical dummy. They didn't realized the dummy was actually voiced by their father. Later in life, one of them starts speaking through the dummy. This obviously led to have him another personality based on Pin. There's some strange moments you won't see coming.

In a weird way you could imagine someone in real life doing some of this to someone. Pin has one strange looking medical dummy. This movie has some great acting with some twists you may not see coming. The ending involves he becomes one with his Pin personality. The dummy got destroyed by his sister with an axe.

12. The Pit aka Teddy

The Pit is loosely based on a book. Originally was going to be much closer to the book. Instead a bunch of people are getting on this kid's nerves. His teddy bear of all people tells him things. After discovering Tra-la-logs in a pit. Believe it or not, his teddy bear convinced the boy to feeding people to those creatures.

Thus the killer toy in this case is a teddy bear convincing a child to do horrible acts against people. The Pit is a strange movie that has a good pace. This movie has some weird moments like how he tricks people to falling into the pit. Thankfully you won't see much gore but trust me except these creatures themselves, everyone dies the same way including the boy.

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