Saturday, April 30, 2016

Jack Red reviews Darksiders 1 and 2

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, I took an chance while buying AVGN II on Steam an few weeks ago. I played Darksiders 2 briefly at my brother's place an few months ago. Around the time I bought AVGN II, Darksiders franchise was five bucks for an few days. I wasn't sure before & after buying it if I made an good decision or not. But as soon as I got into these games everything changed. I played similar games such as God of War or Devil May Cry. I am blown how good & more surprised how underrated these games are. So much potential to be ignored & not given the attention it deserves. I really wanted to review both of them shortly after playing them.

Darksiders 1

This took inspiration from God of War, Devil May Cry, Zelda & Portal to clearly mix all of them. Into one epic adventure that could be an great movie some day. One of the horsemen of the apocalypse, War wants to stop the Destroyer. Whose sole goal is destroy all of existence. This led almost everyone becoming War's enemy in the process. He was suppose to stand back & witness it happening. War decided screw you guys, I'm saving this world at any cost. Darksiders 1 plays like similar to God of War & Devil May Cry in combat portion. Like Zelda, War gets to travel around in an epic journey. Late in the game you get your own portal gun. Yes this is an direct reference to Valve's Portal series. Like God of War, you can hold items while buying stuff more like Devil May Cry. It gives you plenty of options to work with in exchange for souls. I got to be honest it takes lot to impress me by art work alone. Darksiders 1 is hands down one of the most awesome looking video games I ever seen. The puzzles are similar to God of War but not as repetitive & surprisingly addicting to figure out. You get to wield an giant sword, an revolver and shuriken, This game does an great job telling it's story without ruining the move. Actually just the cut scenes alone could be an great movie I'm not kidding. Some areas take longer to figure out but in time you get use to all of it. An amazing soundtrack that you get with this game on Steam. What's even better is exclusive to Darksiders franchise bundle. You get free of charge an digital comic book now how awesome is that? I love every major area you go to through the entire game. My two big problems with this game are often criticized by many people. I don't mine Darksiders 1 is an long game because it's great. There are several parts of this game that can be difficult. Especially my second problem most of the bosses. I will say they are fun for the most part but they require using your head or you won't get far. I am aware some prefer that over bosses in Darksiders 2. But this game is kinda strict about it that makes everything more frustrating. Don't get me wrong I love an good challenge but this game nearly broke me. The final boss is both easy & difficult that doesn't make much sense. After an while you can easily own his dragon form. As soon as you get to the true final boss all bets are off. This boss fight requires you to win at least three button mashing sequences. Are you kidding me that isn't easy on this version to do. If it were E constantly then I would be fine but no it's part of my mouse. Overall I do recommend Darksiders 1 to those wanting something different & epic. Something that is it's own legend that should be tell many years to come. Also I love that horse in the picture.

Darksiders 2: Deathinitive Edition

Darksiders 2 adds more elements similar to games such as Castlevania: Symphany of the Night. You can custom your appearance that appeals much needed appeal. One of the horsemen of the apocalypse, Death wants to save War. But this unavoidably led to getting involve with The Corruption destroying worlds. A lot of people are confused if this is an prequel or sequel. Let me set the record straight it's neither. This is actually happening the same time as events in Darksiders 1. It is in fact parallel to that game with some later parts confirming this. I felt puzzles were better done with such creativity. Even some late in the game surprises you how well thought out they are. Death usually fights with his dual scythes in majority of the game. You can get an great variety of secondary weapons. You can buy from many people in most worlds unlike just one in the original. Like Darksiders 1, you also get it's amazing soundtrack. Most dungeons are a lot better in those in Darksiders 1. In an handful of them you can get easily loss or stuck depending on where you're at. This time the store works a lot better with gold being this game's currency. At first it seems their prices are too high. Yet collecting stuff does help add up gold for what you need. Darksiders 2 has an bigger variety of enemies. What I love about the leveling is regardless where you are. All enemies are set close to your level to help gain more experience. This feature alone with experience earned by completing quests makes things addicting. Keep in mind this is the later version that got release o PS4 & Xbox One. You get all it's dlcs right off the bat although that's half true. Smaller stuff like getting your horse or increases the amount of stuff you could get is present from start. You must defeat three intense bosses to unlock dlc quests. I like they added an extra option to allow you keep your save & doesn't effect your process at all. What I mean by this is you can start those quests shortly after beating the game. You could do these before that point but it's kinda better to wait. Why because in new game plus your leveling gets increase from 22 to 30. Also I got a lot more achievements in comparison to the original an handful of them. Even parts of some bosses are cheap, I do prefer these over those in the original. Speaking of bosses, there's a lot more of them. Darksiders 2 is an very long game of thirty plus not counting dlc quests. Some game being that long does ruin the experience for me. This is one of the few exceptions that I really enjoyed it. Yes so many hated the ending was similar to Darksiders 1 & this wasn't actually an sequel. I don't care about those things because Darksiders 2 is such an amazing game. Darksiders 2 is one of the absolute best video game sequels I ever played hands down. Personally not only it's story was told better. Every time you start your game up where ever you are. Darksiders 2 reminds you on what's going on. This alone I welcome so much because it does help sometimes with great artwork. Speaking of artwork, this in my opinion blew Darksiders 1's away. I will agree Darksiders 1 was ported better on PC. Darksiders 2 just work in so many ways that I didn't mine it's emulation issues. Just in case you're wondering which game I like more. Darksiders 2 you play as Death now that by itself gave it that spot. Now add all the problems it fixes and new features, there you go. This is such an amazing master piece.

I hope you all enjoy my blog and I'm Jack Red, I'll see all of you later.

Update: Darksiders 1 achievements won't unlock after turning the game off but leaving Steam on. Which wasn't an problem in Darksiders 2 at all. Thank god Darksiders 2 gave me what I wanted. I did forget to access an major issue actually preventing people on Steam buying it. Only Darksiders 1 has controller support which works greatly except for your camera stuck in place. There's two ways to fix this problem.

1. Disconnect your controller out of game then load it back up
2. Download an Xbox 360 controller setting

Why do we need to do that guys. I don't mine no controller support for Darksiders 2 because it's key board controls are better. I can excuse no dlcs but an major controller issue is not excusable. A lot of people prefer playing PC games with controllers. Yet this issue never got fixed by the team not even once. I still glad I own it despite those major issues.

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