Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Top 5 Reasons Why I like Doomguy so much

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, one of my personal FPS heroes is Doomguy. This space marine has every reason to die like everyone else. Yet he was able to defeat Hell several times for the most part on his own. Possibly one of the toughest FPS characters ever created. Doomguy is not just a legendary character in gaming but to some a true signal of hope in the worst of situations.

Doomguy is in many ways a major inspiration for characters like Halo's Master Chief. We have a man not afraid of leaving Earth to take the fight to the demons. One time he went to Hell to avenge his pet rabbit. Doomguy literately has been through Hell time & time again. He has every reason to surrender but chose to fight them to a bloody pulp instead.

5. Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil was a great expansion
Honestly I prefer this expansion over the original game. You have a better weapon set that feels a little more like a true Doom experience. You also have four great bosses with defeating three of them powering a weapon. There isn't as much story as the other games in Doom 3 line but I do like the twist at the ending.

It is debatable did this Doomguy survived barely or died after the final battle in Hell. We may never know since it was technically the end of that time line. I also like how they placed the enemies in this game. It was so good they ported it to the original Xbox shortly after porting Doom 3 to the same console.

4. Most of his weapons are really fun to play with
Let's be honest even in Doom 64, the weapons are simply a lot of fun to use. You get a great variety of them that could affect other enemies differently. In older Doom games you get a ridiculous amount of ammo during the campaign. Some weapons like BFG are very powerful weapons capable of killing bosses in a handful of hits.

Going back to Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil, you get a heart that stops down time. In Doom 3, you get a cube that instantly kill any enemy it hits. The only exception is the Cyber Demon since you have to hit him with that weapon four times. I always enjoyed using the plasma rifles & both shotguns.

3. I love how he fights all kind of threats

A normal man fighting evil spirits, demons, zombies & god like beings. Most people either would be too afraid to do anything, attempt to escape or take cover in a hurry. Of course doing any of those will likely get you killed. Doomguy decides screw that I'm going right after you demon bastards. Similar how Duke takes on aliens but in a way more bad ass than that.

Even going against something like the Icon of Sin or the Cyber Demon. It is no secret the Cyber Demon hands down being my favorite Doom creature. This guy does not back down from a challenge no matter how crazy it is. Doomguy's strategy might be seen as stupidity but somehow his method is working.

He has officially killed thousands of demons in the original time line. This is without bringing in non canon sequels that would make that number close to a million I'm not kidding. This guy doesn't know the meaning of death at all. In my opinion he is the only thing scarier than Hell itself. Considering all the major locations he went through he sure isn't slowing down the pace.

2. Doomguy kept defeating demons in & out of Hell
Most people quickly die horrible deaths by the demons. Doomguy isn't afraid to go to Hell itself to prevent anymore of them coming to our world. He even chose to stay behind for that purpose since they kept coming back after he stopped them a few times. It may not look like it but he cares about humanity.

Doomguy is working insanely hard for the people remaining to live their lifes. Although in Doom II, most of the population got wiped out by demons. He is crazy enough to confront some of the most powerful beings in Hell. This guy really doesn't have much stopping him from what he does best. A massive pile of dead demons all over the place.

Forget the Ghostbusters, call Doomguy to wipe out the threat instead. He will make sure they won't ever come back or he too will bring them more pain. In a way that's a package deal with a real guarantee. I highly respect what this guy does. No matter how bad it actually gets, he will fight his damnest for us.

1. Doom 1 and 2 are very good games

There's no point in ignoring the obvious any longer. Doom 1 & 2 are truly unique FPS games I honestly can't stop playing. A few well made campaigns you could play for hours. I don't recommend Master Levels for Doom II & both halves of Final Doom. In every possible area both of them are very good at what they bring to the table.

Games worthy enough to rival the likes of Wolfenstein 3D, Quake, Half-Life, GoldenEye & Duke 3D. Yes some ports change a great deal of things like the one in the picture above. Doom games at the time blew a lot of people's minds. Sadly most ports aren't that great with fewer being able to play the original games at the time.

These games are easily candidates for some of the greatest FPS games ever made. One interesting fact Doom is one of the very games to inspired the long standing rating system on video games. Doom is violent, loud & packs a lot of secrets. Both those Doom games has some of the greatest levels in FPS history.

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