Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Top 10 AVGN Levels

Hello everyone I'm Jack Red, I do enjoy many shows from Cinemassacre over the years. Obviously The Angry Video Game Nerd, James & Mike Mondays and Board James are my favorites. Also I do enjoy all his Monster Madness marathons. I figured to make an follow up blog to my last one. This time I am doing an Top 10 AVGN Levels. Which was difficult to make into an definitive list.

Rules for this list are they follow below...
1. No first levels allowed
2. All levels must have fun boss fights
3. All levels must have great jokes presented

Keep in mind majority of levels in AVGN II: ASSimilation are in an world set similar to most Mario games. Therefore I will be counting all of them for one spot together. I already covered all their boss fights so I'm excluding further thoughts on them.

10. Dungeons & Dickholes (AVGN Adventures)

I love they did that death trap joke from Super Pitfall episode. You start outside going deep in the ground. You must collect an few keys on the way. Even with it's death traps, this was one of my favorite levels. You can unlock Mike one of the best characters in the game. I like it's level song as it's fitting. Surprisingly everything in this level plays out very well.

9. Thy Farts Consumed (AVGN Adventures)

You are in Hell because everyone knows how much The Nerd fucking hates fire levels. One of the better designed levels with many death blocks. Hands down it's level song is one of my favorite songs. You can find Stuttering Craig & Chad in this level. In my opinion one of the best fire levels I ever played. Also I'm an huge fan of the color Red & riding an fire shark.

8. Area 52 (AVGN II: ASSimilation)

One of two worlds inspired by AVGN Movie. Area 52 is based on that movie's Area 51 with 52 coming from Action 52 game. I love how different all four levels play out. Two of them involve reverse gravity similar to some Sonic games. I really enjoy this level I put an picture of sliding most the way down. An very fun experience that many people would enjoy.

7. Nerd Gaiden (AVGN II: ASSimilation)

The name partly came from Ninja Gaiden series. The other world inspired by AVGN Movie in Tokyo, Japan. Very impressively retro style graphics. All four levels plays very differently yet very addicting to replay. In one of their songs, they put the theme song of Hong Kong 97 lol. Who doesn't forget about that big animals hitting enemies with his balls lol.

6. Laughin' Jokin' Numbnuts (AVGN Adventures)

The final level of the first AVGN game belongs on this list. It rivals Nerd Gaiden in being very colorful & interesting level design. Yes this is one of the hardest levels in the entire series. Yet the name of it with rainbow design came from an joke about LJN. So many episodes covered LJN games that it made sense to make an level inspired by them. The Nerd's words of insanity in an nut shell.

5. Board James (AVGN II: ASSimilation)

Inspired by another show made by the same people. Board James has very interesting level designs from start to finish. It references an great number of Board James episodes. Again each level plays very differently with great jokes. I love the part you ride on an car in the third level near the end. Of course this also had an great enemy selection with great songs playing.

4. Blizzard of Balls (AVGN Adventures)

So far the only snow/Christmas inspired level. You have to worry about piss off snowmen & diarrhea reindeers. I do like Starman from Mario series are on some trees in the background.The name of this level came from Winter Games episode. I like kicking Santa's kick then riding him all the way to the boss. We really need more Christmas inspired levels FreakZone Games.

3. Browntown (AVGN II: ASSimilation)

Heavily inspired by TMNT episode with parts of an joke from Battletoads episode. Most levels look as if they came right out of that classic NES game. The chase level was better than similar levels in Sonic 4 Episode 1. Of course the infamous electric sea weed joke makes an appearance. I got to say I played my fair share of swimming levels. I have to say these are really up there in my book.

2. Boo! Haunted House (AVGN Adventures)

My favorite level from the first AVGN game. It so happens to be the most difficult level in the entire game. The name of it came straight out of A Nightmare on Elm Street episode. Everything about this level not only works but still blows me away. It was an very good Halloween inspired level. I like it's level song that it puts chills in your spine. Some of my favorite enemies are in this level too.

1. Monster Madness (AVGN II: ASSimilation)

Finally we made it to my number 1 choice. James has been doing Monster Madness since 2006 in every October. I like playing in between black & color to colored version of the same level. Very good level designs with awesome songs. Very good enemy placements with Jason being my favorite. You can get the cape if you know where to look. Monster Madness was really good in every area.

I hope everyone enjoys another AVGN inspired Top 10. I am depending on doing one more Sonic blog for it's upcoming anniversary. Otherwise I will continue blogging on stuff I like & don't like. Until next time I'm Jack Red and I'll see all of you later.

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