Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Top 5 Reasons Why I Prefer Resident Evil over Silent Hill

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, yes I played some Silent Hill games. Mostly the first three games has my respect. Most newer SH games is simply not worth checking out. I got into Resident Evil at a younger age still a huge fan of the franchise. Let's be honest Resident Evil is Capcom's best selling franchise to date.

Silent Hill was one of the first to challenge Resident Evil for the title of the best survival horror franchise. Granted both franchises sure made major mistakes over the years. I am mostly speaking on my own opinions what I think. Honestly if you disagree, you are welcome to tell me why as long you don't act like a jerk.

Resident Evil is easily going strong even during some of their questionable decisions. Yes I am looking at you live action movies. Silent Hill does have a few select things over Resident Evil. I won't argue that on those grounds. I highly doubt a official crossover would ever happen since they're incredibly different with too many questions raise to answer.

5. Resident Evil does have more good movies

I will be hones to say both their first live action movies aren't that bad. Very quickly they got bad sequels that makes talking about them harder with each movie. I would say most animated Resident Evil movies are worth checking out. The original Resident Evil movie does have several things over the original Silent Hill movie.

An awesome soundtrack with great sound effects. Yes both movies are loosely based on classic survival horror movies. In terms how they go about their stories, Resident Evil takes the cake. It is far from perfect but still one of the better video game movies I seen. Those animated movies do a great job being somewhat like the games.

4. Multiple campaigns within some Resident Evil games
Obviously this doesn't imply to many Resident Evil games. The original itself had possibly four different ways the story would end. Yes I know there's technically more endings than that. Two for Chris & Jill respectively with clear things determining which ending you get. Resident Evil 2 doubles the process plus throws in a canon mini game with Hunk making it five campaigns.

Resident Evil 5 does have a flashback mission taking place a few years prior to the game. You also get another dlc mission taking place before the ending of RE5. Let's be honest you already know Resident Evil 6 has four campaigns. Yes parts of them do involve either replaying some parts or something thing.

Resident Evil VII has two dlc missions that are important to the plot. Yes most dlc content are basically what did happen prior to Ethan getting involved. Some of these change up how the game plays. I should mention RE3, CODE: Veronica X & Revelations 2 do a similar direction. Although it is one long campaign you do play as several characters during it.

Now I know Silent Hill games has more endings. Which by itself does bring replay value into the mix. At the same time you won't experience as many changes as those Resident Evil games. I am honestly not trying to piss off SH fans. I do like some endings especially UFO endings for the most part.

3. Mini games

Silent Hill doesn't do mini games but the closest thing would be the scenario in SH2 with Maria. Most mini games in Resident Evil series are a lot of fun. In some games they're actually better than the campaign itself like Leech Hunter. Many things are possible in these you simply can't do otherwise.

Obviously it gives you an excuse to play as characters like Wesker or Kauser. They went out of their way to make two games inspired by The Mercenaries mini game. A good number of them does have nice unlockables to help spice the game up. Most of them holds up incredibly well by today's standards.

2. Better weapons

I apologize in advance for this but as stated before they're both incredibly different from each other. Resident Evil is more blast away if necessary & attempt to escape. Silent Hill involves being trapped in a town filled with demonic beings. Most main SH characters are similar to regular people thus making them more relatable.

Silent Hill relies more on melee weapons compared to fire arms in Resident Evil. Hidden weapon wise Resident Evil has some tough weapons to beat. Obviously the infinite rocket launcher, a portable laser device that can kill most enemies in one or two shots. Handcannon with insane money for upgrades that ends up being pretty over powered.

Also a few Silent Hill weapons has a constant grade system. Even at it's highest you can be lowered for another run. I never had that problem with any of the Resident Evil games. In some cases you can use your fists like near the end of Jake's campaign or more recently in End of Zoe. Resident Evil has a great variety of weapons indeed.

1. support

This website is free to anyone that wants a more complete Resident Evil experience. Yes it does tell you not only the games it's supporting but also which versions as well. In most supported games you can use points earned either from login ins or doing challenges. You can unlock some stuff depending on things.

For example you can unlock other character costumes in RE6 with points. But EX3 costumes are more difficult to get due to getting tickets. You have to compete in tough challenges hoping you did good enough to earn one. In a way that may suck but it also gives you more reason to get better at it. In Revelations 2 you can get 50,000 per a thousand points.

Which easily makes getting rich fast in the game. Although some stuff you could do will cost a large amount of gold. You can send stuff into Revelations 1 to help in Raid Mode. Yes everything you do in these games are recorded on the service. You will be surprised by looking them up sometimes how good you did.

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