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Jack Red presents Chucky & Puppet Master passion

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, two of the most popular, long killer toy franchises. Roughly a year apart, both of them has a huge fan base. They so happen to be what got me into killer toys in the first place. In fact I recently gotten from Bloodwave DVD, Killer Toys Collection that has the first seven Chucky movies.

I got into Chucky by first seeing Child's Play 2. I kept rewatching it during my child hood. It still is one of my favorite horror movie sequels. A neighbor gave me the first five Puppet Master movies on VHS. Yeah remember those things that used to be majority for watching movies without cable? Now it is all about DVDs & Blu-Rays.

I seen most Puppet Master movies including the amazingly terrible unofficial crossover movie. A good crossover movie with the Demonic Toys has already been done in the 90s. Which so happens to be in my killer clowns collection from the same guy. I have a strong history enjoying both of these franchises.

Of course my ideal dream killer toy face off would be Chucky vs. the puppets. I am not going to lie, both sides has a huge body count that easily trumps many killer toy movies combine. They also appeared in comics displaying such brutal kills. Currently two of the absolute longest horror movie franchises.

Puppet Master has eleven movies in the main canon alone. There is a reboot/sequel set in an alternate universe coming out soon. Chucky is on the verge of getting his own show that continues the story of the movies. Puppet Master: Axis Termination was mostly funded by the fans. I said it once & I'll say it again, this is one truly bloody movie for any killer toys movie.

Honestly I never considered doing this fight for my long versus series for one simply reason. You could imagine those two facing each other. I still did some obvious fights that some people wanted. Chucky is one of my personal favorite slasher villains of all time. Puppet Master has some of the coolest killer toys I have ever seen.

I do recommend taking breaks while reading this. Chucky should have a group of Chuckies & Tiffany to help him out. These puppets took on a great variety of enemies over the years. Chucky movies are pretty straight forward while Puppet Master being more of it's own mythology. Chucky has been killed off several times.

Only Leech Woman has been killed off in the canon. Chucky is like a small human with a greater pain limits. These puppets can be rebuild since instructions to their designs is involved within their case. The same case having the instruction to the formula to bring them to life. Which is easier than bringing Chucky to life or doing another spell to possess something else at the same time.

These puppets have a neutral repetition due to fighting against the bad guys. In other cases, they're the ones killing people. It depends on who is the puppet master. Chucky is clearly stronger than their strongest Pinhead. Whose shouldn't be confuse with the Hellraiser villain of the same name. Each puppet does something different to help them stand out more.

Torch has a flame thrower going to a few feet. Six Shooter fires six revolvers ridiculously fast. Tunneler uses his drill tip head. Leech Woman can force out leeches from her mouth. It's not what you think you sick bastards lol. Blade has one hook for a hand with a knife blade for the other hand. More recently he replaced one of them for a needle as a reference to Re-Animator.

The first five Chucky movies were release in theaters. From Curse of Chucky to up, they became direct to video movies. However Puppet Master series always been direct to video since the beginning. The unofficial crossover originally aired on Syfy channel before getting a DVD release. When you think about killer toys usually these two comes to mind first.

I already reviewed most of their movies in a few blogs. Yes some Puppet Master movies aren't great like The Legacy was terrible. Mostly filled with previous movie scenes with very little new scenes. Even Retro Puppet Master had more going for it. Of course I should bring up Curse of the Puppet Master.

Curse of the Puppet Master is a rip off of another movie called Sssssss. Two incredibly similar movies with not much separating the two. I would go as far to say they basically stolen Sssssss. Even if it didn't have that problem. This was the first Puppet Master movie after their partnership with Paramount ended.

Which meant Full Moon had to put more of their own money & resources into making it. I felt from Puppet Master 6 to 8, this was an disappointment to the first five movies. Sure there are some things I wasn't crazy about in 4 & 5. But they're done much better than those movies. I should talk about the Axis trilogy.

If you seen the entire beginning portion of the original Puppet Master. These movies are meant to fill in the gap from that part. Which led to US fighting against the Nazis & Japanese. I felt as a whole Axis trilogy really made up for Puppet Master 6-8. Even with my own problems with each of them. Puppet Master: Axis Termination is one of my favorite Puppet Master movies.

This movie didn't hold back for giving the fans exactly what the wanted. A truly bloody entry displaying the puppets at their best. This also had one of their best puppet masters to date. They did a very good job delivering on their promise. I sorta felt that way with Curse of Chucky & Cult of Chucky.

Seed of Chucky was a movie that should've focus more on the horror. We ended up with a movie that almost became a parody movie. Keep in mind, most of those movies sucks with some exceptions like Spaceballs. Curse of Chucky went back to it's roots. Sure mostly in one location but I felt they made it work.

Cult of Chucky is a movie I recommend you watch two or three times before judging. There's a lot going on that may confuse you. This is one of the strangest killer toy movies I have ever seen. Of course some of the Puppet Master movies would count towards that too. Two of the most awesome killer toys franchises to date.

I just noticed Curse of the Puppet Master & Curse of Chucky. Yes bad things can happen indeed. I really wish we could get a true crossover between both franchises. Both of them has amazing potential to bring so much to the table. I really believe in the right hands even they went the comic book series route.

We would be getting some amazing stories. Possibly way better than Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash stories. Two different kinds of magic was used on them. Which by itself would make things very interesting. It would be more possible to make than putting Chucky vs. Leprechaun. Yes that would be my number 1 choice of all versus movies.

Even I realized Chucky should face Puppet Master for more reasons. Both has a very interesting history with very clear differences. Honestly this were to be funded by kickstarter I would donate a lot of money towards it happening. I really do believe this would be one truly amazing crossover movie or comic book crossover stories.

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  1. Great article, i agree they are the kings of killer toys! A crossover would be fantastic, i would help fund it too!