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Which is better Capcom Remastered Trilogy for their anniversary?

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, I been wanting to do this topic for a few years. Both franchises had an anniversary in 2016. Dead Rising chose to remastered Dead Rising 1, Dead Rising 2 and Dead Rising 2: Off the Record. In Resident Evil's case they chose to remastered Resident Evil 4, Resident Evil 5 and Resident Evil 6.

There are some clear differences how both franchises went about this move. Resident Evil decided to rerelease Resident Evil 6 first. A few months later they rereleased Resident Evil 5. Late 2016 they rereleased Resident Evil 4. Yet all three Dead Rising games got release the same day. Capcom wanted to celebrate 20 years of Resident Evil and 10 years of Dead Rising.

I played all their original versions and their respective remastered versions. I put a lot of hours in to make this comparison to decide which franchise got the better end of the stick. Of course not everyone will agree with me that's fine. Thankfully their big bundle & buying them separately are the same prices.

I do want to clarify on Resident Evil's side. Yes there is a few more remastered games. Both Resident Evil remake & 0 were package together but you can buy them separately. You do have to buy dlcs for RE0 but it does bring a lot of appeal to the game. There so happens to be Revelations 1 remastered on a few consoles that's also in a bundle with Revelations 2 and all of it's dlcs.

Round 1: How well does they hold up?

Resident Evil 4 & the original Dead Rising came out a year after each other originally. Both were console exclusives up til a point. A couple Dead Rising games came out in 2010. All three remastered Resident Evil games are action games with some horror elements. All three remastered Dead Rising games are more of an unique action survival horror with some RPG elements.

Of course I have to look at this in a few possible angles. In terms of everything considered how well did each game got brought to their new consoles? Audio wise all of them did an amazing job keeping it sounding great. Visual wise can be mostly good with some notable graphic issues. Controls wise they do play a little better than their previous versions except for RE4 on Wii.

I felt the graphical change does work better on Dead Rising games. They really pop while those remastered Resident Evil games don't appear that much. Don't get me wrong they do look great but not as impressive as Dead Rising games. Now you do have somewhat of an open world concept with Dead Rising series.

I am amazed they did an truly amazing job recreating the experiences. Achievements wise, all of them will really help boost your gamer scores in the long run. Dead Rising series does get better over time & easier to play. Resident Evil series does technically have more replayable value in terms of unlockables.

Dead Rising series does have one other major thing going for it. All three Dead Rising games has costume dlcs that are already in their remastered versions. Resident Evil 6 originally had support. They removed it altogether from this version that brings some changes. Yes all of it's dlcs are also included.

At the time getting costume's second colors and retro costumes is slightly easier. Back then you had to be very good at RE6 to be able to compete in events with retro costumes being the prize. Now you have to win Predator and Onslaught to unlock them respectively. I actually like RE5's The Mercenaries United mini game.

It brings both Mercenaries mini games together with the option to play PC exclusive The Mercenaries No Mercy. This version of The Mercenaries is also included in RE6. Dead Rising series is simply more interesting in what you can do during game play. The fact we got all three of them out the same day is pretty nuts.

Winner: Dead Rising series

Round 2: Frame Rate

Lucky from the start it is very clear which remastered does better with frame rate overall. I had notable issues with all three Dead Rising games with 1 being the best in that area. I honestly don't know why both versions of Dead Rising 2 kept crashing on me. All three Resident Evil games plays amazingly well.

Not once did I get a notable crash in all three RE games. This problem is made worse in Dead Rising games due to being an small open world experience. They had much more ground to cover in the long run. All the people you could save, all the psychopaths to kill or just plain having fun. The possibilities of what you can do in Dead Rising series is endless.

I felt this was an easy one for those reasons. All three Dead Rising games are several hours long on mostly one big timer. Sure you can stop to save your process. Although the overall maps can be over whelming in their own right. Hell there's thousands of zombies in these games. I think by now you can see why this sorta disappoints me.

Winner: Resident Evil series

Round 3: DLCs and changes

As stated before with the possible exception of Resident Evil 4. Most of these remastered games does have their dlcs. Mostly costumes in Dead Rising series with both versions of DR2 changing up the game play. In Resident Evil's case, it brought more multiplayer experience. Resident Evil 5 got Lost in Nightmares & Desperate Escape as extra levels.

It does hurt me to say Resident Evil does have better dlcs. But the changes are more notable in Dead Rising series. Yes Resident Evil 5 & 6 made some changes to deliver a better experience. In Dead Rising 1's case you can tell Capcom pay attention to most of it's original flaws. Originally the in game texts was so small it could hurt your eyes trying to read em.

Thank god they made all the in game texts much easier to read. Believe it or not, this version of Dead Rising 1 is on Steam. All of these remastered titles got on Xbox One & PS4. You can tell in just within the cut scenes how different they are from their original games. I honestly couldn't do that with Resident Evil games.

In fact you can technically do the two lengthy achievements in Infinity Mode of DR1 much easier. Originally this could break your Xbox 360 consoles for attempting it. Thankfully PS4 and Xbox One in more ways than one helps with that. The same goes for it's PC port that makes the process even easier.

Yes dlcs can be nice but come on Dead Rising series had a lot to offer from the start. You can use almost anything as a weapon, dress up in all kind of outfits including costumes. You do get nice unlockables in their own right to help balance things out. In both versions of Dead Rising 2, you can do an coop playthrough or mess around in DR2: OTR's sandbox mode.

That's right you heard me a separate mode where you can do whatever you want. Your in game money is shared between both modes of play. Originally in Dead Rising 2, you can do all of these crazy sports events competing against other players. Also do I even need to mention a lot more endings.

Winner: Dead Rising series

Despite not having as good dlcs and two of three games kept crashing on me. In most areas where it counts, Dead Rising gave us a much better job of remastering classics. You can watch their cut scenes side by side to see the difference. Dead Rising games on their own packs plenty things to do to keep you busy for hours.

I would say despite Resident Evil 5 & 6 having 70 achievements. All three Dead Rising games has 50 achievements making them more for hardcore gamers, achievement hunting and testing your skills. Yes Resident Evil 5 has professional difficulty & Resident Evil went beyond it with No Hope difficulty.

You can tell the difficulty is more even balanced in Dead Rising games. There's many situations to a lot of problems you could be helping. Hell you can simply out play the big time limit to get an ending. You get so many endings in all three Dead Rising games to keep you busy for days. Your imagine what to do has no true limit neither does Dead Rising series.

Winner: Dead Rising series

One great selling point is all three Dead Rising games are much smaller than all three Resident Evil games. They're roughly around or a little bigger than an Xbox 360 game in size.

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