Friday, June 1, 2018

Jack Red reviews Dolls & Dollman

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, I wanted to review two Full Moon movies I recently got into. I quickly became a fan of both movies that are also in Killer Toys Collection. I felt if this doesn't show Full Moon I care for their work, what the hell will? Two interesting movies for their time that still considered to be two of their greatest movies ever made.


Dolls is hands down one of the scariest killer toy movies I have ever seen. A little girl befriends a guy she met inside the house. Over half the people that arrived started mysterious disappearing. It turns out the dolls are in fact alive. They're the ones going around killing people. The old woman was a witch as confirmed late in the movie.

The scene where the girl's father got transformed into a doll was disturbing & creepy. There is some great kill scenes for it's time. Also considering this predated the original Child's Play by roughly a year. A lot of stuff around the time you expect in early 90s Full Moon movies is here. Dolls is a brilliant master piece more people need to see.

I really can't recommend this movie enough. Empire did a great job with this movie. Full Moon allowed it to get on Blu-ray not too long ago. In fact for my custom collection, I chose it's Blu-ray cover to be on the back. Dolls is a rather interesting movie in many ways. This movie will make you terrifying of your own dolls after watching it I'm not kidding.


Oh hell yeah Dollman isn't just a Full Moon classic. This is a surprisingly very good movie of theirs. Dollman may come off as one of the dumbest things ever. But the way they went about this concept, it really works. An alien police officer goes after his long time nemesis to crash land on a distance called Earth.

It turns out, on our place everything about him in size is much smaller to me. Although he wields one of the most over powered guns I have ever seen in an movie. Dollman decides to help the neighbor hood by going to war against a gang. This movie also has a young Jackie Earle Haley whose very well known in movies today.

Dollman has some amazing story telling that keeps you on the edge of your sit. This guy puts up one amazing fight on his own. Also I love the cover artwork above. Full Moon really out done themselves with this movie. Dollman is a good mixture of different movie genres into. It comes more off like The Terminator in it's own right without time travel.

I highly recommend watching both of these movies. They're holding up amazingly well to the test of time. Two very interesting takes on killer toys concept. Easily two of the greatest Full Moon movies ever made. Yes you also can get Dollman on Blu-ray. I honestly don't have any real negatives towards either movie, they're that damn good.

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